Thursday, August 26, 2004

"Why?" (reegmix)
by Regakiss

*Verse 1*

Why do only pimples pop up on the right side of my face?
Why do people say that Team USA is a disgrace?
Why at work can't I get a pay raise?
Why do people in my 'hood give me a strange gaze?
Why can't any recent rapper drop a classic record?
Why is all the hot ish stuff I've already heard?
Why can't I grow a beard?
Why is there a lot of sheep, but no shepherd?
Why do I lift, when I'm not getting buffer?
Why does my whip need a new muffler?
Why do I run, when my tum-tum isn't getting any smaller?
Why does everyone front like they a baller?
Why do people vote for the american idol but not the president?
Why do they complain, but voting makes them hesitant?
Why do people talk loud but don't say nothing?
Why do I always fall for people bluffing?
Why is Hold 'Em named Texas?
Why can't I push a Lexus?
Why didn't I ever write for the Daily Nexus?
Why do people buy shoes not to wear?
Why do they get satisfaction from just a stare?
Why did the Warriors sign Fisher and Foyle?
Why do I foresee a 49er season of turmoil?
Why couldn't the Giants win it all a couple years back?
Why is beer sold in a 6 or 12 pack?
Why when I drink to much, I usually yack?