Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Month end really sucks. So I need to post all our outstanding invoices and deposit all the checks. I breezed through the AP stuff (I'll print the checks later) and now I need to make a deposit by 2pm. It's around 1:30, and the bank is less than 5 miles away. I'm mad hungry too. Anyway, it's a pleasant day weather-wise but I'm swamped work-wise. I jump in my whip, bump my music, and proceed on my 4 minute journey. What's in my car? In Tha Beginning - a compilation covering old rap classics. What's playing? Bone Thugs - "F**k tha Police (Dennis R. would be proud). So as I pull into the bank, a cop comes up and pulls me over! I was like helllllll no. This mothereffer pulled me over as I was bumpin' F**k tha Police! Is that not legal? Did he hear it? Does he think I'ma pull a heist? (I had some locs on - very gangsta.) I'm tripping a bit because my tags about to expire and my proof of insurance isn't in my glove. What's worse is that my boss usually makes the deposits, and he even told me to ask someone else to do it, but being the person I am, I volunteered myself. Plus I needed to get out the office to take advantage slightly of this nice day. What's my crime? I freakin' didn't have my effin' seat belt on. Then freakin' CW tells me its a $100 ticket (!?!?!), but I researched myself and it looks like its $20 for 1st-time offenders. But hopefully I can expense it, since the trip was technically for business purposes.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Summer is almost over, but that doesn't mean much to post-college 20-somethings. Shoot, where I live you didn't even know summer has started! (note to self: move to a sunnier area - Eventually). However, this weekend Reeg entered a time machine and had fun. HBD to Snoop and Cheryl, thanks for the birthday bash! And we actually have pics to complement the event. We probably have too many pics harhar. Thanks Lunacris for driving us to North Beach, and despite the 30 minutes it took to find a spot, it was worth it. Note to self: park closer to Centerfolds than Chinatown. Are drinks $10 everywhere? I spent near a benji and had like 3 drinks =/. Man, in retrospect, I should've taken advantage of the DD and got perved. But I still went to sleep with my contacts in and toothbrush dry, so I didn't pass the sobriety test. Also ran into a few Gauchos: TT-Boy (neighbor jr/sr year) and Tony C, but without Marv. The muzik was dope, only because it was old and party-goers could rap along. It seems like everyone started seranading me with their raps haha. Just step up if you wanna battle! Yeah the usual suspects came out, and the usual suspects didn't show up. Can't wait til the next birthday - whoa.

Oh yeah, I have an anecdote. I'm not a fan of Red Robin, but I guess I go there often. On friday nite after a round of golf, RR was the 19th hole (or 14th hole in our case). The infamous waitress girl, whom was actually referenced on these very pages, usually works fridays. I was with Mick* and Heff* (*pseudonyms given to protect their identity). They were talking about Lenn* while on the course still. We played well. We got a discount playing. We'd left work early. So everything's going our way right? So our name's are called and we proceed to sit in her area. Keep in mind Mick and Heff have a history with her. We plop into our booth and see her waiting the tables around us. Picture a die (singular of dice), and we're one of the middle tables. We're just waiting for her to take our order. How come she's waiting on the 5 surrounding tables but not our table?!? Where is the love? To ease the pain, we drown ourselves in freckled lemonade ($3.89!) until close. Regardless, we had the Scheduler to help us ease the mood.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

"Why?" (reegmix)
by Regakiss

*Verse 1*

Why do only pimples pop up on the right side of my face?
Why do people say that Team USA is a disgrace?
Why at work can't I get a pay raise?
Why do people in my 'hood give me a strange gaze?
Why can't any recent rapper drop a classic record?
Why is all the hot ish stuff I've already heard?
Why can't I grow a beard?
Why is there a lot of sheep, but no shepherd?
Why do I lift, when I'm not getting buffer?
Why does my whip need a new muffler?
Why do I run, when my tum-tum isn't getting any smaller?
Why does everyone front like they a baller?
Why do people vote for the american idol but not the president?
Why do they complain, but voting makes them hesitant?
Why do people talk loud but don't say nothing?
Why do I always fall for people bluffing?
Why is Hold 'Em named Texas?
Why can't I push a Lexus?
Why didn't I ever write for the Daily Nexus?
Why do people buy shoes not to wear?
Why do they get satisfaction from just a stare?
Why did the Warriors sign Fisher and Foyle?
Why do I foresee a 49er season of turmoil?
Why couldn't the Giants win it all a couple years back?
Why is beer sold in a 6 or 12 pack?
Why when I drink to much, I usually yack?

