Friday, April 29, 2005

Friday's Grab Bag:

~ I think girls consume 80% of the toilet paper in the world. That sounds about right - a 4:1 sheet ratio. Through the years when me and my roomys had female guests (or GFs over), the toilet paper seemingly disappears. As Fresh put it once, "yo man, I think they must eat it or something."

~ Does a crunk call (aka a drunk dial) still count if you left a message first? What if its past midnight from another time zone? Hmmmm...can't be a booty call then. If this was indeedy a CC (aka a DD), what was the purpose. To all you CCers (aka DDers) out there, why do you call someone of the opposite sex when you're belligerent? (Same sex calls don't count, unless you're not straight.)

~ About 5 people told me about the katie holmes and TC relationship. And they were all dudes! Good to see I'm not the only fellow interested in US Weekly. Dang Tomboy is getting them younger and younger. He gonna have to fend off Bruce for Lindsay next.

~ If you can spare a good 8 minutes, please peep this. Burgers and Pimpin'. Freaking ingenious.

~ Disclaimer: I love talking to everyone I talk to regularly on my BL. Yall my folks and probably my loyal readers of reeg speak. But sometimes I wish there were different people on it, in addition to yall. Or maybe I'm just online too damn much. Blame work yall.

~ "If peeing in your pants is cool, then call me Miles Davis."

~ Happy Belated birthday Miss Alba. Hope ya BF got ya something nice. After all, his name is Cash. Hope ya had a crunk 24th yesterday.

~ Got dammit, I must hit the gym and prepare for summer. I'm losing the precious yokes that I've had. Fine...I never reallly was cut, but I'd like to be. Like somewhere in-between that pic in the upper left.

~ Alright I've linked 10 weblogs to the left. 7 are female, 1 is a feminine male, 1 is a gay male, and 1 is primarily posted by a feminine male and gay male. So why is a masculine male such as myself blogging?

~ My new fav color: purple. Its so regal, so sexy, so reegsta. Got the purple button-up, purple kicks, purple pen, and am looking for the purple polo. I did get a Lacoste one off the 'Bay, but it was as fake as Jenna's boobies, so I had to sent it back.

~ Never buy Lacoste off eBay ever. I've learned my lesson.

Song of the Day:

Dancin on the dance floor
Girl, it's you that I adore
Step off stage, they scream for more
Native Tongues got rhymes galore
Snap my fingers, make you mine
If not, I'll snap a second time
After that, I guarantee
You will be standing next to me

De La Soul - "Buddy" (quite possibly my fav posse cut ever ever)


Thursday, April 28, 2005

"Follow your heart."

Is that logic flawed? Its been the same advice I've been given since I was a youngin'. Now that I'm an oldin', I'm not sure if it applies. What if your heart is not in accordance with your head. And you got to factor in your gut feeling also. Hmmm, so does that imply the head, heart, and gut have to be in harmony? They say love conquers all, which probably is true. Following only your heart can make you immune to a lot of other factors possibly. Love is blind I guess. So many cliches yet so much meaning.


As promised, I wanted to touch on AmId as I haven't spoke on it (or even saw it) the last few weeks. I just wanted to point out my favs from the genesis, Carrie and Scott, both made the top nickel. I got an eye for talent don't I? Constantine was good throughout, but he picked an annoying Nickelback song. You can't win with that song choice. Anyway, suprised to see that even 2 rockers made it this deep in the game. As for whos left in predicted order of finish:

~ Anthony - Will be voted off the island next week. No male should ever do a Celine Dion song. Suffers from Clayitis.

~ Scott - This dude is a competitor, and that's why I like him. He covered a song with the actual writers in the audience! How's that for boldness. And he did Luther's "Dance with my Father" this week. I thought it was poignant and solid, but Simon irritated me by saying he should pack his bags, which in turn prompted me to vote. I'm sure I wasn't the only one, as he placed in the top half.

~ Vonzell - Everyone's favorite black-belt mail lady performer in the nation. A sweet girl, can sang with the best of them, but missing that intangible. Bronze shouldn't be too bad.

~ Bo - He has a chance to win now that he'd potentially grab all of Constantine's votes. Liked his Bohemiam Rhapsody performance last week, but hated his 'fit. The people seem to like him though. Has a dope name.

And the 2005 AI winner is:

~ Carrie Underworld - Prettier than Kelly C, better voice than Fantasia, and more appealing than Ruben. Country music sells a boatload of records (see Garth, Faith, Shania, et al) and she has potential. And I picked her from the jump. Congrats Carrie!


