Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Confessions of a Sneakerhead, Part 97:

So a couple months ago, I was perusing the 'Bay and came across a pair of shoes that I've so wanted. Brief background: release in 1997 as an AP (Asia-Pacific, meaning not in the US) exclusive, original retail $150 USD. There was a glitch though - they were used. V-may told me to never buy used shoes, as she would pay the difference between a new and used one (man maybe i should just buy a reeeeallly beat pair of vintage Jordans??) The seller stated they were used 2wice, which means they were used about 10 times. Anyway, I was amped that I found this auction, since this pair rarely comes up, especially in my size (hmmm that sounds familiar.) Its almost impossible to find a deadstock pair. But whatever, there's nothing a toothbrush and some febreze can't fix. Sorry babe. One thing about auctions I love ending on Saturday night is that not many nerds are in front of their computer waiting for an auction to end (oh wait...).

Anyway, as the end is approaching, I see the counter is going up exponentially! Am I going to win? Well duh, otherwise I wouldn't have posted this story. So I put a triple digit proxy bid and win it with a double digit bid. Yay they are added to the stash of boxes and have yet to be (re)worn.

Fast forward to last week. Going through the pages of Niketalk I learned that these shoes are being planned to retro this month. My confession is that I was not aware of that. Usually I freakin' know this stuff 12 months in advance. I failed me. I don't want a used pair when I could get a fresh pair straight out the box! Having to act fast, I secured my pair from a PI seller as these again are AP exclusives. Being the multi-tasker I am, I also launched my pair into cyberspace and received a fairly handsome offer for them (like 2wice as much as I paid...ignore the ending price as I'm tryna save on fees yo.)

So essentially I bought the shoes for like half off after its all said and done. I'ma sucker for neon accented kicks: