Thursday, December 27, 2007

122707- a mini year recap and a look forward...

Woohoo its my last working day of the calendar year today! Here's a preliminary list of my new years resolutions. Let's revisit them on -010109- and see what was accomplished.

- lose weight, gain muscle [but if you've seen me recently, you can tell that process already started!]

- have the see pee aye sufffix after my name [oh yeah I'm retaking the first part again eeeks]

- upgrade the whip [I had my last straw today as I had to tetris my golf travel bag into my trunk]

- downsize the kicks [since I only wear sneaks on wknds, I rotate about 40-50 pairs, so that's like 100+ pairs that remain untouched]

- stack chips [I've collected cards, starting line-ups, cds, shoes all pretty thoroughly – now I just want to get my paper chase on]

- become a better golfer [it has been determined it's the sport I suck at the least]

- become a better boyfriend/brother/son/friend/coworker [not that anyone has any complaints, but there's always room for improvement]

- become a better photographer [but that would entail getting a camera]

- launch [which should just contain my amusing musings, like a more mature reegspeak]

- get out of the country [I haven't been international since '04, since canada doesn't count]

Okay so these are 10 things I would like to do for 2008. Funny thing is that it mirrors my 2007 list!


Music: The Year in Review

I used to be way more thorough and critical of my music tastes. Since I'm not a backpacker or thug anymore, I'll listen to whatever nowadays. Hip-hop has been disappointing me every year since I don't know when, but I still support my fav artists. So I categorized the albums I've bought here:

Exceeded expectations:

Met expectations: Kanye's Graduation, Jay's American Gangster, Lupe Fiasco's The Cool

Below expectations: Common's Finding Forever, Consequence's Don't Quit your Day Job, Talib Kweli's Eardrum

I haven't listen to yet but plan on it: Blu & Exile's Below the Heavens, Little Brother's Getback, Hi-Tek's Hi-Teknology 3 [was tempted to just iTune these albums, but for my rap, I like to have the tangible CD]. I guess there was nothing that exceeded my expectations! Basically to me, hip-hop albums and kicks have parallel lives. Like I just wear kicks that I've bought 3-5 years ago, and what I listen to primarily is stuff like pre-2004. Maybe I just really like to lag. As I was perusing lists to inspire my list, I noticed dudes had like top 50 albums of 2007 and such. I didn't even know there were 50 albums to choose from! I'm sure there were, but in '07 I was primarily listening to '06 ish [Roots, Nas, J-Dilla, Gym Class Heroes, Sound Providers]. I think these lists should be made in arrears by like 2 years for albums to settle and stand the test of time, but it would be kinda funny to see like "Top Albums of 2005" at the end of 2007.

5 non-hip-hop songs of 2007 that really lowers my street cred, but I felt them anyway: Ne-Yo's and Kanye's Because of You Remix, Maroon 5's Nothing last Forever, Colbie Caillat's Bubbly, Alicia Keys' No One, and Pink's Who Knew.


Confessions of a Sneakerhead, the 2007 edition

I used to have posts that gave a lil story about every sneaker I've purchased. For 2007 though, we can consolidate this to one entry. The number of kicks I bought can I counted on one hand: a pair of grey/purple Dunk SBs, a pair of skull pack Air Max 1s, some brown/yellow Air Stabs and some Air Max 360s to run in. That's right – this is probably the first year that I did not purchase one single Air Jordan [but there's 4 days left in the year still, so I can continue the streak hehe]. For someone who says he stopped caring about kicks, he surely talks about them a lot! Oh yeah, like 8 years ago I bought my brother Arvin some black/grey Humaras for Christmas, which I regretted since I wanted them for myself. Then on Christmas I was in his garage and noticed them, all beat and stuff, so I inquired about these semi-grails. And he's like "yeah I was gonna throw those away" and my blood started to race. And so now they're in my possession. I guess there's part of being a sneakerhead that never dies.

I'm off to TX in a few. Have a wonderful and safe New Years all 4 of you! See yall in "oh-sideways-infinity" ['08]

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

121907- The wish list...

BOSE QC3 Headphones

Retail: $180
Why I want it: Last time I was on a plane, the dude next to me pulled these out, and I had ear envy. I'm sure his ride was much more pleasurable than mine. And the ubiquitious white Ipod-issued earbuds aren't cutting it anymore.
Why I don't want it: I've been disenchanted with Hip-Hop the past few years, so its not like the content, beats and meanings will change.





Retail: $300, $200, $150, $850
Why I want it: The driver just looks big and sexy [that's what she said]. I haven't had a 3 Wood since Jefe broke mine on the range a few years back. I have a carry bag now, but I don't even remember the last time I walked a course. My irons are over 10 years old and are my dad's old set. And I'll pretend that I don't know that G didn't get me the driver already.
Why I don't want it: A carpenter never blames his tools, and its not like new equipment will transform me into a better player. But its a start!


Retail: $1500
Why I want it: I'm not saying my laptop is old, but it weighs more than some desktops nowadays. And it has a floppy disk drive.
Why I don't want it: The matte black finish won't match the piano black finish of my Samsung, DS and Jordan XI's.


Retail: $150
Why I want it: Strictly based on what critics say about this series, The Wire looks to be the best show on television.
Why I don't want it: Why should I buy whole TV run if I nary seen one episode?


Retail: $150
Why I want it: The work issued logo backpack isn't cutting it anymore.
Why I don't want it: I don't even carry anything important or work related, but i need something to transport my mags and DS.


Retail: $700
Why I want it: If I want to resurrect me eBay career, this would be a start. And it would be lovely for future travels. CNET recommends this one.
Why I don't want it: I already bought G a camera which can do everything above, which is good for now.



