Monday, August 30, 2004

Summer is almost over, but that doesn't mean much to post-college 20-somethings. Shoot, where I live you didn't even know summer has started! (note to self: move to a sunnier area - Eventually). However, this weekend Reeg entered a time machine and had fun. HBD to Snoop and Cheryl, thanks for the birthday bash! And we actually have pics to complement the event. We probably have too many pics harhar. Thanks Lunacris for driving us to North Beach, and despite the 30 minutes it took to find a spot, it was worth it. Note to self: park closer to Centerfolds than Chinatown. Are drinks $10 everywhere? I spent near a benji and had like 3 drinks =/. Man, in retrospect, I should've taken advantage of the DD and got perved. But I still went to sleep with my contacts in and toothbrush dry, so I didn't pass the sobriety test. Also ran into a few Gauchos: TT-Boy (neighbor jr/sr year) and Tony C, but without Marv. The muzik was dope, only because it was old and party-goers could rap along. It seems like everyone started seranading me with their raps haha. Just step up if you wanna battle! Yeah the usual suspects came out, and the usual suspects didn't show up. Can't wait til the next birthday - whoa.

Oh yeah, I have an anecdote. I'm not a fan of Red Robin, but I guess I go there often. On friday nite after a round of golf, RR was the 19th hole (or 14th hole in our case). The infamous waitress girl, whom was actually referenced on these very pages, usually works fridays. I was with Mick* and Heff* (*pseudonyms given to protect their identity). They were talking about Lenn* while on the course still. We played well. We got a discount playing. We'd left work early. So everything's going our way right? So our name's are called and we proceed to sit in her area. Keep in mind Mick and Heff have a history with her. We plop into our booth and see her waiting the tables around us. Picture a die (singular of dice), and we're one of the middle tables. We're just waiting for her to take our order. How come she's waiting on the 5 surrounding tables but not our table?!? Where is the love? To ease the pain, we drown ourselves in freckled lemonade ($3.89!) until close. Regardless, we had the Scheduler to help us ease the mood.