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Dang, check out this rack!

Upon closer inspection:

Hahahahaaha WTF?!?!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Newlyweds done ended their 3rd season last night. Or was it the 2nd? Whichever the case, its been a minute since the Bill Parcells (Tuna) incident. And I haven't talked about it much this time around. Has it lost its luster? Naw, it still has the same appeal to me. I don't know, I didn't really like the supporting cast this time around. Freakin' Casey the assistant was on EVERY episode, and she has nothing good to share. At least Drew is funny sometimes, and I can relate to the brother bonding between him and Nick. But Casey was just...there. She wasn't hot, wasn't funny, but yet almost had as much air time as the stars. Man, MTV should just throw her on that Andy Dick show. Anyways, yesterday was the season finale and perhaps the series finale, and I'll be first in line when the DVD comes out. Nick is the man, since we share similar qualities, but he may be a lil more romantic than me. Or is that because the cameras on? But yeah, he's a guy's guy, even though he was in a boy band.

Some people get famous due to their kin. Nicole Richie, Vanessa Bryant, and Osbourne not named Ozzy. I used to categorize Ashlee here, but not anymore. Guilty pleasure of the week is listening to Pieces of Me. She's sold more records than her ate! (that means big sis for you non-tagalog speakers)

The Olympics have been pretty dramatic the last few days. The best event I've seen so far has been the Australian and American showdown in the Men's swimming relay. Klete outlasted the Thorpedo to win the GOLD! Man that was a good race, as Thorpe had to make up some ground in order to catch up, and that he did. So what happens if there's a tie? Is there a swim-off? Or overtime? Didn't know swimming could be so tantalizing. And them female swimmers are mad cut, almost lookin' like dudes.

Paul Hamm is the man. Yes I was watching the Men's Gymnastics event. I used to think golfers were the greatest athletes, but gymnasts may have an argument. These cats can do some craaaaazy ish on an apparatus. And they have like 0.056% body fat, so we can relate! Back to the Hamm. So I was watching the event on tape delay, but I didn't know the result. Homeboy takes a spill on the vault. So I figured his quest for gold came to a halt. He dropped to 12th place. For the defending world champ, that was a disgrace. He got a great score on the double bars, and he found himself amongst the stars. Only the high bar was left, and he needed a 9.82. Later we found out that he never knew. He pimped it and ended with the highest score of the day, much to the Koreans dismay. (Yes this rhyming is really gay.) Controversial judges? But hey, what else is new in the Olympics. As my old professor Otis Madison used to say, and sport that requires judges isn't a sport, but merely a competition and/or exhibition.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Ah Friday. But not just any ordinary Friday, but Friday the 13th! To commemorate this day, I'm rocking my Unlucky 13 kicks. I don't know, but I like to correspond the colors of my kicks associated with the day: red on Valentines, green on St. Pattys, orange on Halloween, brown on Thanksgiving.


Speaking of kicks, my pops is hanging up his shoes on monday. After 40 years in the work force, he's decided that he had enough. I'm sure if he didn't have 6 bebe's kids, he'd probably would've retired earlier, had more hair and a nicer whip. Oh the sacrifices of parent'hood.

I finally finished Angels and Demons after seemingly months. While a solid book, although fiction, it seems almost too unrealistic. Not that da Da Vinci Code was on point, but Dan Brown did progress as a storyteller. Not sure now if I should read Deception Point or change gears and pick up another book. Shoot maybe I'll just write one!

Not sure if I ever revealed one of my new Idols? That would be Ken Jennings, aka "I know everything on Jeopardy." This guy puts the awe in awesome. I'd be awestruck if I saw him. I mean, homeboy already stacked over a mil ticket, so its not even about the paper chase anymore. As Shawn Carter would say, "i...will...not...lose" (although he did to NaS, but that's another story). Anyway, my dream Jeopardy matchup would be Ken Jennings, Ben Stein, and Marilyn Vos Savant (if you don't know her, read Parade in your Sunday paper - she's the chick with the highest recorded IQ). Yet another pipe dream of mine is to appear on this fantabulous game show.

I don't know if its confirmed, but its reported that Derek Jeter is, um, gulp, dating Jessica Alba. The same Jeter that has dated Mariah Carey, Miss Universe, Vanessa Minnillo, and countless beauties. He has more dimes than the Sprint lady. Besides his 9 figure contract (NOT including decimals), status as a NY Yankee, mixed heritage, green eyes, Jordan Brand endorsement, bling, and sex appeal, what does he have that I don't?! Its okay though. I did see a new ad for Sin City, and JA doesn't look right blond.

Its never too early to prepare for next season's SV!

The weekend that lies ahead: golf today, bbq tomorrow, gambling tomorrow night, shopping 2 days from now. Sounds like a plan! Have a great weekend all.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I just now realized that AIM has an invisible mode option in the user interface. Here I thought that was only available to AOL users. But it doesn't matter, considering I actually like people IMing me and ish. Some heads be like "yo, this gets mad annoying when fools IM me." Sucka then why are you on?? Speaking of which, where have all my dailies gone?? Have you gone 98 Degrees on me? Invisible Man is the greatest Boy Band Song of All Time. Slightly edging out It's Gonna be Me. That song is so dope that my roommate actually bought it on vinyl, and it wasn't Nimz. Back to the AIM tip, but how do you start talking to someone whom you haven't spoken to online in years? And do you think when you see someone online like everyday, and then suddenly they're not there anymore, do you think they just blocked you? Its all good, I make sure I talk to the people I want to talk to regularly. And I haven't deleted a name from my BL since forever, so some heads have like multiple SNs on my list. Why? So my BL can look more populated? No...its just pure laziness! Plus its almost nostalgic seeing an old SN, and saying "ah, the fun conversatons I had with them." Yes like Beck, I'ma Loser, since I used to save conversations back in my day. That's one reason I liked ICQ for you OG chatters, since they kept an automatic log of ALL your dialogues. It was pretty cool. I swear I don't know people using Yahoo or MSN chats primarily, so I didn't DL that program which consolidates all the BLs. Shoot, I'm still on my first and only SN, but am open to suggestions for a secondary one.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Friday's Grab Bag with a Twist. My goal is too have each bullet having a segue (segway) into the ensuing topic:

- I've never been to a Summer Jam in my life. I was listening to KMEL and heard the roster for this year's event. Boyz II Men...LL Cool J...En Vogue, and is this 2004 or 1994? And they're playing it as if they're old school. They are not Old School - they're more Middle School. Couldn't they get current artists to headline? I know they can't push as many units as in their heyday, so touring is where the $$$ is at.

- Did I mention I ran into Boyz II Men at the Manila Airport? I got a picture with them. And one of them asked for my cousin's phone #. =/

- I saw a pic of an Asian chicka rocking a shirt saying "Everyone loves an Asian Girl." I'd have to agree. *EDIT: picture found on a shoe board*

- Big ups to the RZA for sending me this link: Pinays.com. In my countless hours of internet surfing I've never ever thought about going to this domain or even peeping it. Out of curiousity, I've also visited Pinoys.com, and the content here reiterates the fact that we're an asexual bunch! *inserts AIM frowning smiley*

- I've divulged the origin of my first name before, but for some reason I never was curious about my last name until recently. I've always thought it was Spanish, I guess because everyone else's is. After a brief googling, I ran across this site that shows I have a pure Filipino, or Pilipino last name. Now I just need to know what "Tacorda" means. *inserts AIM thinking smiley*

- My first born is gonna be named Jordan Tacorda.

- The new Jordan IVs come out in 2.5 weeks. Although this may be my favorite model, I'm not to sure of the color scheme. I'm still gonna get them of course.

- Man its Fiesta weekend in Santa Barbara right now, and I didn't realize that until talking to someone. I've only been to Fiesta in 2001 and 2002, which were both very memorable times. *inserts AIM winking smiley*

- Where's that segue you ask? Of course Jordan's basketball camp coincides with Santa Barbara's Fiesta!

- R. Kelly made that Cassidy song "Hotel." Man I can't stop singing the hook. ("We got room keys!") If you're not around me (which most of you are), consider yourself lucky. ("We're in our throwbacks!")

- I'm gonna dwell in Hip-Hop hell after the latest compilation I've made. To save face, I won't list the tracks, but just know it's entitled my Hip-Pop mix. And that Murphy Lee is on it. Twice. Along with Kanye. *inserts AIM embarrassing smiley*

- Turns out that Kanye interview is true. Grrrrrrr.

- I hope Tiger Woods wins his next tourney. He was thisclose last week. (ok that was a tad a stretch).

Whew that wasn't so bad...Okay everyone have a splendid weekend!