Retail: $150, $130
Why I want it: I think I used Jeff's pants more often than him, and I think I used Arvin's boots more often than him too. Yeah I'ma perpetual borrower.
Why I don't want it: I'll probably just go to the snow once more this season, so maybe I'll wait to purchase during the off-season. And who wants pants that look like PJs?


Retail: $450 [but I want 2!]
Why I want it: The plastic bins underneath my bed just aren't cutting it anymore.
Why I don't want it: Can't think of a reason actually - maybe they'd be hard to wrap? This will probably be a Q1'08 asset acquisition.


Retail: $90, but street value is $350
Why I want it: The only shoe out there that I really want. Plus the shirt I'm wearing now would match them.
Why I don't want it: They were on my feet when they first dropped and I could've had them for retail. Now they would cost over triple that.


Retail: $700 [but only $350 on eBay!]
Why I want it: My current floor lamp is rusting, and its always been kept indoors. And its remote operated!
Why I don't want it: Installing it might require a lil too much wiring, and do I need another remote?

Well this is all I can think of know. Man I feel sorry for my girlfriend haha. Or I should just say screw it to everything above and get a new whip.
With christmas fast approaching, I figured I'd share what's on my list. But of course I'm not gonna get any of it haha. Everything would still be on my list after the 25th too! Darnit I hate being materialistic. Warning: my HTML skillz are way rusty.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

121807- Just a Top 10 list...

After taking the afternoon daily deuce, I was thinking of reasons why its more beneficial to go at work than at home. So here I present you the top 10 reasons:

10. Preserve Resources: I haven't bought TP in about 8 months prior to last week. And with the amount of flushing I do, I know I save on water bills.

09. Seat Covers: When I have guests, they also use the bathroom. Who's to say my guests' derrieres are cleaner than my coworkers? But at least's there's seat covers to protect us. And they also work great for blotting paper.

08. Flush with the Foot: I'm not sure about other people, but I'm not sure when was the last time I used my hand to flush, as I get my Ronaldinho on and just kick it. I only wish I had that option with my toilet at home.

07. Handicap Benefits: I can't park in their spaces or take their seats on the bus, but best believe I go for the handicap stall when its vacant. I have yet to be in a bathroom the same time as someone in a wheelchair.

06. Daily cleaning: I do clean my bathroom frequently, but the toilets here get cleaned ALL THE TIME. If you leave skid marks at home, the next time you use it, they'll still be there. However if you leave the same marks on your work toilet, its almost guaranteed they won't be there again the next time you go.

05. Industrial strength Toilets: How come there's a plunger in every bathroom but you don't see any in public ones? Because they never get clogged! If my toilet here were a vacuum, it would be a Dyson.

04. Multiple TP rolls: I store my TP in a different room than my bathroom. Sometimes when I commence my deuce and see just enough TP, I need to ration it per wipe. However at work, there's 2 sometimes even 3 rolls at your disposal, so you can be as liberal as you'd like.

03. Random reading material: I usually don't read it, but someone often leaves the business section of the NY Times at the stall. It is appreciated.

02. Ultimate Refuge/Sanctuary: If you're working and your stressed, you can go to the bathroom to relieve all the negative chi. It's equivalent to a spiritual cleansing.

01. $$$: If you think about it, you're getting paid while you defecate. Now if this post doesn't inspire you to go drop a deuce, then I'm not sure what can help you.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

121107- Untitled like that D’angelo song...

For some reason I've been inspired to post.

- Ever think of onions? Like why are white, yellow and red all the standard onion shape, but green onions are just long stems? I mean red, green and yellow bell peppers have the same shape, as with different colored grapes. That's totally a wrench in the notion that a chick has an onion booty, because you very well can be talking about a green onion booty.

- Speaking of onion booties, I like Kim Kardashian. Then I had my KK theory, which is this: a chick is hotter if her initials are KK. A few examples are Kim Kardashian, sister Kourtney Kardashian [but not sister Khloe Kardashian], Kira Kener, Kristin Kreuk, Kelly Kapowski, etc. I work with a couple KK's but just have email contact with them and have no idea what they look like, but chances are they're attractive.

- So at work, its self-evaluation time. Doing these self-performance reviews is kinda tricky. If its all positive then they might think yeah right. Then if its bad they might think damn he's wack, he says so himself! I might inflate my ego a bit and go with the former though. Oh yeah during the last two peer reviews I've had, I was rated the highest in my whole group woohoo. I haven't got any raises or promotions, so I guess it doesn't matter haha.

- You know how sale prices are always a certain percentage off? Like I'm staring at a nike coupon that says 20% off your purchase. I wonder if it would have the same effect if you put "pay only 80% of your amount!" Well duh guys, I know it's the same monetary effect, but I'm thinking moreso of the psychological psyche. Like our minds are ingrained to think bigger is better, so if they see the 80% amount, they would be more inclined to use the coupon? When I shop with G and she gets all excited about getting something for say 30% off, and I just say "no you didn't save 30%, you just paid 70% of the price. If you really saved something you'd have more money in your pocket than you did before you bought it." Man I'm such a dream shatterer.

- I had a dream the other day that I scored a 14 on the first part of my exam, which would be totally fine if it was out of 15. But its out of 100, and realistically I think I did slightly better than that. And FYI I'ma only share my score if I pass.