Only 3 more episodes of SV to go. "Blank" was only a decent episode until the end, when they revisited the Clark & Lana relationship. This is probably the strongest plot of the whole series and its what the people are begging for (well, at least me). The plot is basically the same each week: there's a new freak in town, he causes some drama, the people of SV are jeopardized, Clark has some kind of drawback, Chloe & Clark go all Scooby Doo and investigate the strange behavior, they come up with a solution, and SV is back to "normal."

Not sure if I'ma hopeless romantic (can guys be that?), but I love them damn CK/LL scenes. Regular viewers are used to seeing LL walk away at the end. I've probably yelled "go after her!" or "say something!" or "grow balls!" about 100 times over the course of the series. And I did it again yesterday. And he obliged! Just call me cupid. "Lana wait!" No sweeter words have ever been uttered. "This time it'll be different." That CK is a confident fellow I tell you. I mean, I was hoping they could build on their prom dance from the prior week and not just ignore it. This is climaxing well for the final 3 episodes. Now if the writers could get Chloe to stop yearning after CK, as she admits, there's Lana, "the love of your life."

Oh yeah, there are other characters in the show. Lois is dope...she took awhile to get used to, but she's an asset to SV. Jason is getting to be a prick. You can't just grab LL like that! Lex tried to take advantage of CK's amnesia. The Kent 'Rents were AWOL this show...that's about it.

AI update coming in the PM.


Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Dear Miss Alba,

Its one of your fans. You were great in Honey and Sin City. I even saw you in Trippin' with Cameron Diaz. Wow what a lucky dolphin. Please grow out your hair and turn into a brunette again. And tell your BF to unpop his collar.



Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Confessions of a Sneakerhead, part 1 cent:

1995 was probably the greatest year for kicks of the past couple decades. The Jordan XI - the shiny patent leather ones - (check). The Air Max 95 (check). The Air Uptempo (check). The Air Penny (uncheck!). Penny was The Chosen One before Lebron. He was Magic and Michael in one. And he had dope shoes.

You had to earn your stripes back in the day. Before he had his own line of sneaks, he rocked the Air Flight Ones, then the Air Ups, and then the Air Way Ups. Not until his 3rd year did he get his own kicks - the Air Pennys. Until now only Jordan and Barkley had their actual name on the shoes. Anfernee would be the IIIrd.

Perusing through Harputs a couple years ago, I see a pair of these on sale, but in the Chicago colorway. Problem is, Penny never played for Chi-town. (But I still bought them anyway.) About 6 months ago, pictures leaked of a Knicks (his current team) colorway retro, which I immediately fell in love. I was hoping and praying that he wouldn't get traded, otherwise they possibly could scrap the shoe! Alas, no one wants an overpaid, oft-injured former shell of himself player, so he stayed in NY. And the shoes were released.

Air Jordans have release dates. Non-Jordans do not. Whispers in the shoemunity said these dropped earlier than their arrival, but they dried up in the greater Bay Area like that. The shoe scene is less bustling in LV, so I called my brother out there to locate me a pair. And he complied (and paid for them too!). I'm a sucker for orange-accented kicks. The other day I picked my dad up from the airport and these were waiting for me:


Monday, April 25, 2005

Monday(n) = Mundane.

Kinda ironic how they also sound the same. Anyway, I went to Berkeley's PCN this past weekend, and here are my notes from what I recall:

~ Started off with their rendition of Dilated & K-West's "This Way," complete with orchestra and chant. Expecting the national anthem, we get this instead. Its gonna be an interesting evening (keep in mind its like 3:30 at the moment.)

~ While watching it I was just recollecting of the PCNs I've participated in (represent the '00 and '01 casts holler!), and they were good times. Even if the performances weren't hehehe.

~ I think every PCN follows the same darn skeleton. Urban dancing and cultural dancing, sprinkle in some spoken word, some spotty acting, storylines stretched to tie-in together, the yo-yo fact, the Q-Bert (and now Chad Hugo) references, no regard to length, etc. PCNs are like eggs - you can have them scrambled, boiled, poached, over-easy or with patis, but they're still eggs yo(lk).

~ No Tinikling!? I think UC-B is the only campus to not do this dance. Damn leftists.

~ I've heard the story of the I-Hotel and seen the video so many times the awareness tends to lose its meaning and effect. Regardless, gentrification can suck a fatty.

~ Still waiting for that national anthem as the orchestra is the shining star so far.

~ There was a particular skit that was talking about teenage pregnancy, who in turn was talking to a mail-order bride, who were both being treated by a lesbian nurse. Must they have to tackle each topic?

~ There's been a Ryan Manuel sighting in the audience, who reminds me that our PCNs were better (except in 1999). Word.

~ A recurring theme was the exploitation of Filipina womyn, primarily through the sex trade. They stated a fact that Filipina womyn (um that's how they spelled it) were the biggest exported ethnic group. But this figure can include domestics, nurses and other non-sex occupations. Anyway, it made me feel bad about going to them strip clubs in Manila and I probably won't go again.

