Thursday, March 31, 2005

Ways to improve my masculinity:

1. Not tripping off what I eat.
2. Pound a 40 as fast as I can.
3. Listen to more misogynistic music.
3a. Stop listening to Jesse McCartney. Immediately.
4. Wear more hoodies and sweats.
5. Play football instead of golf.
6. Mean mug more instead of smile.
7. Watch more Scarface and less My Best Friend's Wedding.

Its an uphill battle, so I'm not sure how feasible this looks.


So Newlyweds is finally over. Seemed like yesterday that I was anticipating the show's debut. Like whoa. Yesterday's show basically showed the highlights of the past 3 seasons. You could easily see how they've not necessarily grown, but moreso evolved, yet remained the same people that they've been. That doesn't make sense but I'm sure you know what I'm trying to convey. Man I speak of them like they're my homies haha. I'm not sure there's another hollywood couple that can be as entertaining as them (no Flavor Flav and that 6 foot chick don't count.) Good luck Nick & Jess, adn thanks for letting us into your lives.


Buying things gradually for my place seems a lot better than getting everything all in one shot. I guess I'll buy as I need, so that's gonna delay my vacuum purchase. Although I am eternally grateful for purchasing a plunger prior to last night's debacle.


Song of the Day:

I got no pickup lines
I stay on the grind
I tell the hoes all the time
B***h get in my car (B***h get in)
I got my 64, ridin' on Dayton spokes
And when I open that do'
B***h get in my car

50 Cent - "Get in my Car"


Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Hot thoughts & bon mots:

~ Costco should have an express line. Like if you have 5 or less items go there. But if you just have a carton of eggs then you should wait in the longer lines.

~ So my brother found out I moved by reading my blog. Man I guess I forgot to tell him.

~ It's weird that I don't like people talking about my blogs in person haha. Like I have some kind of online alter-ego. During Easter my brother was giving my fam a summary of my posts from last week. He thinks I have issues and wanted to make sure he wasn't the one with my cds. But its all good, I'll write with or without an audience. Or maybe not, since that would be a diary.

~ My wireless network was finally setup last night. After attempting to do it meself, I buckled and phoned customer support. Those guys were awesome in troubleshooting me and guiding me, like they were looking over my shoulder or something. Or maybe it just wasn't that hard in the first place.

~ I bought a router from Best Buy and it had a $30 rebate. But do you know that instead of 1 $30 rebate, they give you 3 $10 ones? Why do they make it so difficult?

~ My Final Four predictions: Illinois over Lville, and UNC over MSU. UNC beats Ill 76-71. But what do I know, I picked Tech to win it all.

~ I wanna buy one of those cubed bookshelves that have like 16 separate compartments. And the sad thing is that I already know what's gonna occupy each slot. (And no, its not gonna be each Air Jordan from I through XVI - although that would be hot.)

~ I had a mad random dream the other day. KK and Ashlee were in it, so I guess it can't be that random. Basically KK was a rabid Ashlee fan and they both were to appear on TRL. KK wanted Ashlee to sign her cd. No sign of Vanessa in my dream though. Wonder what that means.

~ What does it mean if you receive an email from someone saying that she's "just checking in with you"? Does it simply mean that she wants to know how I'm doing? Or does it mean she misses me dearly and wants to see me badly? Or just that she's checking in with me? Geez I read too much into these things =/.

~ What a crappy way to die. I guess I shouldn't joke about that huh?

~ Currently in my pockets: wallet, keys, sidekick, chapstick, gum, a couple receipts, cash, change, hand sanitizer (currently missing: blotting paper). Now I know whay I usually wear cargos, but now I'm wearing slacks.

~ Scott and Carrie are still my favorite singers on AI. Scott's "One Last Cry" performance brought me back to 8th grade, as I hella wanted that for our graduation song. However we had "If We Hold on Together" instead. At least it wasn't the generic "End of the Road" which every other class seemingly had.

~ Is there such a thing as over-blogging?


Song of the Day (in retrospect, Lyric of the Day didn't sound right):

There's a war in the streets tonight
And nobody's really feelin' alright
I got a blunt for a chronic, a juice for my tonic
I know now that I'm feelin' right if it goes down
'Cause my third eye sees the lowdown
And I know it's not my time to go now
'Cause God's got my back in this showdown
So I know we'll be alright

Nas - "War"


Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Hope everyone had a good holy weekend. Let me talk about mines:

Good Friday: Its been awhile since I've been to the club solo, and I was trying to see how a single dudes acts up in it. So you walk around and survey the talent, talk to your homies, get a scouting report, pick out a winner, attempt to read body language, try to make eye contact, wonder what drink she prefers, watch out for cockblockers, and think if its a girls night out or if she has a boyfriend. And that's before meeting her, if that even happens. So props to the single dudes out there who endure this. I wonder if girls actually like this happening to them. (Disclaimer: I didn't really do any of this, I was merely in a hypothetical.) I figure if the fella can hold a conversation, dresses decently, isn't overagressive and doesn't smell (i'm 4 for 4!), most girls would be willing to cooperate for maybe a drink and/or dance. However, most girls are the worker bees, but what if you're after the queen bee? That's when you got to Hitch your game up. At this level, you can play the part, look the part, and be the part, but the chances for success are still pretty slim. You need that "it" factor and them intangible qualities. Play your strengths. (Disclaimer II: By no means am I saying I possess these traits...I'm just sayin') They say like 10% of the guys get 75% of the single girls or something like that. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, so anyway, I'm there and then I see a couple of V-may's friends (darnit) and revert to sipping the brew while talking to the homies.


Holy Saturday: So I miss one of the greatest days in college basketball history, but it was worth it because I got to hang out with cici and her new bf. (Plus since G-Tech bounced I've been kind of anti-tourney.) He's not exactly "new" moreso its been forever since I've last seen her. We did the usual touristy thing, from fisherman's wharf to pier 39 to haight. We tried catching up on old times but evidently I'm the only person who remembers anything haha. Its cool knowing you could not see someone for days and they still act the same way you remember them. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Well anyway I hope you had a blast and thanks for the apt-warming gift, as the review is coming soon.


Happy Easter: Went to Chuuuch with V-may at OLM, went to Hercules to have lunch with the family, and went to the folks pad to fix some cable problems. Pretty productive I'd say. Too bad traffic sucked and I had to take a piss for the last 30 minutes of the drive. I just realized that I didn't give anything up for Lent. I think its funny how people say they'll work on things for lent, like being nicer to people for example. So after Lent is over you can revert to being mean? Hhmm maybe that's why I didn't give anything up. Or maybe because I'm lazy.


Monday, March 28, 2005

Me and my old roommate used to talk about rap music and basketball. Never thought it would turn to this:

reegsta: when u gettin your pair of them?
nimz1831: lol ur going to laugh
nimz1831: but i already have a couple of pairs wtf
nimz1831: they're good jeans! -_-
nimz1831: ya ya i know.. stfu :-(
reegsta: no i believe u
reegsta: i want some paper denim myself
nimz1831: ah ya those are really nice
nimz1831: really expensive too
reegsta: hah...well i was figuring if i could spend $100 on some kicks, i could spend that much on a pair of denim
nimz1831: ya man
nimz1831: ya man... it worth a good amount of money for jeans
nimz1831: especially if u wear them a lot
nimz1831: i got this one pair of diesels that i wear ALL the time
reegsta: u know the style name
nimz1831: i can check when i get home
reegsta: yeah..the newer ones aren't as nut hugging as the earlier ones too
nimz1831: they're the straight-legged one, tho
nimz1831: lol ya.. not the nut-huggers
nimz1831: or that boot cut BS
nimz1831: straight legged = te win
nimz1831: teh**
reegsta: yeah...bascially i just wanna pick a style out and buy it on ebay
reegsta: save like 40-50 smacks
reegsta: $125 jeans are like $80
nimz1831: lol k.. ill check it when i get home..
nimz1831: i hope the style name is on it.. dunno
reegsta: all good...i like jeans w/ whiskers on it
reegsta: dude we hella sound like flamers right now
reegsta: lol
nimz1831: hahaha
nimz1831: I FEEL SO RAGGED

Sorry to put you on blast Nimz.


Friday, March 25, 2005

Whoa Nelly. I took that brain gender test again, and I'm even more female than before! 86.67% female and 13.33% male. WTF? So let's review my answers, as I need assurance that I'm a man's male. Answers are in bold and reasons are in italics.

1. Looking fashionable is important to you.


I wouldn't have so many shoes if this wasn't important.

2. You are better at:

Understanding what is being explained to you
Explaining things you understand

This goes back to group studying during finals...I've helped people get a better grade than me!

3. Do you tend to remember your dreams?


Please see dream about G-Tech basketball in my blog last week.

4. If you have a problem, you tend to

Ask for imput
Solve it yourself

Both answers could work, but I picked the more male answer.

5. In an argument or heated discussion, you find it most important to:

Drive your point home
Come to an understanding

I'ma reasonable and rational dude, and not so hard-headed, but don't mistake that for passivity.

6. Would you ever try an exciting new drug if it were illegal?

Depends on what it did
No - you prefer to obey the law

I've never even smoked a cigarette in my life. Not even a single puff. I remember when my older brothers used to smoke when they were like in 8th grade and I was really a youngin. They'd say to me "never smoke! its bad for you." I guess the point was driven home at an early age.

7. If someone you know is acting strange...

You try to read between the lines
You ask for an explanation

This is similar to the problem solving question above.