- You are looking at the proud owner of Yeah right now its not live [I just pushed the "purchase domain" button mere moments ago], but its about to take over. I mean it has the "consonant-repeating-vowel-G" structure that google has, so don't think it's a coincidence. [FYI it took me like 5 tries to spell consonant correctly.] My ticker symbol can be REEG [that's not taken either]. The more I think about it, this blog area on MySpace is just temporary. I kinda did it backwards, as I had/have my blogspot and now I'm doing it here. Kind of like how Kim Kardashian did her video with Brandy's lil bro [I told myself I can't say his name anymore], then her pictorial spread. Anyway I'm hoping for a launch date of 010108, so that probably means it'll be live sometime next summer.

- So on my Christmas wishlist are golf items, since my clubs and bag are way crusty. That's not the reason I suck though, since a carpenter never blames his tools. I'm tryna revert back to things that I use to enjoy doing, but for some reason or the other just stopped: playing ball, playing golf, blogging, selling crap on ebay, wearing certain shoes, listening to certain artists…just keepin it real reegsta really.

- People generally think I'ma nice dude, but its like I have a different persona at work. You know sometimes when you meet someone, you're all nice initially and they gradually lose points. With me, you'll start at 0 and try to build your way up. Like we had this new cat start today, and I notice he was in a file that I used. I told him to exit, but I didn't really need to. He then emailed a group of us asking if anyone was down for lunch, and I ignored it. I don't know, maybe subconsciously I see new coworkers as my competition, and I just want to annihilate them. Its probably the Starbury in me.

- So it was an experimental weekend in Tahoe, as I snowboarded the blues for the first time! Yeah I'm still very amatuerish [I mean, I wore sunglasses bleh], but it was fun nonetheless. The weather was pretty insane, as the snow was coming down hard and there was like zero visibility, but that made it even better. Plus just the overall weekend chilling in the cabin with the homies is always a fun experience. Can't wait til I go back again!

- My two axioms/adages/maxims that I live by: don't sweat the small stuff and what I eat don't make you [poop].

- Lastly, congrats Eric and Kini on your engagement! I do get an assist because I did introduce them to each other, even though both forgot the time. And another assist for living with Eric at the time when Kini visited me during that one Valentine's day and Eric told her to go to that one spot in K-Town where he used to promote. On and off the court, I rack assists up like Jose Calderon.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

112707- Just some of my thoughts...

Happy belated thanksgiving and black friday yall!

- So I took the first part of the exam this past Saturday, and I'm not sure if I FARed too well. [FAR was the part I took, hence the the selected caps]. However I'm usually a testimist [that's a test pessimist], and I wasn't aware of a curve until Nimz informed me, so I might have a chance, which is slightly better than Harry's in Dumb & Dumber.

- Since the exam was the Saturday after T-Day, I spent my Thursday evening studying for it! woohoo. Actually that was more beneficial than last year, when I woke up at 4am to try to get a TV only to come back home empty handed.

- The parentals actually visited me in the east bay last wknd. Thinking about it, it's the first time my folks have seen my dwellings since I was living in LA. Understandably, the two places I lived in between were 2 and 4 miles away from their house, so distance could've played a factor. I guess I never invited them?!

- So this past wknd I splurged on a couple pieces from Café Coton [rhymes with baton, but not Baton as in Baton Rouge]. The shirts I got fulfilled my 5 criteria! [I think I touched upon that before.] It feels good, like official, to get measured up with tailored gear that's not for a specific event, but just to have. Shoot the dude was all talking about thread count on shirts, and I just nodded my head like I knew what he was talking about. For all I know, he could've been talking about sheets. Anyway, I might have to retire from the shirt-in-a-bag-with-15-pins steez. Oh yeah I have a profile on there now, so if any of you friendly ppl want to get me a shirt they already have my dimensions!

- Don't you hate it when you don't want to fart because you know something might come out? I experienced that today. There should be a name for that phenomenon. Oh yeah I also bought baby wipes @ Target this past weekend, so I'ma experiment with them when I deuce.

- It sucks not only when your home teams are struggling, but your fantasy teams as well. Why myself and countess other sports fans subject ourselves to this misery should be case-studied.

- I had Jack in the Box for lunch yesterday. A Sourdough Jack meal. I love ketchup, but once they started to put ketchup in the Sourdough Jack it wasn't the same. So I have to always ask for it with no ketchup. Anyone else notice that?

- Finding a regular fry in an order of Curly Fries is one of my simple joys.

- Despite the meal just discussed, I met my weight threshold last week! No seriously, I lost like 13 lbs and weigh about 7 lbs less than my driver's license weight. How many ppl actually weigh less than their printed weight?

- Henry the accountant on Ugly Betty has to be the coolest character on television. And the Asian accountant on there too is probably the 2nd coolest. I guess any accountant on TV would be a sav. If only I could get my own reality show.

- Despite my lack of buying shoes nowadays, I went ahead and bought a pair recently. And the seller didn't even put the shoes in another box, so the postage crap and tape was all over the box. The reegsta of yesteryear would've been pissed. However this time I just shrugged it off. I really didn't trip. It was amazing, like almost like I turned a whole new leaf. If I wasn't so lazy, I really would've sold about a 1/5 of my kicks by now. Also I don't call it a collection because I'm not a collector!

- I'm back to the Chi this upcoming weekend. So I've never been there in 28 years but then I go 2wice within a 3 month span. I hear its gonna be mad cold.

- I have a confession. Ppl think I don't swear. But when I'm alone rapping to myself in the whip, sometimes I don't skip the expletives but actually emphasize them. I'm so going to hell.

- Man I had this blog ready to post on Monday, but Myspace's blog space had issues [as it usually does]. Maybe it was either telling me to go back to blogspot or post on the 27th! Voila.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween!

I couldn't let a month go by without one single post! So on that note, happy halloween everyone. G and I were gonna be Ugly Betty and Henry the Super Cool Accountant, but she didn't get her costume in time. Serendipitously, I need not to buy anything for my particular 'fit! Oh well, maybe we'll save this idea for later on. Our backup costumes are Wilma and Fred, so that's not so bad. Yadadamean? Except that its kinda cold out there and i wish i had that blue lodge hat he used to where. That was hot. Actually I was thinking of going as Bam-Bam [not Bam-Bam Bigelow], since he's mad strong and lacks definition, kinda like me. Or if I had claws I could've been Freddy Flintsone yeah?! hahah i'm funny...

Anyway I went to the Warrior game last night a little later than planned, since someone apparently committed suicide on the tracks right during rush hour. Luckily, we still got to the game on time though, so I appreciate yall concern! Isn't it crazy how desensitized we are to these particular actions? Crazy. It make it an even crazier night, there was a mini-quake in the 2nd quarter and no one even flinched. And to top it off, the Ws lost by like 20. There goes the undefeated season.

Hmmm these next couple months probably will go by mad fast. Gonna go back to the Chi for a wedding and to TX for new years and another wedding, and probably sneak a trip to Tahoe sometime in-between.

And if it seems like my page hasn't been updated its because I'm spending my free time studying! [at least that's what I tell myself]

Thursday, September 27, 2007

092707 Speaking of...

Oh blog, how has ye been! I noticed I've blogged on July 27th, and August 27th, so in order for the sequence to hold form, an entry for September 27th is only appropriate. Man I feel like a menstrual cycle =/

Anyway its been a minute since the last posting, and I'm sure the three of you interested in how I'm doing - and the answer is good!

- Speaking of good, The Good Life has been my theme song since I first heard it during the Entourage credits awhile back, and I was tripping because damn, that's a pretty common song name. TI and Common did a collab, of course that Kanye track, and Pac had it in his vaults, and The Mecca and Soul Brother did it. And those are just off my Ipod! So basically if you have a song called The Good Life in your catalog, you're dope! But OG blog readers, I'm talking from the The 3rd Floor era, recognize that Weezer's Good Life is still my fav one. And if you ever want to hack into my computer, guess what my password is?

- Speaking of computers, damn I need to get a new laptop. If Apple ever makes a piano-black finish laptop, because it doesn't really matter how robust or cool the features are, since I'm shallow and I'm all about appearances, I'll be first in line! Shoot I traded in my white DS to get a black DS simply because it looked cooler. Man I'ma vain loser. My current laptop got like termites or something, and it can't read wireless rotuers sometimes, and its mad heavy.

- Speaking of heavy, I done weighed myself this morn, since apparently that's the best time to weigh yourself. And I did it after I showered so that excess dirt on me didn't add on extra poundage. As for tor the results - I lost like 12 lbs in the past 6 months! I'm like 1.5 lbs away from my target goal, but that easily can be taken care of by doing a bigelow [deuce]. I should probably take down that Hawaii pic of me and Geraldine, since its so not indicative of how this adonis is now. Talk about a transformation!

- Speaking of transfomations, I saw The Transformers again, but this time in Imax. But to my dismay, I didn't see any IMacs in the audience! Ouch I should just hit backspace right now, but when you freestyle you can't go backwards. Even when I blog I keep it real. Anyway it was a dope flick – kinda reminded me of the last time I saw it, and my feelings about it remain the same. Gotta love the man-dates with the Tripod crew.

- Speaking of tripods, I really want a camera, like an SLR one. Dennis got one and its fresh, and Ant too. Plus these HD cameras are out now too. But man how should I prioritize? New camera, new golf sticks, new laptop? I already sacrificed clothes and kicks, but still I remain fresh as produce. Here's a thought: if slang for shoes is kicks, shouldn't slang for gloves be punches? [dadadum!] Anyway - you already know the theme song when I get my flickr page: "they shootin'! made you look, you a slave to a page in my picture book"

- Speaking of books, my CPA books that I've purchased a few months ago need to get dusted off. Man I need to get motivated. Maybe if CPA stood for something else, like Certified PlayA or Cool Pimp Association, I'd be more inclined to get it. As it stands, it still means Certified Public Accountant. Coolness!

- Speaking of cool, I've finally reached the benchmark of 100 friends! I got straight Century Club status now. So thanks guys for honoring my request.

- Speaking of 100, Sen-Dog reached 100K miles a couple months ago. I told myself I'ma push him til 100K, then I'ma look for a new whip. But I'm not looking anytime soon. Then again, I tell myself a lot of stuff that I don't end up doing [yet that is].

- Speaking of talking to myself, I've been doing a lot of that lately since G's been working in Europe the past couple weeks. Hurry back home before I go off my rocker!

- Speaking of rockers, I need a cut badly, as the 'do is straight-up J-Rocker steez, minus the highlights.

- Speaking of highlights, the NBA season is soon upon us, which means its Fantasy Hoops season. I'm already looking forward like Forward Looking Statements since I'm like vaccuum status [aka I Suck] for Fantasy NFL.

- Speaking of fantasies…naw I'ma keep this one to myself!

See yall no later than Oct 27th!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Man where did August Go?

So the other day I took a piss and again, I had on my boxers backwards. I took it as a sign to blog again! Plus it seems I haven't been in about a month, so I'm pretty overdue. And a lot has happened this past 30 days – participated in the SF Marathon [okay, it was only the 5K]…went to Vega$ for for male bondage, errr bonding…went down to southern Cali for G-Booze's wedding…went to SeaWorld for the first time ever [for free actually since me and G had to endure a 2 hr sales pitch for a timeshare – we have willpower!]…resumed play in the co-ed flag football league [because I'm so swole]…celebrated G's, Daniel's and Anup's birthdays this past wknd too. Man I'm beat! And I gotta get ready for the Chi next wknd, since I'ma hang out with luminaries such as Jordan and Kanye and Oprah and Will Bynum. No wonder I'm broke this month! Oh well, its all worth it...

Okay my direct upper is gone is week and I moved directly in front of my corporate controller's office, so that kinda explains why the lack of blogs. No excuses though! Plus I've actually had to work a lot, since I kinda took a new position over here, nothing special [aka no pay raise], just a move to the brokerage side of accounting, so hopefully it'll help me understand the industry better. I'ma fiend for knowledge!

Things I've learned the past month:

- The more you practice something, the better you get [I did my 5K in a 10 min mile pace compared to 12 min mile pace in '06!]

- I suck at roulette. And poker. And blackjack. [at least it felt that way that one wknd.]

- Some people never change, which is more often good than bad [as evidenced by seeing old college buds @ the wedding].

- Aside from hypebeast shopping, San Diego is a pretty cool city.

- I really want a dog – just not anytime soon.

- I need new golf clubs, but that's not the reason why I lost to a couple coworkers.

- My next jeans are gonna be some levi's.

- Now that summer is winding down, I should really study – but not before my myspace is updated and pimped out!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The 07.27.07 Update!

Friday's Grab Bag:

- wow a 2-3 week lapse between posts! Well I guess that's better than a 2 year one as I transitioned from blogspot to myspace yeah? So theoretically speaking, I should have lots to write about.

- So last Friday Mark and I went on a man-date to naturally watch Chuck & Larry. And for the record, like all my movie man-dates, no popcorn is exchanged and there is a seat between us. Our girlfriends watched Hairspray, so it was a lose-lose situation regardless of our options. [Hey does that still count as a double date?] And I haven't seen a flick on opening night in a minute. Now I have the backdrop explained, I'd really recommend the movie! And not just because of Jessica Biel, although she helps [a lot]. Its not vintage or Classic Sandler, but its funnier than a lot of his recent work. So it was worh the .5twomp to me. Man too bad AMC would look at me funny now if I try to use my student body card, since I'm balding and all.

- So I designated yesterday as solo shopping day. I was strapped with my Friends & Family coupons, Macy's Gift Cards, and just a desire to spend money and help out the economy. I'm going to a wedding in a month and was looking for a dress shirt. Nothing specific or fancy, just a creamish, textured, slim fit, spread collar, no front pocket, mother of pearl buttons, stretch material type shirt, give or take one or two specs. To my dismay, I couldn't find anything to fit my criteria! Man I should maybe try different stores [but I had Macy's credit @ least!]. Later on in the evening, there was a fashion post on NT, and it talked about tailoring clothes and how buying OTR [off the rack] is so passe. I need to step my clothes game up.

- I needed - okay, just wanted – some new 360s to run in. I totally would've got them online but alas, no 10.5s for me. So I venture to the brick and mortars and see my kicks on display in a 10.5! But I skratch my head because the price is different? Bizarre I thought. So I ask an associate "hey, these are cheaper on the website. Whats up?" And he's like they don't match prices, because Foot Locker is different from Whatever – what horrible business practices.

- Also yesterday, I saw a Smallville episode for the first time since like I last used to blog! Loyal readers might remember my SV recaps. It was almost surreal watching, as it took me back to like '02, when Greg and I used to have man-dates and watched them together, along with a 6pack of the High Life and a Papa Johns pizza. Nowadays since it conflicts with Ugly Betty, which G and I just watch religiously [I sorta got a man-crush on Daniel Meade], SV has been an afterthought. But turns out Lana is engaged to Lex [whoa!] and is pregnant [double whoa!]. I kinda knew about that stuff…so maybe that's why I stopped watching haha. But I think I'ma add it to the DVR now.

- I need to renew my passport and they asked for a couple pictures. Maybe I'll send some myspace ones hehe. Okay that's not that funny.

- Woohoo Common's Finding Forever drops next 2sday! I think Be has been my fav hip-hop album of the last 1000 days.

- Garlic Festival this weeknd? Sounds tempting, even though we just went to Gilroy last weekend! Man I hate it when timing is off [with the exception being alarm clocks.]

- San Fran 5K this weekend! We run things, and I still haven't made that playlist. Actually I thought about it, and I'm not sure if I should run with a video iPod. I mean, the Kenyans don't and they always finish first.

- Las Vegas next weekend! Gotta love the pseudo-bachelor parties yo. Okay that's all I'll say about that.

Have a great weekend if I don't come back!

Friday, July 13, 2007

7 to the 7 to the 7...

Oh yeah I can't forget about the events of last Saturday, 7/7/07, before heading into this upcoming Saturday. The group of people I run with is collectively called the Run Club [way original I know]. So last Saturday we decided to run @ Chrissy Field along the water. Turns out there was another Run Club there. They were a lil more organized and more experienced, and they apparently claimed the land before us Run Clubbers have. And if yall remember the Surf Wars where surfers get all territorial with their area, we didn't want anything like that to happen. So then like a scene out of Grease - errrr I mean the Warriors, since that's more gangsta - we confronted each other and had a showdown. Just think about the Autobots vs. Decepticons, but on a much larger scale. Unfortunately, their battle tested savvy and matching outfits was no match for our rag tag Run Club, so they told us to take a hike.

