Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Oh yeah, I forgot to share the joyous news. After not figuring out how to install my bumper, I took a couple notes from a couple people and gave it another shot. So last night I was working in my garage (woohoo I have a garage!) and successfully removed my old bumper. And I figured since it came off, it should rightfully go back in unproblematic. Having been inspired by all the garages in my area and coupled with my brute strength, I was able to reinstall that ish. (*applause*) It took some effort and now I even have more misplaced screws. Oh well, 7 out of 10 connectors should suffice. I've been living with carheads the past 6 years, and within the 1st month of living solo I decide to work on my car. Great. I went from a Sentra to "Dent"ra to "Cent"ra and back to Sentra:

So if yall know anyone who needs some car work, I think I've found my calling.