Friday, May 23, 2008

Keystyle Fridays

From the Cipher Ring:

Rols rhymes you’ll memorize, reegs raps make u mesmerize
I’m large like a fat sweater size
Yall can’t see me, I got a better disguise
When my keystyle comes through cats get butterflies

Chillin at my desk the Friday before Memorial
Dressing casual, but yall know I’m still sartorial
Drop a verse in a snap like I was doin a pictorial [get it?]
I collect Ws, I’m the victor for real

Just wrote a threads piece on ploomy
I’ma dapper OG, you just a wack newbie
Since I’m that Guy, make your chick Groove Me
Droppin’ another gem like broken jewelry

I run the 1-2 for Coast II Coast and CYO’s Finest
Baller galore, I assist and score, my game is flyest
Sike I miss open layups, wish I had my old Air Wayups
It’s the insomniac MC, I just stay up


Men’s Wardrobe Basics: 10 Closet Essentials, courtesy of Reegsta X Ploomy

I wonder what the reaction to this article will be. Since I chose pretty conservative gear, maybe I can't steer too much of a reaction. All good I welcome hate.


Excited to play golf tomorrow, so hope the weather cooperates. Will have a golf course review next tuesday hopefully. Hope all three of you have a good Memorial Day weekend!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bay 2 Breakers

So a group of us participated in the 97th annual B2B, and i've been around for 29 of them, yet this was my first time to do it. Go figure. And an awesome experience it was! Its supposed to be one of the world's largest block parties, and by judging the pictures, I am in total accordance with that statement.

Everyone loves legos, so that's what we were! Thanks to Alan's pinsans for the bonne idee [uhh how's that for some frantaglish??]. Props to the runners for actually running it: Rach, Mark, Sheryl, Gerrard, Michelle* and whomever else, but more props to the legos! In retrospect, I dont' recall orange legos, but whatever. I was inspired by the SF Giants.

Granted we didn't finish the race, but the race finished me.

Anyways I'll let the pictures tell the story. The people participating are pretty creative!



Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Decluttering your Crib

How to Declutter Your Home: Be the Master of Your Domain

Here's something I wrote after looking around my crib and realizing that I need to clean. I used myself as inspiration, and made numerous references to me. So unless you're me, and chances are you're not, then maybe you can't really see the parallels. Oh well.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Change is Good

So the past few years I've been accumulating my change. I even changed my purchasing strategies, like if something costs $1.06, I'd give $2 even though I may have a dime in my pocket. I was inspired by those guys who bought a car or whatever major with all their loose coins lying around. But now its getting to the point where the Corona bucket is almost full, so I might just cash it out. I have no idea how much 45 lbs [less 0.2 for the TARE scale] of coinage is worth though. Shoot I can just get a 45lb plate from the gym and start bench-pressing them. I'm contemplating using the proceeds for a laptop, but I still might have ways to go. Maybe I should just have a contest to see who gets closest to it. Whatever the case is, for sure I'm not going to CoinStar though since I'ma put my rolling skills to use.


Monday, May 05, 2008

A Double Feature

Okay I’ma try this new scale for my 60 secs movie reviews:

5 – Opening weekend worthy
4 – Matinee showing worthy
3 – Wait for the DVD
2 – Wait til it randomly shows on TV
1 – Its not even acceptable to watch it on a plane ride


So after listening to all the hype, G and I decided to watch this movie. While I appreciate its offbeat and somewhat quirky plot, I felt that it lacked a certain something. Then again I can’t exactly relate to a pregnant 16 year old, so maybe it didn’t resonate with me? I just know that I would be mad anxious for impending parenthood at my current age, so I would be pooping cinder blocks if I was in their age group. And I’m imagining that’s definitely how G would act if we were put in that situation haha. But besides the case, I thought for such a fast paced flick, the characters were developed well and filmmakers were able to convey their message rather swiftly.

I’d gave it 3.5 out of 5

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

I don’t want to hype it up, but this was the funniest movie I’ve seen since Superbad. And Mila Kunis jumped from “honorable mention” to Top 10 after this performance. I mean she was like George Mason in 2006. Malculay Culkin is that dude. In this movie, she was like the Hawaiian version of a Kristin Kreuk/Rachel Bilson hybrid. Jason Segel’s character rebounded here like Dennis Rodman. Also the title character isn’t too shabby either. Ironically, these two ladies were on recent Complex covers, so someone there is doing something right. Anyway ladies - don’t break your man’s heart since payback kinda sucks. And it would behoove me to mention that the secondary characters take this flick to another level. Just go out and watch it, even by yourself if you have to. I’ma definitely maybe buy the DVD when it comes out, at least when it drops to under $10.

I’d give it 4.5 out of 5

Thursday, May 01, 2008

050108: The Departed

You know what? Myspace isn't a good blogging zone. I've reference that I may transition to another avenue to post my thoughts, and that's what I have done. Well actually, I just e-dusted off my old site. So you can find the new ReegSpeak back where you originally found him:


Welcome Back!

It’s the Reegturn of my favorite blog - my own! If you peruse right, there’s a gap from 2005 through 2008. Similarly to the New Testament, Jesus’s life wasn’t talked about for a long period of time. In Supeman Returns, Clark Kent was about 7 years away from Earth while exploring Krypton. So I guess this gap also marks my sabbatical, and yes this ninja just compared himself to the homies Jesus and Superman, who are the only two eternal mancrushes I have. Anyway, I’m in the process of overhauling this whole page, so gone are a few of the applications that I had on the old site.

Loyalists know that I was using Myspace’s Blog, but I realized that it sucked harder than a Dyson. It was like a broken abacus so it didn’t really count; I just wanted to get my fingers wet. However I’ll transition those here so I can be like Sears-Roebuck and catalog my works. I might even put all my ploomy articles here if I get reproduction rights, so I hope Ant doesn’t go all Suge Knight on me. Okay thanks for bearing with me as I’m working on my analogies, them last few were brutal!