8. You tend to notice when someone has poor etiquette


There's a thing called golf etiquette, with regard to taking care of the course, playing out of turn, etc. This can be carried over to real life, as I'm been trained in golf etiquette for the past 20 years.

9. If a friend who's gained weight asks you if she's gotten fat, you

Are completely honest
Would consider sparing her feelings

I'm not an arsehole.

10. When talking with your friends, you're more likely to discuss

What's going on in your lives and people you know
Politics, sports, or news

People may be surprised at this answer. With dudes, it can be both answers. With chicks, its generally the 1st answer. Not everyone is a sportshead like reeg, and I'm aware of that, so I chose answer 1.

11. Even if you aren't one yourself, you can understand how some people can be vegetarians


Some people do it for religious, personal or dietary reasons. Not that hard to comprehend.

12. If a friend has a problem, it becomes your problem as well


Of course, since its a friend's responsibility to pick them up.

13. If you were to pick up a book for some relaxing reading, it would be:

Non fiction

The last 5 books I've read were all fiction.

14. You could marry for money... if the person was a billionaire.


I guess this is true, but it wouldn't last. Sign a prenup!

15. When it comes to old friends

You tend to lose touch with people fairly easily
You're good at keeping in touch

With the various mediums (AIM, email, text, phone, etc) as outlets, it makes it easier.

So if these answers say that I'm a more female-centric thinker, then so be it. I'm confident in my masculinity, even if its only 14%-27%.


Thursday, March 24, 2005

Aight I wanted to summarize this survey I took of what people thought of me. On my latest eVite I had to few questions to answer:

Who's Reeg's favorite rapper?

People generally said NaS, and jokesters put Vanilla Ice, Snow, Ja Rule and Lionel Richie. Surprised only one person said 2pac. The answer is: Nas

What hasn't Reeg done before that he needs to do before he turns 26 (or 30)?

People said: buy a crib, watch a GT victory, a male coworker, not yack on my bday, wear adidas, buy a new suit, eat meat on friday, leave the country, floss, smoke weed, snowboard, strip (check!), get laid, play a poker tourney, make a hole in one, skydive, and lastly, KK.

Hmmm while most seem enticing and probable and a couple I've done already, I'm leaving towards skydiving. That'd be hot. Anyone down?? And afterwards we could smoke some weed to celebrate.

If Reeg could be on a TV show, what would it be?

People said: The Ashlee Simpson Show (ha!), SV, a Nike commercial, Surreal Life, PBA (i presume the Professional Bowling Assn, not the Philippines Basketball one), SV, Queer Eye, Cribs, Pimp my Ride, Golf Channel, SV, SV, The Bachelor, Queer as Folk (huh? never heard of that one), WSOP, Desperate Housewives, Newlyweds with Nick L, and Queer Eye.

Since I was a youngin the only TV show I've wanted to be on is Jeopardy. But I'll take a guest roll on SV any day too.

What is Reeg's favorite clothing label?

People said: Mossimo by Target, Polo, Lacoste, anything purple, Nike, Versace, Polo, "the one that doesn't itch", Nike, tea bags (???), J-Lo, whoa, Express for Men, Ashworth, Nautica/Tommy/Polo Sport and Cherokee.

Hmmm, surprised no one said Jordan. But I'd probably say Polo, as their timeless, like myself.

If Reeg could have his dream foursome, who would be in it?

Responders misconstrued this question as a sexual one. I actually meant who are the other 3 people he'd want to play 18 holes of golf with, past or present. Similar to the who would you want to have dinner with question. KK and JA were each mentioned 5 times, both in the same answers. I liked C-Flo's answer, as she listed angelina, britney, anna, and janet, which leaves no room for me. Ed's was funny as well: tiger, seigfried and roy lol.

Hmmm, I guess my answer would be Jesus so I can ask him for eternal salvation, Michael Jordan so I could get unlimited kicks, and 2pac, to really see if he's still alive or not.

Lyric of the Day:

Am I crazy for wanting you
Baby do you think you could want me too
I don't wanna waste your time
Do you see things the way I do
I just wanna know if you feel it too
There is nothing left to hide

Jesse McCartney - "Beautiful Soul"


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

So I processed a BMG Order today. I probably signed up and canceled membership about a dozen times the past decade. Here are the 7 CDs I'm about to get:

1. 2pac - Greatest Hits (counts as 2): I had this cd of course when it first came out, but my brother "borrowed" it, and we all know what that means. Still hestitant to pick up any of his posthumous releases.
2. DJ Quik - Best of DJ Quik: That song "Tonite" was stuck in my head last week, and surprisingly, I only have one Quik cd.
3. Run-DMC - Greatest Hits (see a theme developing?): Probably my earliest recollection of Hip-Hop, this is a nicely packaged mix that has most of their jams. I guess I was too lazy to make my own mix, as I have most of their (older) records.
4. Green Day - International Hits: Instead of getting Dookie, I just got their GH release. Makes life much easier.
5. The Strokes - Is This It: I have most of their Room on Fire album on my computer, and debut albums are usually hotter, so I copped this one too.
6. Bad Religion - Stranger than Fiction: I've never heard any of their songs, but my old roommate suggested it to me. And in him I trust.

