Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Month end really sucks. So I need to post all our outstanding invoices and deposit all the checks. I breezed through the AP stuff (I'll print the checks later) and now I need to make a deposit by 2pm. It's around 1:30, and the bank is less than 5 miles away. I'm mad hungry too. Anyway, it's a pleasant day weather-wise but I'm swamped work-wise. I jump in my whip, bump my music, and proceed on my 4 minute journey. What's in my car? In Tha Beginning - a compilation covering old rap classics. What's playing? Bone Thugs - "F**k tha Police (Dennis R. would be proud). So as I pull into the bank, a cop comes up and pulls me over! I was like helllllll no. This mothereffer pulled me over as I was bumpin' F**k tha Police! Is that not legal? Did he hear it? Does he think I'ma pull a heist? (I had some locs on - very gangsta.) I'm tripping a bit because my tags about to expire and my proof of insurance isn't in my glove. What's worse is that my boss usually makes the deposits, and he even told me to ask someone else to do it, but being the person I am, I volunteered myself. Plus I needed to get out the office to take advantage slightly of this nice day. What's my crime? I freakin' didn't have my effin' seat belt on. Then freakin' CW tells me its a $100 ticket (!?!?!), but I researched myself and it looks like its $20 for 1st-time offenders. But hopefully I can expense it, since the trip was technically for business purposes.