~ Or maybe not.

~ Yall remember studying how 1% black makes the person fully black? You know, back in your social studies classes talking about the 3/5s vote or whatever. Filipinos tend to do the same thing. There was this slideshow that showed famous people, and Schneider, Caughlin, and Minnillo were all featured. Man we need more full-blooded filipinos yall.

~ I just learned I'm either 1/8 or 1/16 spanish. No wonder I like paella a lot.

~ Their cast was massive, like 150 people. I don't think there were even 150 filipinos at UCSB! Well if there were, I probably knew 149 of them.

~ I remember Joe recruiting me to do that dance where dudes where nothing but that scarf over their stuff. Man I'm so glad I didn't oblige.

~ We're a corny bunch, us filipinos.

~ Talent level at UC-B was only okay. I was expecting more, just considering the amount of people, but the girls at UCSB are > than Berkeley. Good thing I didn't apply there. Well maybe they just showed up at the after-party.

~ 4 hours later, it ends. And roughly 4 years ago, I was in my last PCN, even if it was just 2 lines.


Friday, April 22, 2005

Friday's grab bag:

~ Yall know about that new object bad luck curse? Like when you get a new car, someone hits it. Or you get a new pair of kicks, and you step on gum or whatever. I'm not immune to it. I fell asleep on my sofa and freaking drooled on one of my pillows grrr. And I don't usually drool (well except when watching KK), so this is unlikely. I guess you drool more when you sleep in unfamiliar places? Now I got to buy me some drool-remover.

~ I had a dentist appointment the other day. And I stress that taking care of your breath/teeth game is vital. You could be a 10, but if your breath game ain't on point, you could drop down to a 5. Always pack a pack of gum, altoids, whatever. Use whitestrips if your grill is starting to look like some corn on the cob. Floss does have a double meaning indeedy. Anyway, the x-rays taken last time show that I have only 3 wisdom teeth, and he advised that I make want to look into removing them, which kinda scares me.

~ If Jay-Z had 100 problems, would his b**** be #100?

~ Why isn't there a "cent" sign on a standard qwerty keyboard?

~ Young Nimz called my yesterday from the rotten apple. And it was just yesterday when we were there together. But it really was 4 years ago. Like a bird rocking a Rolex, time flies.

~ I gotta quit with my similies.

~ Love it or Hate it: The SKII. I was hating my SK the past week, as it became faulty by deleting my texts (and I saved some too) and what not. Then it wouldn't accept a charge. Freakin' POS. Whatever, so I called and complained and they sent me one right away at no cost. I love my SKII, but can't wait to upgrade to a better hiptop.

~ I've failed in all my basketball fantasy leagues this year. I'm not sure if I was preoccupied or just lost interest, but this is uncharacteristic.

~ I was thinking about my battery, and I realized that I must have left my lights on about 5-6 times ever since I got it. I actually remember receiving a notice from aaa saying that the next time they'd jumpstart it, I would have to pay for it. That made the purchase much more palatable.

~ Work is much more relaxing when your boss is 3 time zones away. But he'll be back on Monday, along with Toilet & Douche LLP, so I don't look forward to that.

~ Umm that previous post was a joke. Right?

Song of the Day:

I'm all out of faith
This is how I feel
I'm cold and I am shamed
Lying naked on the floor
Illusion never changed
Into something real
I'm wide awake
And I can see
The perfect sky is torn

Natalie Imbruglia - "Torn"


Courtesy of cici and dawndawn:

Love by ruby mae
Your name
Your partner
You two areMeant for eachother
Your meeting was byDestiny
They are yourBest Friend
You are theirShining star
Your love willBe your strength
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Man I got an identity crisis.


Thursday, April 21, 2005

Aww man, the Smallville Crows finally had their prom. It was just yesterday when we just met all the freshman, and now they've all developed into young adults. Like watches on airplanes, time flies.

Initially there were talks of Clark and Lana skipping out of prom, since it probably would fail to live up to the 4 year hype. If you don't like spoilers, please refrain from the reading the rest (but the dvd isn't due for carry on.) Watching the previews Clark was obviously there, but I was getting so pissed of LL not being there. Its like having Michael Jordan not playing at the All-Star game. I mean, the brightest star belongs on their appropriate stage. heart stopped as the panned to LL entering, looking as angelic as ever. With the help of Lois, CK thankfully stepped up to LL and asked for a dance. "I thought you would never ask." (*reeg starts to cheese and beam at the answer*) This is what we've been waiting for all season. Its not only a victory for Clark, not only for Lana, not only for me, but for all mankind. Its only sweeter when Jason drops in and sees them dancing together. Sucka.

As I was caught up in the CLana story I didn't even discuss the rest of the show. Hmmm, Chloe wins the Prom Queen title as her competitor dies (which they make fun of?)...Jason gettin' shady like our favorite white rapper (eminem)...the Luthor's were pretty quiet this episode...Jonathan Kent recovers quickly from gun shot wombs...Martha/Lana/CK all play great valley girl characters...did I mention LL was stunning during Prom?

After thoughts of disappointment from last week's episode, "Spirit" is probably my fav episode of the season. Yeah, it might be simply because of that one minute dance with CK & LL, but its much more meaningful and symbolic than that. Living vicariously through CK can be sweet at times. Its a good buildup for the final episodes - CLana are on good terms.

Oh yeah, plus they played Ashlee Simpson in this episode. Wowsers.


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Whoa I didn't know the car gods read my blog? I presume they saw yesterday's entry and decided to test me.

car god 1: so he thinks its easy to fix cars huh?
car god 2: yeah i guess so.
car god 1: hmmm, let's tease him but not break him. thoughts?
car god 2: let's just kill his battery. he hasn't renewed his aaa membership yet so that'll add to his problems. and let's do it when all the stores are closed so he'll be stranded solo in the parking lot. muahhahaha!

*Reegsta walks out of Best Buy at closing time and proceeds to his car.*

reeg (starting ignition): uh sound.
reeg (starting ignition again): gosh darnit. #$$#%$$#^%*!!!!!!

*Reegsta IMs friend to verify what the problem is. Confirmed it could be a battery problem.*

Well anyway, my battery is dying and i phone aaa anyway. Luckily they sent someone out in about 20 minutes and he proceeds to jump my car (not jump as in beat up, but yall not that.) Anyhow, i figured if it won't start again its definitely the battery. So this morning I paid my aaa membership and tried to start my car again. Damn same sound - the sound of silence as simon and garfunkel would say. Determined not to phone aaa again (umm so i won't look retarded and so i won't wait), i phoned vmay and got her jumper cables. Yep she did take longer than aaa, but I got my car to start and headed straight to sears roebuck.

I was just gonna buy the battery and install it myself, as i was inspired by my bumper story. But the price of the battery already comes with installation, so why bother getting my hands dirty? They did it rather swiftly but it was nothing that I couldn't have done meself.


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Oh yeah, I forgot to share the joyous news. After not figuring out how to install my bumper, I took a couple notes from a couple people and gave it another shot. So last night I was working in my garage (woohoo I have a garage!) and successfully removed my old bumper. And I figured since it came off, it should rightfully go back in unproblematic. Having been inspired by all the garages in my area and coupled with my brute strength, I was able to reinstall that ish. (*applause*) It took some effort and now I even have more misplaced screws. Oh well, 7 out of 10 connectors should suffice. I've been living with carheads the past 6 years, and within the 1st month of living solo I decide to work on my car. Great. I went from a Sentra to "Dent"ra to "Cent"ra and back to Sentra:

So if yall know anyone who needs some car work, I think I've found my calling.


Confessions of a Sneakerhead, Part 97:

So a couple months ago, I was perusing the 'Bay and came across a pair of shoes that I've so wanted. Brief background: release in 1997 as an AP (Asia-Pacific, meaning not in the US) exclusive, original retail $150 USD. There was a glitch though - they were used. V-may told me to never buy used shoes, as she would pay the difference between a new and used one (man maybe i should just buy a reeeeallly beat pair of vintage Jordans??) The seller stated they were used 2wice, which means they were used about 10 times. Anyway, I was amped that I found this auction, since this pair rarely comes up, especially in my size (hmmm that sounds familiar.) Its almost impossible to find a deadstock pair. But whatever, there's nothing a toothbrush and some febreze can't fix. Sorry babe. One thing about auctions I love ending on Saturday night is that not many nerds are in front of their computer waiting for an auction to end (oh wait...).

Anyway, as the end is approaching, I see the counter is going up exponentially! Am I going to win? Well duh, otherwise I wouldn't have posted this story. So I put a triple digit proxy bid and win it with a double digit bid. Yay they are added to the stash of boxes and have yet to be (re)worn.

Fast forward to last week. Going through the pages of Niketalk I learned that these shoes are being planned to retro this month. My confession is that I was not aware of that. Usually I freakin' know this stuff 12 months in advance. I failed me. I don't want a used pair when I could get a fresh pair straight out the box! Having to act fast, I secured my pair from a PI seller as these again are AP exclusives. Being the multi-tasker I am, I also launched my pair into cyberspace and received a fairly handsome offer for them (like 2wice as much as I paid...ignore the ending price as I'm tryna save on fees yo.)

