Monday, April 18, 2005

Hope everyone had a splendid weekend. Not sure if how its possible to recover from a lazy weekend, but I shall try anyway. Let's review the highlights of the past 96 hours (wknds start on Thurday ya know?):

~ thursday nite @ holy cow: man i haven't been here in a minute, and i wonder why, since drinks were half off before midnite. it felt kinda funny paying for 3 drinks with a 10spot and getting a single back. anyway, got to kick it w/ al, rich, snup, michelle & chrissy. the talent level was aight, as it was a mixture of a college crowd and older 20somethings. again didn't get too crunk as it was a school nite and i'ma (sometimes) responsible driver.

~ friday nite @ dan's crib: i've been playing poker here the past 10 years, and over that span i doubt i've lost that much money here ($5 and $10 buy-in losses were offset by the pinnacle of my poker career, which was a SP04 championship here). anyways, i lost once in the real round and another in the consolation (plus i lost earlier in the day @ work...bad day i guess?). at least i beat v-may.

~ saturday @ my apt: so jefe & i built a bookshelf last week. it was a little challenging, but after years of watching home improvement, we were able to complete the task. we tried to graduate to fixing cars and used mine as the bait. we've watched a couple seasons of pimp my ride, and since this is pretty simple stuff, we (or I) figured its possible. basically i wanted to replace my front bumper and headlight, which i was told it shouldn't be so difficult. suffice to say, we should stick to building bookshelves. we almost took the damn thing off, but hit a few trouble screws. we (or I) just said eff it and put the original thing back. so after we completed that, we realized we had about 5 extra screws left. oh well. maybe it'll come off naturally then? "if at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again. try, try again." (RIP Aaliyah)

~ saturday nite @ la creperie: working on cars builds up an appetite, so we met tiff and dan to get some crepes. actually, tiff came to my apt first to kick it and change and stuff. (she did however leave her sandals there...hmmm, i thought guys only left items at girls places? don't worry girl, i'll call you sometime to pick them up *wink*) anyway, luckily we had a semi-pretty waitress, maybe an 8.0 (which would be a 7.0 in LA and a 7.5 in LV). we had no clue what she was, as it could've been european to hapa to whatever. let's just say jefe practiced his origami skillz with the tip.

~ sunday @ the cemetary: its my lolo's 20th death anniversary today, so my moms and I went to skylawn to visit him and my other g-parents. it says park hours are daily from 9am to 5pm. why then on TV, particalurly SV, they always visit the cemetary seemingly at midnite when its all dark and hazy?

~ sunday nite @ my apt: on the recommendation of many people (well only one in particular), i saw grey's anatomy. not a bad show, as it was quite similar to house md, which i saw earlier this week. whats up with all these shows based in hospitals? how come its either a hospital or a law firm? there should be a tv drama based on an accounting firm. imagine that. they'd talk about ledgers and margins and +/- ratios and GAAP and FASB and other cool accounting speak. maybe it wouldn't be a drama, but rather a corny comedy with the accounting humor being tossed around. i'd so watch that.