And that's what we did in the afternoon! After being banished to Half Moon Bay [ironically, no half, quarter, crescent, full or Warren moon was in sight], we ventured out on a 7 mile hike in the woods. Descending down there made me feel like Frodo, and not because of my hairy toes. It was pretty epic to see the foggy views and wilderness and the chance encounter with mountain lions and mudslides and poison spread throughout the trail, but the Run Club can also be called the Sav Club, since we're all savage beasts. So after descending down to the mantle of earth, we turned around and began the voyage back up. I guess it was like the anti-Everest climb, which would be then a 29,035 foot hike. [FYI Everest was remeasured at 29,035 feet, not the 29,028 as you'd find in your old social studies books.]

Halfway on our ascent back up, the arduous climb took its toll on Gene, and we weren't sure if he could make it! I contemplated carrying him on my back for the duration of the trail, but then I remembered I barely could carry my backpack. He fell on one knee near the Tree of Hope, made a wish, prayed to the Gods, probably peed in his pants, turned to his girlfriend Mira and proposed with the ring he retrieved from Middle Earth! [or maybe just the jewelry store.] Mira then responded with a resounding YES and Gene rediscovered the powers necessary to finish the hike. We then celebrated with some Bubbly and a cornucopia of edible delights, rejoiced in the woods, and finalized our voyage back to earth. Then we had pizza and called it a night. So congrats Mira and Gene on your engagement!

Oh yeah, we're getting our matching t-shirts too. So if that fugazi Run Club is reading this, don't say I didn't warn ya.

The Singing Bee

So I was watching the Singing Bee last night, and I thought of an idea. Even though rap music is one of the best-selling genres, its not really accepted in the media [except for that Doug E. Fresh The Human Beat Box cameo on American Idol, but that's only because that dude who finished 2nd was trying his best to impersonate it. I totally forgot his name – see what happens when you place 2nd?] Naturally, there wasn't going to be any rap songs playing on the Singing Bee. So it would've been dope to have a rap-themed Singing Bee, and call it the Singing Bee-yaaatch! Naturally again, Snoop could host it. They can air it on BET, or maybe HBO if they have explicit versions shown. [Pet peeve alert! Don't you hate it when rappers are lazy to record a radio friendly version of a single? So when you're listening to your Clear Channel dominated airwaves, you just hear the instrumental and a jagged verse. Is it to hard to re-record the track? Damn lazy rappers. Makes me say ughhhh.] Okay back to the subject. Plus it would have an Apollo type crowd, and it you jack up a classic song, you'd get boo-yaa'ed. Man if this game show ever came to fruition, I'd be so over it like Katharine McPhee. At least I remembered her name!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

R to the R to the R...

As part of my Retro'fit Reegsta Regiment [will be referred to as R-qubed, also represented as R^3, from here onward], I plan on improving Mind, Body and Soul [yes that's Soul and not Sole for once!]. Can I just say I'm pretty proud of the R^3 name? As anyone who's been on an evite invite or email string or whatever with me can tell, I **heart** double entendres. And this is the perfect one: usually you'll find Reeg in a retro 'fit! Plus I just need a retrofit, not to be scraped or salvaged or overhauled. I'm quite an asset that can have added value! [accounting reference - check] says that 'retrofit' means to modify equipment. I guess my body is a machine hehehe. By the way, I hated term papers that always started with the following line: "Webster defines [insert subject here] as blah blah blah." That's so unoriginal, so weak, so cookie-cutter. If I were an English teacher that would be an automatic 10 points off. I mean its not that hard to look up words in a dictionary. Okay now that I got that off my pecs lets proceed...

I swear there couldn't be a more appropriate, more succinct, more apt, or more [retro]fitting name. Its funny, because now I buy dress shirts that have a slim fit [well not @ H&M though, since their regular cut shirts feel like slim fits already, and their slim fits feels like I'm wearing a corset [not like I know how that feels though.]. Shoot I even wear less baggy pants. Uh oh, I think this is the first sign of EMOism! Well don't say I didn't warn ya..

Where am I going with this? Oh yeah…so on 2sday I went to the Gym! Yes it is such an event that I had to blog about it. I've used this before, but there's a sliding scale of type of clothes to swollness. Like out of shape dudes wear hoodies, then as you get in shape you can graduate towards long sleeve Ts, then regular Ts, then cut-off Ts, then wife-beaters, and if you're like a sav working out, you can wear those bikini tops that coverboys of Ironman Mag be rockin'. Hmmm I'd be happy to reach wife-beater status, no Freddie Foxx here [rap reference - check].

Oh yeah so what did I wear? I rocked a fleece, since I was so off the scale. Plus I needed a pocket to listen to my iPod, and I was listening to Gym Class Heroes [wow how fitting again…how does he do this??]. I need to find an armband for it I guess, but I'm not sure if they can fit over these guns here! **flexes arms**

More than Meets the Eye...

Didn't want a week to lapse between blogs! But yeah, I guess it was quite an eventful semi-week yeah? Just like how Japanese people and I read magazines, lets start from the back to front [hence, Wednesday 7/11 – Sunday 7/08, kinda like that Nas 'Rewind' song on Stillmatic, which was inspired by that flick that starts with the ending…ummm the name currently escapes me.]