So essentially I bought the shoes for like half off after its all said and done. I'ma sucker for neon accented kicks:


Monday, April 18, 2005

Hope everyone had a splendid weekend. Not sure if how its possible to recover from a lazy weekend, but I shall try anyway. Let's review the highlights of the past 96 hours (wknds start on Thurday ya know?):

~ thursday nite @ holy cow: man i haven't been here in a minute, and i wonder why, since drinks were half off before midnite. it felt kinda funny paying for 3 drinks with a 10spot and getting a single back. anyway, got to kick it w/ al, rich, snup, michelle & chrissy. the talent level was aight, as it was a mixture of a college crowd and older 20somethings. again didn't get too crunk as it was a school nite and i'ma (sometimes) responsible driver.

~ friday nite @ dan's crib: i've been playing poker here the past 10 years, and over that span i doubt i've lost that much money here ($5 and $10 buy-in losses were offset by the pinnacle of my poker career, which was a SP04 championship here). anyways, i lost once in the real round and another in the consolation (plus i lost earlier in the day @ work...bad day i guess?). at least i beat v-may.

~ saturday @ my apt: so jefe & i built a bookshelf last week. it was a little challenging, but after years of watching home improvement, we were able to complete the task. we tried to graduate to fixing cars and used mine as the bait. we've watched a couple seasons of pimp my ride, and since this is pretty simple stuff, we (or I) figured its possible. basically i wanted to replace my front bumper and headlight, which i was told it shouldn't be so difficult. suffice to say, we should stick to building bookshelves. we almost took the damn thing off, but hit a few trouble screws. we (or I) just said eff it and put the original thing back. so after we completed that, we realized we had about 5 extra screws left. oh well. maybe it'll come off naturally then? "if at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again. try, try again." (RIP Aaliyah)

~ saturday nite @ la creperie: working on cars builds up an appetite, so we met tiff and dan to get some crepes. actually, tiff came to my apt first to kick it and change and stuff. (she did however leave her sandals there...hmmm, i thought guys only left items at girls places? don't worry girl, i'll call you sometime to pick them up *wink*) anyway, luckily we had a semi-pretty waitress, maybe an 8.0 (which would be a 7.0 in LA and a 7.5 in LV). we had no clue what she was, as it could've been european to hapa to whatever. let's just say jefe practiced his origami skillz with the tip.

~ sunday @ the cemetary: its my lolo's 20th death anniversary today, so my moms and I went to skylawn to visit him and my other g-parents. it says park hours are daily from 9am to 5pm. why then on TV, particalurly SV, they always visit the cemetary seemingly at midnite when its all dark and hazy?

~ sunday nite @ my apt: on the recommendation of many people (well only one in particular), i saw grey's anatomy. not a bad show, as it was quite similar to house md, which i saw earlier this week. whats up with all these shows based in hospitals? how come its either a hospital or a law firm? there should be a tv drama based on an accounting firm. imagine that. they'd talk about ledgers and margins and +/- ratios and GAAP and FASB and other cool accounting speak. maybe it wouldn't be a drama, but rather a corny comedy with the accounting humor being tossed around. i'd so watch that.


Thursday, April 14, 2005

There's been a void in my life the past couple months, but I couldn't really pinpoint it. Maybe my posts during this span have reflected that. But last night it hit me. While watching Smallville, I realized it. I haven't seen a new SV episode since forever! Maybe last night's episode was a disappointment. Or maybe because the anticipation led to an ultimate letdown. Kind of like your 21st birthday. You had it circled for months in advance, then the day actually comes. You try to drink like a fish but end up passing out before the cake even gets cut. Or that new cd from your favorite artist. They're your fav artist for a reason, usually based on their past catalog, but sometimes their new stuff isn't up to par. You want to hide the disappointment but you're only lying to yourself.

Anyway, "Onyx," as the episode is titled, basically had a good Lex versus an evil Lex. We see his darkside isolated into one character. While Lex's acting is 2nd best on the show (after KK), his character is arguably the most intriguing (hmm maybe after KK. Everyone knows what he's capable of, but he doesn't act out any of it. Nothing groundbreaking here. No Lois or Jason in this episode. No Pete either. Nothing suspenseful. Not enough KK. Fusing Lex together was pretty much a copout. Damn I complain too much. Probably one of the lesser enjoyable episodes I've seen this year. Or maybe since this is my first episode as a 26 year old, I'm missing out on their target 16-25 demographic.


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I was thinking that I've exhausted all my topics to blog about. But since there's always stupid people out there, there's always stupid things to blog about:

I was hoping it was at least a BMW. No for real, this is real sad, and it seems like the subheadline is way worse than the real headline.


Alright enough with the negativity. Have yall heard of Google maps? Its in the Beta stage (as Friendster was like forever), but its pretty amazing. Go here, type in an address or use one of them samples and zoom in. Pretty normal so far. Then click "Satellite" in the upper right corner, and prepare to be amazed.


