Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Change is Good

So the past few years I've been accumulating my change. I even changed my purchasing strategies, like if something costs $1.06, I'd give $2 even though I may have a dime in my pocket. I was inspired by those guys who bought a car or whatever major with all their loose coins lying around. But now its getting to the point where the Corona bucket is almost full, so I might just cash it out. I have no idea how much 45 lbs [less 0.2 for the TARE scale] of coinage is worth though. Shoot I can just get a 45lb plate from the gym and start bench-pressing them. I'm contemplating using the proceeds for a laptop, but I still might have ways to go. Maybe I should just have a contest to see who gets closest to it. Whatever the case is, for sure I'm not going to CoinStar though since I'ma put my rolling skills to use.