Anyway, let's backtrack 21 years ago. I was a mature 7 year old, and the only toys I liked were Legos and Transformers. I guess I needed some toys that tested my mental aptitude, so sorry no GI Joes or Gobots or whatever. Anyway when Transformers: The Movie came out that summer of '86, my brother Ryan took me to watch it at Century Plaza 8 in South City, before it was rat infested as it is today. And at the time, it was the most amazing movie going experience I've ever had [Spaceballs wouldn't come out until the following summer, and I saw it with Ryan at the same theater too.] It was filled with suspense, thrill, drama and action, and I wasn't sure how any movie could top it. The flick became a cult classic soon after, and it passed the test of time, and those in the pre-DVD, pre-eBay era [pretty much the mid-90's] could never find the video! Copies were stolen from rental spots, riots were incited, bootleg versions were issued, as it was straight pandemonium to obtain a copy. So to anyone who has a VHS copy of this movie – props. And if you still have the toys sitting in a plastic bin in your current crib's closet, more props! **pats self on back**

Now hit the f-forward button 21 years to 2007, and the non-animated feature of Transformers comes out. A lot has changed in 21 years, but the Autobots and Decepticons are still mired in battle. And I don't want to hype this movie up or anything, but it one of the greatest movies ever, right up there with Citizen Kane and Casablanca. If this flick doesn't get studied in film classes or nominated for Academy Awards, I'd be shocked. But don't take my word on it, go watch it if you haven't done so already!

Lets see…I don't want to have rotten milk [aka spoilers], so I have to be selective with what I talk about. G said that Sam and I have similar personalities. I guess so, since I wanted to emulate him when I was younger. But then again who didn't? Megan Fox is appropriately surnamed. And she's engaged to David Silver for real? Steve Sanders was always my fav character on 90210. He was such a prick and was arrogant and just didn't give a freak, basically he was how I wanted to act but I had a conscious. I wouldn't mind if Ms. Fox was engaged to him, but to someone who's initals spell BAG? I guess you could say he BAGged her hahahaha. Oh yeah he put out a rap CD worse than K-Feds too? Megan was like 10 when that CD came out, so maybe she doesn't remember. Ehh I guess it could be worse. Anyway I love product placements in flicks – and I wonder how much D&T and KPMG and Citi paid for their spots? Man it would be totally awesome to see a movie's Income Statement!

Okay this blog is done as it fulfilled my 3 criteria: a hip-hop plug, a corny joke and an accounting reference! Talk about the rest of the week soon…

Monday, July 02, 2007

If you're scared go to Church...

So this past Sunday, I went to Church like a practicing Catholic should. Funny how the people who went to Catholic school for 12 years don't practice going to Church, but my public school friends [ahem, yes I do have some] routinely go. Hmmm just an interesting generalization. Anyway, I'm used to going to Church in Burlingame, where G is a Eucharistic Minister, but that Church is filled with a bunch of geratics. I'm also used to St. Augustine in South City where I went throughout child'hood [emphasis on the 'hood part.]. But that Church always seemed more of a social outing than a celebration. Dudes be like chopping it up on the steps outside while the mass is going and such. But I have love for that parish since I was baptized there, word to St. John.

Anyway now that I'm in the sports apparel catalog [aka Eastbay], I didn't wanna drive back to the peninsula for Church, so I did what any other tech savvy person would do – I googled mapped one! The nearest one was St. Columba, in Oakland, and their mission statement states they have "a spirituality and commitment to service, rooted in Roman Catholic and African-American traditions." Interesting I thought – plus I have never even heard of St. Columba before [ssshhh don't tell my moms!]. I thought it was a typo, and they meant Columbus or Columbia, but whatever.

So G and I get to Church, and noticeably we're underdressed. I have my usual Sunday attire of jeans and a tee and fresh sneaks of course, but people are rockin' clothes like they're about to interview somewhere. Oooops. Anyway the opening song isn't even in a song book, shoot they don't even have song books, and the choir is getting all Sister Act on us, swaying and clapping and such. They even had a drummer there, and I don't think I've seen a drum set in a Catholic Church before! It was poppin'. Later on some dude did a solo act by himself with no one else except for him, which was fresh as well moved the crowd like Rakim.

The priest gave a pretty interactive and inspirational homily, like he was Tony Robbins or something. Calling people out in the crowd, moving around and such. It was so dope that I didn't even fall asleep! You know it was a cool talk when he goes "Yo I was trippin' when I was flying over Iowa!"

And during the Peace exchange, usually I go left, go right, go front and occasionally shake the person's hand behind me. Uh no not at St. Columba! People were leaving their pews and such [not me and G though – we didn't know anyone!], and I swear I've never shook hands with so many peeps. I swear it was a good 50 people that we've exchanged hand germs with no joke.

Oh yeah usually @ Church I'll give a buck - maybe 2 on a good day - to the collection basket. But this was such a moving experience that I threw down a 5 spot! Now I know how Warren Buffet feels like! [Hahaha I'm probably the only one laughing =/]

Towards the end of the 1.5 hour celebration, the priest called up all the first-time St. Columba goers, and he provided them lei's! [The priest was of hawaiian descent.] Of course G and I were too cool to go up there, but maybe next time. [but then it wouldn't be our first time…darnit!]

So the lesson here folks is that going to Church doesn't have to be an arduous task. As Kanye would say, "It's a celebration B*&^)#hes!!!"

Friday, June 29, 2007

So I went to the bathroom...

And went to the urinal to go pee, and I unzipped and I couldn't find it! No not my weiner [well duhhhh], but rather my slit I use to pass through. Turns out my boxers were on backwards! So after having my Kris Kross moment, I just peed as if I was wearing tighty whiteys.

Okay that's the highlight of my day thus far, sorry nothing more to share, except that I'm sure I'll like the J-Rich trade maybe in 3 years.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Grab Bag [aka randomness – still thinking of a catchy consistent title]

- On my quest to mimic my Friendster list, I've sought out to add friends from there. Too bad all the married chicks have different last names! I thought the 21st century girl wanted to keep her OG name?? Oh wait – that's a tres horrible idee. Nevermind then. You'll be added somehow someway. And I'll keep coming up with funky *(& &^% like every single day.