Have yall heard of the Internet2? Basically its the next gen of internet surfing. To put it in perspective, if you want to DL The Matrix DVD, it'll take you 25 hours. However, with Internet2, it'll take you 30 seconds. You could get Kira's whole catalog in like 20 minutes. Imagine the possibilities damn.


So Brit's confirmed what everyone's been saying the past couple months. She's preggy. Man I remember playing that "Sometimes I run, sometimes I hide" joint on repeat when it first dropped, and now she's gon be a young mother. I think K-Fed wants his kids to be all the same age or something.


Tiger Woods yall. I can't believe this is his 4th Green Jacket, and homeboy isn't even 30. I mean, you only need 1 green jacket in your wardrobe...oh nevermind. Instead of wearing red on Sundays, he should make an exception for green on Sundays at Augusta. I mean, of the 92 players, which translates into almost 300 different shirts to wear, no one wears Masters green. If I were in contention, I'd rock this color polo (with the collar up as I sometimes do playing golf only), with some cargo pants, Jordans (they do make golf shoes - I have 2 pairrr) and a SF Giants hat tilted to the side, just like Pokey Reese. Yes I have thought of this multiple times.


Greatest. Mousepad. Ever.


I've attempted to add some linkage to my template. On the left hand side are my people's pages, with an applicable nickname/screename as a reference. I even added a counter! I was playing with the colors, but my blog ended up looking sabotaged. Its like a whole day event to revamp this, at least for the html-impaired.


I need a vacation. Even just a weekend out of town.


Friday, April 08, 2005

The Why's, Wise, and Y's:

Thank God its Friday. But why isn't there a TGIS, for either Saturday or Sunday? Generally those days are spent vegging around, whereas 1/3 of Friday is spent working. I propose we should amend it to TGIFA, for Thank God its Friday Afternoon at least.


A picture tells a 1000 words. So I don't get why people don't have pics when selling things on CL. Maybe its the snooty eBayer in me, but how much of a visual can I get from "this table has 4 legs and a wooden available upon request." Yo, shouldn't you just post them gifs from the jump?


I think I need a facelift. To all my fans, I'm not talking about my actual face, but rather the look of my blog. I believe I've said this before, but it actually might matriculate sooner than later. Linkage to my fellow bloggers/xangars would be included, so if you would rather not have your page linked, please hit me up. Plus I need to change that freakin' picture in the top left, as it was requested.


So I went to Red Robin yesterday to pick up some food. I don't know if its me or something, but the greeters and waitresses all look like they're 16 years young. Man maybe I should switch burger places. Or maybe I'm just getting old.


Random thought: capri pants and pointy heels are hot (but I've been told that pointy shoes are on the way out.) Bonus points if they're cargo capris or camo capris. Also, skirts and flip-flops are hot as well (as long as her toe game is on point.)


I really am pretty unproductive on Friday's. I come in late and leave early. Oh well, TGIF!


Song of the Day

Do you have the time to listen to me whine
About nothing and everything all at once
I am on oh those
Melodramatic fools
Neurotic to the bone no doubt about it

Green Day - "Basket Case"


Thursday, April 07, 2005

The "I'ma Scrub" Story of the Day:

So the other day, I was as usual late in getting out of bed and late getting ready and thus, late for work. I was doing my morning routine - the bathroom stuff, the dressing stuff, and the switching stuff from yesterday's pants to today's pants (see the blurb for pocket accessories below). So everything was there, except my phone which was charging, and my keys, which was probably on a table somewhere. My apt is pretty empty, so it should've been fairly fast to locate them.

Anyway, I peruse my bedroom and can't find them. I look in my living room and can't find them. I look in my kitchen and bathroom. Where the heezy are they! I start looking in my jacket pockets, garbage, the toilet, just about everywhere and I still can't spot them. I mean, they have to be somewhere since I did enter the door last night. Then it happened and my heart skipped a beat. I slowly opened the front door, and saw my keys hanging off the knob. Yes I'ma scrub. Backtracking to the previous night, I remember carrying about 10 bags of groceries and didn't want to place them on the floor. I was so thankful no one took my limited edition Jordan Keychain which has hanging from it. Whew another close call.


I bought my sofa yesterday. It had a list price of $700 (which of course is BS) and a outlet price of $430, with tax and delivery total would be a shade under 5 benjimans (or would the plural be benjimen?!?!) Anyhow, I always try to implement my hustle skillz learned from the school of hard knocks, and asked him if I could get a discount. He thought about it for a minute, observed my intimidating physique, and stuttered saying he could do $450 flat if I pay by cash. That was cool with me, as I budgeting 6hun for a sofa (hey I could use the difference to pay for them shoes below!) So its being delivered today and I'll try to have pictures up for those who can't make my house-warming TBA (or more aptly, apartment-hotting). (that was dumb).


