Friday, July 13, 2007

7 to the 7 to the 7...

Oh yeah I can't forget about the events of last Saturday, 7/7/07, before heading into this upcoming Saturday. The group of people I run with is collectively called the Run Club [way original I know]. So last Saturday we decided to run @ Chrissy Field along the water. Turns out there was another Run Club there. They were a lil more organized and more experienced, and they apparently claimed the land before us Run Clubbers have. And if yall remember the Surf Wars where surfers get all territorial with their area, we didn't want anything like that to happen. So then like a scene out of Grease - errrr I mean the Warriors, since that's more gangsta - we confronted each other and had a showdown. Just think about the Autobots vs. Decepticons, but on a much larger scale. Unfortunately, their battle tested savvy and matching outfits was no match for our rag tag Run Club, so they told us to take a hike.

And that's what we did in the afternoon! After being banished to Half Moon Bay [ironically, no half, quarter, crescent, full or Warren moon was in sight], we ventured out on a 7 mile hike in the woods. Descending down there made me feel like Frodo, and not because of my hairy toes. It was pretty epic to see the foggy views and wilderness and the chance encounter with mountain lions and mudslides and poison spread throughout the trail, but the Run Club can also be called the Sav Club, since we're all savage beasts. So after descending down to the mantle of earth, we turned around and began the voyage back up. I guess it was like the anti-Everest climb, which would be then a 29,035 foot hike. [FYI Everest was remeasured at 29,035 feet, not the 29,028 as you'd find in your old social studies books.]

Halfway on our ascent back up, the arduous climb took its toll on Gene, and we weren't sure if he could make it! I contemplated carrying him on my back for the duration of the trail, but then I remembered I barely could carry my backpack. He fell on one knee near the Tree of Hope, made a wish, prayed to the Gods, probably peed in his pants, turned to his girlfriend Mira and proposed with the ring he retrieved from Middle Earth! [or maybe just the jewelry store.] Mira then responded with a resounding YES and Gene rediscovered the powers necessary to finish the hike. We then celebrated with some Bubbly and a cornucopia of edible delights, rejoiced in the woods, and finalized our voyage back to earth. Then we had pizza and called it a night. So congrats Mira and Gene on your engagement!

Oh yeah, we're getting our matching t-shirts too. So if that fugazi Run Club is reading this, don't say I didn't warn ya.