Then I get 5 more when I buy one at regular club price wooohooo. And the viscious cycle continues.


Pic of the Day:

Dedicated to all the dook fans out there. Hope you enjoy.


I'm not so sure if I should share this, but I will anyway. While I agree with the description to an extent, the percentages are waaay off. Thanks CK for it!

Your Brain is 73.33% Female, 26.67% Male

Your brain leans female

You think with your heart, not your head

Sweet and considerate, you are a giver

But you're tough enough not to let anyone take advantage of you!


Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Joke of the Day:

A proton meets a neutron and says "I'm da flyest around yo." The neutron asks "are you sure?" And the proton responds "yeah I'm positive!"


Sign of Getting Old:

All these sequels coming out and I haven't even seen the original. Like The Ring 2 and Miss Congeneality 2. And it gets extra scary when it they go to a trilogy.


The WTF Couple of the Day:

Bruce Willis and Lindsay Lohan? Whaaat? Man I got my last copy of US Weekly and this blurb was in it. Can't believe I'm quoting a Ying Yang Twins song, but "Like Short said, "let Bruce Bruce hit it!"" Good for him. Luckily that is not my lyric of the day.


The People are Stupid story of the Day:

So I'm selling these kicks online and say I have a 10.5 and 11. The winner gets to choose the size. The winning bidder pays me and says that he needs a size 10. WTF? I refunded his money and have to relist the kicks. Reading is fundamental children.


The PayPal Sucks complaint of the Day:

So I sold a pair of kicks back in December, received my skrill, shipped them and moved on. Then recently PayPal decides that hey, that credit card used was fraudulent, and they reversed the $xxx.xx out of my account. Man so I'm out the kicks and the cash. And I'm stuck with the sellers fees since its past the grace period to complain. eBayPal attempts to protect its bidders, but at the same time it screws their sellers. Arseholes.


The PayPal Sucks complaint of the Day, part deux:

So I sold a pair of kicks back in February, received my skrill, shipped them and moved on. Then recently PayPal decides that hey, the buyer is claiming they are fake, and they reversed the $xxx.xx out of my account. I'm approaching my 7 year eBay anniversary and never had I sold a pair of fake kicks before (well, except for them pair of Jordans from the PI, but at least I said they weren't real). Anyhow, I wrote in and countered, saying I have receipts and other buyer's satisfaction. The $$$ is still frozen, so we'll see how that goes.


Website of the Day:


Lyric of the Day:

Even though I'm not your man and I know you're not my girl
But let's just act like it's that way tonight
Now I know u got your friends and you know I got some too
But let's just act like you're my lady tonight

Oh, I know that we both have our separate lives
And we don't keep ties on each other
So you can have me
So that I can hold you until the morning comes
Then we can go back to how things was before

Musiq - "Forthenight"


Monday, March 21, 2005

Its been a bittersweet and emotional weekend for me, but if you saw me, I didn't really convey it. For some reason I always try to hide my emotions (unless I'm watching a sporting event).

RIP to the G-Tech Men's Basketball 2K4-2K5 squad. Honestly this was probably my favorite TEAM ever. Just to see them develop into starry-eyed freshman to playing the final game last year to this roller coaster season, its been a fun albeit stressful run being a fan. I wasn't that disappointed by the loss but moreso the fact that there are 5 maybe 6 players who've played their final game for Georgia Tech. This might sound corny (what? me corny?) but I'll miss each player as they all brought something different to the table. Here's hoping to a successful post-GT basketball career, in the NBA or elsewhere. I *heart* Georgia Tech basketball.

Also, most of you know that I was in the process of moving. I took friiiday off, and luckily arv and jefe weren't doing anything that day too. If it wasn't for them I'd probably still be moving. Despite the precipitation, we were able to move my crap out. Damn I have hella things and damn I need hella things. You know its bad if the only glasses in your kitchen are shot glasses. I was mad thirsty, and had no cups or glasses or whatever, so I had to drink water out of a shot glass. Probably filled that bad boy up like 10 times to quench my thirst.

As promised, the first dump I took there was with the door wide open. Man that was liberating. But cici if you stay with me next weekend I'll promise to close the door. Better yet, I'll hold it until after you leave. Maybe. I hope most of you could swing by sometime and check out my digs. Anybody have a feng shui book? Reeg needs to borrow one. Ideally I'll be here for about a year and *drumroll*....move again. But to somewhere I can gain equity. Renting sucks.