Wow I already received my BMG order. I remember back in the day, the turnaround was like 6-8 weeks, like it was a magazine subscription or something. (Unless its Complex mag, which has been 16 weeks and I'm still waiting for my 1st issue.) Hmmm, that BR album is cool, I think I'll like it. I've heard everything else except for that Strokes album. Now I gotta submit another order and cancel my account.


Taxes are due in a week, and I have yet to submit mine. I think I'ma file for an extension, as owing money to Uncle Sam definitely sucks toes.


Song of the Day:

Yo, in she came with the same type game
The type of girl givin out the fake cell phone and name
Big fame, she like cats with big thangs
Jewels chip, money clip, phone flip, the six range
I seen her on the ave, spotted her more than once
Ass so fat that you could see it from the front

Mos Def - "Ms. Fat Booty"


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Confessions of a Sneakerfiend, Part 95:

These kicks that I've wanted were recently retroed and I was like awesome! However, upon further inspection of the shoe, they are vastly different than the ones that I remember. To the naked eye, someone will probably think its the same damn shoe. But there are subtle differences:

Exhibit A: Nike Air Max 95 - 2005 Retro, General Release

Exhibit B: Nike Air Max 95 - 1998 Edition, Footaction Exclusive

I. Exhibit A is Varsity Red and Exhibit B is Desert Red.
II. Exhibit A is nubuck and Exhibit B is seude.
III. Exhibit A has a black toe (ew) and Exhibit B has a grey toe, to be consistent with the grey gradation.

Please note that the bottom shoe is nearly 7 years old. Finding this pair brand new, in a 10.5, and in the original box is almost impossible to do (hence why they issue retroes). One lonely night a week ago I was scouring eBay and came across that pair which fulfilled all 3 of my criteria. Since it was late, I had to make sure I wasn't dreaming and double checked the next day. Sure enough, it was a reality. The auction was ending today, and I had my sniping tools ready. I've bidded about $35 more than the current bid, just to ensure my safety in winning. There was about 5 seconds left, and some guy bidded $33 more. Whew almost a close one. It was meant to be.

In any case, spending the extra $60 on the bottom pair was well worth it. Until the next time...


Tuesday, April 05, 2005

As an ode to the Top 5 show on the Food Network, here are the Top 5 fast food burgers ever:

V. The Whopper @ Burger King - I rarely eat at BK anymore, but you can't beat that flame broiled taste.
IV. Quarter-Pounder with Cheese @ McDonalds - Might as well get the "real meat" at CrackDonald's ya know?
III. Western Bacon Cheeseburger @ Carl's Jr - Whomever thought of putting onion rings in a cheeseburger is a genius.
II. Sourdough Jack @ Jack in the Box - Now I get all my sandwiches there with sourdough. Just make sure to tell them to hold the ketchup.
I. Double-Double Animal Style @ In-n-Out - Nuff said.

Observations: bacon makes anything better...nothing from Wendy's will ever be on my list...haven't seen Supersize Me yet...or read Fast Food Nation for that matter...never had a Sonic burger before...not sure if Nation's counts as fast food...right now I'm craving for Red Robin (ummm not for their burgers if you catch my vibe)...


I'm reading my Purell hand sanitizer bottle, and it says it kills 99.99% of germs. Man I'ma douche myself with the whole bottle! Why don't they put this stuff in soap? Or toilet paper? Or any cleanser for that matter? Imagine the possibilities.


Pic of the Day: The day has come. The $3 gallon of petro. Keep in mind this is about a mile from my crib, and I'm not exactly in the most affluent hood of SSF. Shoot with those prices might as well get premium! I challenge anyone to find a higher price. (taken with my SK.)


So today is the start of the baseball season. Yay. I have an online draft in a few hours, and I really have no clue as to whom to pick. Thank goodness for autodraft. Anyway, I don't get excited off baseball til September anyway. Go giants!


Interesting food item of the week: I went to 7-Eleven the other day and saw a bag of Funnyons (sp?) with wasabi. If I didn't already pay for the 12 pack and lotto tix, best believe I would've snatched a bag. Then I went to Albertson's looking for it, and they only have the original ones. Must be a 7-Eleven exclusive.


Congrats to UNC for winning the 'chip. Last week I said UNC would win 76-71. (Go ahead and check the archives if you don't believe me.) The final score was 75-70. Not too shabby huh? If it wasn't for my allegiance to Tech, I would've won a few hundred. No worries, I've learned that gambling and being a fan should be two separate entities.


