Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Aight yall, Reegsta got a couple new cds within the past week and here goes his reviews:

The Game - The Documentary
I haven't bought a Gangsta Rap album in years. And I still haven't. But if I were to buy one, it would be this cd. Its almost contradicting to say that this album is "refreshing" due to the content, but it delivers. Besides name dropping everybody and they mama, The Game comes correct. Standouts include "Dreams" and that song with Eminem. The production is on point as Dr. Dre does a wonderful job of producing some of it (as usual). Hiphopsite gave it a 5, but I wouldn't go that far.

Rating: 4 gats out of 5

Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams
After reading this blog I suggest you drop what you're doing and run to Circuit City to buy this album (its $9.99 here compared to $12.99 everywhere else, and yes, I did drive from Best Buy to CC to save 3 bones). Its a dope album despite its 40 minute duration. And who says length matters?? My fav track so far is "Never Know" but I don't even skip over any tracks (kinda helps that no track is over 3.5 minutes). This album takes me back to UCSB and the chill atmosphere of the place. Gauchos should feel nostalgic listening to our fellow alum. Go Cop it.

Rating: 4 surfboards out of 5

50 Cent - The Massacre
I'm sure by now we've all heard the 50/The Game/Fat Joe/Jada/Nas/Kelis drama. But matters to me is just good music. 50 ain't gonna have you hit rewind on your walkman and "say whaat?!?" So I just take this fool for face value. I admit, I have a copy of Get Rich or Die Trying, but I've never once played it. Clear Channel is to blame for that. Anyway, I bootlegged a copy of the album release, and the beats knock, but that's about it. The 2nd album makes or breaks an artist's career. Call it a case of the Sophomore Jinx.

Rating: 2.5 gunshots out of 5

So let me know what else is out there!

"The greatest rapper of all-time died on March 9th" - Canibus.

He was referring to Biggie, and while I don't necessarily agree, he's dope nonetheless. Damn 8 years??! I think I blogged about my Biggie story 365 days ago, so if you need a refresher hit the archives.