Lyric of the Day:

Take it slow
Maybe we'll live and learn
Maybe we'll crash and burn
Maybe you'll stay, maybe you'll leave,
maybe you'll return
Maybe you'll never find
Maybe we won't survive
But maybe we'll grow
You never know baby youuuu and I

John Legend - "Ordinary People"


Thursday, March 17, 2005

I had another dream about a bunch of big sweaty black dudes. This time we were down by one point, Elder came off the curl and hit a 3 with 20 seconds left. We held off UNC on the last possession for the W and 1st ever National Championship. We'll see how prophetic I am, since those two schools can only meet in the finals. Go Tech.


A lot of people are surprised that I don't have an iPod, not even a mini one. I do have about 500 cds (actual ones, not cd-rs) ranging from Sophie B. Hawkins to Planet Asia to Riff and another 3000 mp3s that i don't have on cd. Man that's a grip of music yikes! To put that in perspective, I've been buying music ever since Tower Tuesdays with Greg Sweeney. Back in '93 when we were frosh, we'd always peep the new releases, regardless of what came out that week. Then I worked at the now seemingly defunct Wherehouse with Taft, and that employee discount was to hard to pass up. Then at SB I lived about a half a block from Morninglory Music and this is about the time the digital music revolution was planting its seeds.

The first mp3 I've ever DL'ed was "Hit em Up" by 2Pac. "That's why I f****d your b***h you fat motherf****r!" Man I love that song. Then Napster came along and it was game over, even on a slow dial up connection. I'd DL songs right before I fell asleep and check on the status when I woke up. And I remember forking over 4 bills for a 4x CD-burner. I was the first on the block with that, as Callwave can attest to. So despite a couple computer crashes, I still have all my mp3s from when I started DL'ing.

Wait...I wanted to answer why I don't have an iPizzle. I used to enjoy looking for hard to find cds, singles, b-sides and remixes, and being the anal-rententive person I am, I needed the actual copy of it. Not no bootleg on a maxwell. Not everyone could listen to "Undisputed Champs" with Del, Q-Tip and Pep Love, but now a quick lookup and it can be had on your hard drive. Call me snooty. Digital music has been the gift and the curse. Generally I buy mostly hip-hop cds and DL all the non-rap genres (I mean, I wouldn't really ever buy an Ashlee Simpson record.)

Not sure if I still answered the question? As some purists prefer music played on vinyl, I just prefer the actual cd and reading the liner notes and such. Apple and Chiat Day (shouts to my old jobby) have done a wonderful marketing campaign to sell the product, and everyone I know loves theirs, but it still can't get to me. Even my freaking little sister has one. Maybe I'm trying too hard to be a nonconformist and not buying one is just a big "f**k you" to society?

Or maybe I really do want one but don't want to shell out 4 bills to buy one? I'm a cheap-o sometimes yall know. I'm just making excuses above.


Taft duly noted that I'm listening to this SB "surfer music." Damn girl you were on point. I've been playing a couple mixes I've made back in the day during school and all those artists/songs were on it. Hence the lyrics of the day. Remember the classic film Happy Gilmore? Chubbs tells Happy to go to his happy place and think of his happy place. It was a recurring theme through the movie. And despite all of his trials Happy is happy at the end and everything works out. And people still wonder why this is a top 10 movie of all time. I guess you could say Santa Barbara is my happy place.

Lyric of the Day:

I don't wanna be a old man anymore
It's been a year or two since I was out on the floor
Shakin' booty, makin' sweet love all the night
It's time I got back to the Good Life

-Weezer "The Good Life"


Wednesday, March 16, 2005 is one of my favorite sites. Having to school Nimz as to what a "whip" is, I came across their word of the day. Ironically, this is also my word of the day:


A person who is between the age of 18 to 25 and even beyond, who have become a part of a distinct and separate life stage, a strange, transitional never-never land between adolescence and adulthood in which people stall for a few extra years, putting off the iron cage of adult responsibility that constantly threatens to crash down on them.

"Yeah my friend is 26, still lives at home with the 'rents and parties all week, ah the life of a twixter."

Not sure if that word can describe me however.


Dang I didn't know how therapeutic blogging could be. It makes up a 1/4 of my self-therapy sessions. The other 3 being 1. golf, 2. jacuzzi, and 3. listening to that Jack Johnson cd. Who cares if the whole cd sounds like one long song?? Back to your regularly scheduled program is hump day after all.

It looks as if Mario's departure in AI is stirring controversy. Yeah he was a front-runner, but I don't think he would've won. Carrie Underworld is my favorite female and Anwar is my favorite dude. I think. But she's a poor woman's Leann Rhimes and he's a poor man's D'Angelo. At best. The overall talent level is way higher this year, and that's due to the older age groups allowed to sing. Luckily I have a couple more years to hone my MIC skills to make it. I say one of the girls goes home today, possibly Michaela.

I had a dream last night that Tech was playing Wake in the tournament. They possibly could meet in the round of 8. We were down 2 and had the ball. However, we committed an offensive foul but Luke, a Yellow Jacket, was shooting the free throws. And he missed the first one. And then I woke up disappointed that I fell asleep in my contacts. Oh yeah, and about the outcome of the game too. I didn't even know who won?! But yeah, I'm getting a little anxious over friday night's game. And that's an understatement if there ever was one. Reason 1A why I'm taking the day off this friiiiday.

Thanks Jefe for helping me move this upcoming friiiiday, which is reason 1B. Thank Jesus you're done with school. It won't be so bad (me thinks) as I'm hoping my brother will help me also. The cable guy is coming Saturday morning so we gotta find a TV somewhere for friday night. I'm getting the first month of digital cable for only a $1! With free installation! I'll need it as I'll be all isolated living han solo.

Ish to buy when I move in (in descending order):

~ sofa
~ wireless router
~ kitchen table
~ coffee table
~ shoes
~ chairs
~ TV for bedroom
~ a slim PS2 (umm maybe not)
~ food
~ candles
~ iron/ironing board (and starch if I could afford it)
~ light fixtures
~ new artwork
~ plateware (or whatever you call it)
~ silverware (or maybe plastic forks and spoons will suffice)
~ Charmin Ultra TP 2-ply
~ and hella other ish I can't think of right now

I am accepting donations as well. Mr. Craig List is about to be my best friend.

Lyric of the Day:

If I go crazy then
Would you still call me Superman?
If I’m alive and well, will you be
There a-holding my hand?

-3 Doors Down "Kryptonite"


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Guys I think I've figured it out. As I was reading Niketalk, I came across this. I might have a mild case of the QLC. Do you?

The Quarterlife Crisis Revealed

Your best friend gives birth to her first child.
You receive an email from your first boyfriend/girlfriend regarding marriage plans that don't include you.
The guy who worked in the video store down the street from you writes a revolutionary computer program and becomes an instant millionaire.

There are numerous events throughout our lives, both connected and unconnected, which will give us pause to reflect on our personal successes. Twentysomethings, Generation X and beyond, are presented with a seemingly endless train of events that cause us to doubt our own directions and covet the success of others. When we succumb to the doubt, we are thrust into what is now known as the Quarterlife Crisis.

Quarterlife what?

Quarterlife Crisis (QLC) is a newly minted term to describe the identity crisis many people in their mid-twenties suffer from, generally upon the realization that life isn’t going exactly as planned. QLC is thought to be the bratty little sister of the Mid-Life Crisis. Both are similar in that the sufferer takes stock of his or her life and attempts to fill in any gaps, but how s/he goes about the gap filling can differ. Mid-Lifers will make changes in their lifestyle through varying levels of physical alterations, make large purchases, or shake up relationships. The Quarter-Lifer may seek a new profession, go back to school, or perhaps travel the world, as well as shake up relationships. Despite the scoffing critics who believe QLC is nothing more than privileged 20-year-olds whining about the real world, the concept isn’t entirely bunk.

The Quarterlife Crisis was first discussed in a book, Quarterlife Crisis: the Unique Challenges of Life in Your Twenties by fellow twentysomethings Alexandra Robbins and Abby Wilner. They interviewed hundreds of Gen Xers and found that we all have the same struggles and insecurities as we adjust to adulthood and the real world. Numerous twentysomethings have identified with and embraced this concept, not necessarily buying into a trendy affliction, but out of relief that others are experiencing the same things.

So, how can you diagnose your own QLC?

You down with QLC?

Symptoms accompanying the QLC may include fear doubt, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and the uncontrollable urge to eat your age in pizzas. Fear and anxiety are usually the first emotional germs on the scene following the aforementioned realization of life plans gone sour. It may be spurred by the ending of a major relationship or an unpleasant job situation. You find yourself questioning past decisions, cursing your current position, and coveting the lives of seemingly more successful friends or family members. Depression is generally a result of doubt and hopelessness. The initial onset of the crisis may not send you into immediate despair and there really is no scientifically proven order of the symptoms.

QLC isn’t just for average mid-twentysomethings stuck in dead end jobs or the enterprising young slacker. Overachievers may experience the same symptoms, but do themselves no favors by adding more unattainable goals and working straight through their disappointment into an early grave. Trying to achieve too much in a short time span is how many of us wind up with QLC.

Why me?