- I'm wearing a pink [and brown] shirt today, even though pink is so 2003. But then I just activated my myspace, so I guess I'm still current! And I'll continue to wear camo and plaid shorts this summer. I guess you'll see me in seersucker in '09.

- So I ran a lil over 2 miles 2 out of the last 3 days trying to prepare the the SFM 5K. I actually ran it last year [I have pictorial proof] without running AT ALL in like ages. G literally convinced me to run hours before the event [because Lord knows I would've signed up early to save $5], and I did it in 37 min in some Air Max '03s. I've been running religiously and have some 360s now, so I should at least finish it in 36 min this time around.

- So I've had an iPod for almost 2 years, and I've never created a Playlist! So to prep for my run, I'ma try to create a 36 min playlist: 100 Miles & Runnin' by NWA, Runnin' by Pharcyde, Run the Streets with Pac, Run to the Sun by NERD, Runaway by Linkin Park, Runaway Train by Soul Asylum and Run So Fast by the Cold World Hustlers. Shoot – might as well throw Run's House in there too!

- The biggest annual sporting event [not including March Madness] that I look forward too every year is the NBA draft. So naturally, I'ma play a lil hookie this afternoon.

- So the other day my sunglasses broke. But I really wasn't pissed considering that I don't really take care of them since they were only like $20. You know them sunglass racks you see at Macy's or wherever, and they're always unorganized and there's probably already bacteria forming on the nosepiece because countless people tried them on already? Hmmm…maybe I should invest in some stunner shades. Or the Dwayne Wayne ones, since I am Flip [hehe get it? the flip glasses!]

- Since I'm tryin to be on my grown man steez, I didn't upgrade to an SK3 – rather I bought a Dash [or double rather, G got it for me, but triple rather, that one broke so I technically bought my replacement]. So even though I wanted to bronze my beloved SK2, I felt it was best to let it go. And I'm kinda happy of getting $125 for it, but then again – I can't truly recognize revenue since its not completely earned and realizable. Haha dorky accounting joke!

- I finished all my furniture shopping this past week! So the initial plan was to get everything at the same place, but I ended up getting a sofa and coffee table from WE, a media stand from CB, a dining table from EQ, chairs from SD and an outdoor furniture set from IK. Its up to you to figure out the abbreviations. Oh well, at least my TV and Home Theater match. Hopefully it all flows =/

- Woohoo I made a 2nd page of friends! Watch out Tom I'm coming after you!

- So I've finished proofreading my passage, and I've never used so many exclamation points before. It must be G's influence! [oooh on cue]

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

southern cali here I come...

So G and I booked our flights last night for G-Booze's wedding [not to be confused with the G in the subject]. We're gonna have an arm-pit stop in Daygo [is that what you natives call it?] for a couple nights, then drive up the congested LA freeways for the weekend festivities, then fly out of LAX late Sunday afternoon. It was relatively inexpensive – a buck-fitty for an SF-SD, LA-SF itinerary [shouts out to Alaska Airlines]. I can't wait!

I look back fondly on my brief stint in the City of Angels, but alas, I was born to be in the Bay. Hmmm I don't even know what to see/do while we're down there? The Zoo? Blends? Extraordinary Desserts? Newport Beach? Hollywood? UNDFTD? Roscoes? Compton? [Haha j/p about that last one – just wanted to see if you're still paying attention!] I don't need to go to Compton to prove my gangsta-ness. Plus I wouldn't think G wants to venture out there too, no matter how much I say its just like Friday.

So we're taking suggestions on what to do, and maybe I can convince G to go LegoLand! Observe the concentration as I carefully interlock the pieces along with the other prodigies at work.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blankman [not the flick]

I see a blank slate, yet I don't know what to write. i thought i had like 2 years of blogs bottled up in me, but I guess I've defecated it all along the way. hmmmmm...what to talk about???! **skratches head**

I can talk forever about hoops, but the Warriors only have the 18th pick on Thursday [prays to the bball gods for Thaddeus Young or Javaris Crittenton.] I can talk forever about hip-hop, but I'd rather listen to Weezer than Lil Weezy. I can talk forver about kicks, but I wear Kenneth more than Michael.

Maybe you're asking, "damn son – late pass on the MySpace account!" And I'll be like "yo – never on schedule but always on time!" It's a dictomony of sorts – the better half of me, probably my left side, wanted to remain anonyomus, while the right side wanted to be a e-socialite, to share pics and comments to make me look pseudo-cool. But honestly, I missed the connection to the e-world and receiving the e-props, even though I've never had a xanga [well technically I did, just to leave comments]. I missed the folks who I haven't seen since my friendster account went beer belly up. I figured my readership to ReegSpeak has dwindled to only spammers on my tagboard, hence I needed a New-New audience [caps for emphasis, not for Lauren London]. And my biggest quandary was being on in front of a computer 8-10 hours a day, and exhausting all of my frequently visited websites! It doesn't help that work blocks my primary ones [yahoo & NT, and I wasn't about to surf ISS], and even this site is partially blocked. Plus I can't chat @ work either, so email and ezboards are my only outlet.

Okay enough of the e-excuses – I'm right here, right now - word to Jesus Jones [mad e-props if you remember that song.] And as a result, I've exhumed my space right here – consider this blogging area the remix, but not the remix that sabotages the original song, it's the doper one like I Got 5 On It. Knumbskull & Yukmouth!!

To be perpetually continued….