Song of the Day:

breaker breaker 1-9 mayday
surviving off of pennies until my next payday
all I ever wanted was a real nice lady
a clean pair of socks
and some fish for my gravy

Bush Babees - "SOS"


Monday, April 04, 2005

The weekend that was:

Movie Review: Sin City

I used to do these in 60 seconds, but lately they've been going longer than that. Coincidentally, I've seen the last 3 Jessica Alba movies on opening weekend (Never Been Kissed and Honey too). What a freak occurence ya think? Anyway, this movie was dope. Gory but in a comical way (Comical meaning of the comics and not comical as in funny.) The storylines were simple, but that wasn't really the point of the flick. It was original, and a film goer can appreciate the contrasts, shadows, lighting and flashes of color. I just kept thinking that the person who created Sin City must have been a very disturbed individual.

To the wholesome audience, there's a lot of T&A in the movie. Oddly, the character who plays the stripper (Miss Alba) does not even show a cleave shot. Disappointed no, but just somewhat interesting. Loyal readers can remember when I first read a blurb of her appearing in the movie as a dancer, as I was quite excited about that.

I'll give it 3.5 butt cheeks out of 5.


Probably one of the greatest sporting event days is the day of the national semifinals. However 2 promising games resulted in 2 blowouts. If I do the math right, Tech would've lost by 38 had they played the flying illini! Whew maybe its good we got bounced early. Anyway, to make the 2nd game a lil more interesting, a few non-monetary wagers were placed. As a result, yours truly had to sing Whitney's "Greatest Love of All" acapella style and drink some rice vinegar. Luckily I wasn't the only one to partake in these consequences.

Sat night bowling was also monumental for me. It was the first time I was spinning the ball! (*clap clap*) Man it just looks cooler being spun than my usual straight self. I had a couple strikes (ok, only one) but still finished in the top 6 (ok, there were only 6 of us). Now its time to find some bowling shoes, which could be difficult, as the Swoosh does not make any.


I tried to dedicate my Sunday to shopping, as I drove to Gilroy solo. I don't even know why I still keep driving to outlets as I can never find anything to justify the trip. Yet I still go, hoping for that chance that some kicks I want are mad cheap. I guess I have to wait until next time. I didn't buy anything for myself anywhere - not at Nike, BR, Ashworth, Polo, etc. However, I did soccer mom it and spent some time at all the kitchen stores down there. A friend suggested I get some JA Henckles knives, as I'm in the market for a knife set. After seeing that a set of those knives is equal to a car payment, I was cool off that. Oh well, some Farberware will do.

I passed by EPA and visited that Ikea for the first time too. How can you go to Ikea and not buy anything is beyond me, but I did just that. I saw that bookshelf I so desparately wanted, but then I saw the bigger 5x5 one. It made the 4x4 look pretty dinky! Still undecided as to which one I should get:

All I know is that I'm definitely getting the brown/black color.


Reality Check of the day:

I made jefe a cd and I thought to myself damn this is some fruity music. Then I realized that all the mp3s were from my music library. Great.


At work I deal with metrics, which is basically getting a set of numbers and analyzing them. So I applied it to my blog, and saw that I've had 5 posts in January, 12 in February, and 20 in March. So after careful prognosis and some critical thinking, I came to the conclusion that I've blogged more in March than January and February combined.


Song of the Day:

My favorite girl wanna leave me just because I got a girlfriend
my freak girl told me now, she a Christian
my white girl wanna move back to Michigan
I'm pullin girls off the bench like a sixth man

Kanye - "This Way" (maybe I'ma closet fan of him?)


Friday, April 01, 2005

69 Secs Review: Napoleon Dynamite

I might have been the last cat in the in crowd to watch this flick. I finally popped it in my laptop the other day, about a month after initially borrowing from my coworker. The people were saying that I would love it. But the people were wrong. It was cool, but not on a timeless comedic level. It was neither corny or slapstick, neither hilarious or shock humor. Like a man with no hands, I couldn't really put a finger on it. As I was watching it, no scenes made me cry of laughter.

HOWEVER, after soaking the flick in for a few days, it became maaaad funny. I guess I'll call it "lag humor," since it takes awhile to sink in. "Retro Humor" works too. I was discussing particular scenes with friends and I was dying as they were being told. But watching it was merely a chuckle? Maybe it was because my screen was small, I was tired, I watched it solo, or something...but it didn't captivate me at first.

I give it a solid 4 tots out of 5 (referring to the scene above)


Its funny how people can immediately tell if something is wrong with reeg. Sometimes like my posts last week it was obvious duh, even Stevie Wonder could see that. But other times when I'm trying to mask it, they still can get a read. Yall know me better than I think! But anyway, thanks for the support and concern. (*2pac's Dear Mama line*) You are appreciated (*2pac's Dear Mama line*).


Song of the Day

When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have
All of me

Evanescence - "My Immortal"