Expectation, obligation, and comparison are primary reasons for our collective identity crisis. We are expected, either by society or our own inner circles, to accomplish certain goals by a certain age. In order to meet those goals, we’re obligated to take the necessary steps to succeed. Along the way, we compare our progress to that of peers and elders. The goals projected onto the average twentysomething are fairly basic-establish a career right out of the college gates, meet a potential spouse, and have a drool-worthy house before the biological clock strikes 30.

More than ever, twentysomethings feel an enormous amount of pressure to succeed professionally. We work 18-hour days to gain respect of our elders and fellow co-workers, often sacrificing our own happiness and passion for the sake of a paycheck and professional accolades. We’re expected to know more, do more, be more for very little in return. While we should have the freedom to enjoy what’s left of our youth, we want to peel the slacker label from our generation by proving that we do have work ethic and can be responsible adults. It’s a Catch-22 curse, possibly bestowed on us by our elders as revenge for being able to program their now ancient VCRs.

Long work hours do not bode well for a healthy social life and make the search for a prospective partner or two more difficult than normal. Even established relationships can take damage from career domination if left neglected too long. It takes a strong, balanced person to keep a career moving in a positive direction and maintain a successful romance, as well as tending to other aspects of life such as bill-paying, non-romantic relationships, and your own passions. Unfortunately, in striving to meet predetermined goals, you may begin to lose touch with your core. It is all too easy to get swept away in the monotony of day-to-day life until you wake up one morning and find that you don’t recognize yourself in the mirror anymore.

In a way, the Quarterlife Crisis is an awakening.

What now?

In order to resolve any crisis, you must determine the real problem. Take the time to ask yourself: “Am I disenchanted with my job? Has my relationship hit a dead end? Have I been living in the same town too long? Does my day job take time away from my creative pursuits or passions? Am I just overwhelmed by what’s expected of me?”

Once you discover the root of your anxiety or depression, you can proceed to make plans to change and turn your life around. You don’t have to quit your job and move to a new town in a week just because you’re miserable; it may only lead to more stress. Establish new goals in your mind and baby step your way through them. Put your vacation time to good use and plan that trip to Ireland or Cabo. If time-management is the problem, reprioritize certain tasks and duties.

Sometimes resolution is as simple as talking it out. Discussing work-related challenges and obstacles with your boss may lead you to better opportunities. Pencil in some time with your main squeeze and share your plight with them. Not only will s/he understand and sympathize, s/he may offer assistance and suggestions so you don’t have to pull through on your own. A little outside perspective can contribute to large changes.

Or you can take the new age approach and follow your own bliss, regardless of anyone else’s concern and expectation.

Overcoming QLC

Should you experience a QuarterLife Crisis, view it as an opportunity to make positive alterations to your life. There is no quick fix for the QLC. Anti-depressants such as Zoloft may gloss over your mood, but it won’t resolve the issues at hand. All any of us can do is ride out the depression and overcome the adversities of being a twentysomething. Unlike the Mid-Lifers, we do have youth on our side.

The key to resolving your QLC is to pace yourself. We don’t have to accomplish all our goals before 30. We still have time to make mistakes, change directions, and pursue happiness. Allow yourself to enjoy the rest of your youth and indulge in a little reckless abandon. By slowing down and ignoring comparisons to peers, you will fare a better chance at contentment and look back on a life without regret.


What's up with all them KPers from UCSB class of '01? They're all getting hitched or did already! No just teasing and congratulations to those married and engaged:

1. Jenn B. I found out straight from the source at albertsons.
2. Will. Thanks Tricia for the news.
3. Dawn S. A fellow Blogger.
4. Juler. Thanks Cicely for the news.
5. Damn I could've swore there was 5. No biggie.

Lyric of the Day:

Whatever tomorrow brings
I'll be there
with open arms and open eyes

Whatever tomorrow brings
I'll be there
I'll be there

Incubus - "Drive"


Monday, March 14, 2005

What measures a man's happiness? Like if you think you're happy, is it possible to be happier? Would one sacrifice a rough patch for future happier-ness? Man maybe I’m on my male rag or something. That's why I don't like the feeling of being content. Content leaves a lot of room for improving. But if you're content, then you're satisfied I guess. But back to the point. I love my fam and friends dearly. I have a girlfriend who loves me and thinks I’m an amazing guy. I enjoy my job and get paid decently. I’m a good golfer. I’ve seen different parts of the world. I'm bout to move into my own apartment this week and I have a nice looking penis. Georgia Tech is playing well at the right time, but I don’t get the usual erection from March Madness as before.

I’ve always thought of myself as a happy dude, but writing this passage here makes me question that. Maybe I’m not as happy as I should be. But what is the barometer of this? How many digits in your bank account? How many breezies you poked? How many toys you have? How often you get crunked? Of course its nothing material, but I covered the intangible stuff above. Can one facet affect other areas of your life? Maybe. Life is like a golf swing: one flaw can jack up the result even though the other parts are on point. A golf swing can’t be too mechanical or based too much on feel…it has to be the equilibrium of both. But a good golfer can compensate that. See above.

Anyhow, reeg must be going through a phase. Ain’t life an interesting game we play? God puts characters in and out of your life to build character. Sometimes they are a sign, other times they are a test. You might follow them to the path which will lead you to happiness, but don't be surprised about the detours along the way.

Lyric of the Day:

This joint is goin too fast for me
Just too fast for me
Just too fast for me
Just too fast for me
This really movin too fast for me
Just too fast for me and you

Little Brother – “Speed”


Thursday, March 10, 2005

Sometimes I wish Blogger had a private entry function. You know, since stuff I write could get me in trouble. Theoretically I'd screen my readers, give them the a-okay, and viola! I wrote before how Blogger was > than Xxxanga, but X has this option. Oh well there's always AIM. And who knows, maybe I'll still post it real quick.


Sometimes when I'm taking a shower I drop the soap. Even though no one is home and I'm not in a jail bathroom, I'm still somewhat hesitant to pick it up. I momentarily freeze and bend down with my knees and pick up the Dove. Damn American History X for scarring me.


Sometimes I wish I could go back and change a few things I did. Or didn't do. I'm sure we all do. But at the same time I have no regrets. Reeg's a firm believer of the "everything happens for a reason" reasoning, but I'm a firmer believer of controlling your own destiny. A sailor just doesn't go on his boat and expect to land at his destination; he must map it and stay on course. Or else he'd end up like Tom Hanks in Castaway. Not sure if that makes sense since I had to read it over a couple of times myself.


Sometimes I try too hard in pleasing people. Not sexually you perves, but moreso maintaining an image that I may have developed. Outside of my family, there's a handful of people that I'd ride for without a doubt. And I just wonder if it would be reciprocated. I know for a fact though there are some guy friends who are like brothers from another mother. And likewise there are girls out there that I can say anything and everything too without holding judgment. Thanks yall.


Sometimes I worry and wonder what the future holds for me. Its at the point where I'm thinking about going to a palm reader haha. Hopefully they still can do it despite all the hair there (masturbation joke people). I used to read my horoscope on the daily (thank you daily nexus) and even got the tarot card treatment, but I figured it was all bologna and shifted my mindset. Refer to paragraph 3 above.


Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Aight yall, Reegsta got a couple new cds within the past week and here goes his reviews:

The Game - The Documentary
I haven't bought a Gangsta Rap album in years. And I still haven't. But if I were to buy one, it would be this cd. Its almost contradicting to say that this album is "refreshing" due to the content, but it delivers. Besides name dropping everybody and they mama, The Game comes correct. Standouts include "Dreams" and that song with Eminem. The production is on point as Dr. Dre does a wonderful job of producing some of it (as usual). Hiphopsite gave it a 5, but I wouldn't go that far.

Rating: 4 gats out of 5

Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams
After reading this blog I suggest you drop what you're doing and run to Circuit City to buy this album (its $9.99 here compared to $12.99 everywhere else, and yes, I did drive from Best Buy to CC to save 3 bones). Its a dope album despite its 40 minute duration. And who says length matters?? My fav track so far is "Never Know" but I don't even skip over any tracks (kinda helps that no track is over 3.5 minutes). This album takes me back to UCSB and the chill atmosphere of the place. Gauchos should feel nostalgic listening to our fellow alum. Go Cop it.

Rating: 4 surfboards out of 5

50 Cent - The Massacre
I'm sure by now we've all heard the 50/The Game/Fat Joe/Jada/Nas/Kelis drama. But matters to me is just good music. 50 ain't gonna have you hit rewind on your walkman and "say whaat?!?" So I just take this fool for face value. I admit, I have a copy of Get Rich or Die Trying, but I've never once played it. Clear Channel is to blame for that. Anyway, I bootlegged a copy of the album release, and the beats knock, but that's about it. The 2nd album makes or breaks an artist's career. Call it a case of the Sophomore Jinx.

Rating: 2.5 gunshots out of 5

So let me know what else is out there!

"The greatest rapper of all-time died on March 9th" - Canibus.

He was referring to Biggie, and while I don't necessarily agree, he's dope nonetheless. Damn 8 years??! I think I blogged about my Biggie story 365 days ago, so if you need a refresher hit the archives.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Thanks for your patience people. Here the pics from last weekend. Hopefully there will be more kodak moments this weekend.

Reeg's 26 @ 26 Mix

So enjoy the picturews and hope yall have a good weekend!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The random picture thread:

There's always that one class whore:

I love black people, but this is funny:

At least Hilary Duff's using protection:

Talk about Leanin' Back:

Um I wonder what they were doing on top of the vehicle:

New meaning to a 50% sale:

Hahaha I love funny pics. Just wait til I upload mines!