Friday, July 13, 2007

The Singing Bee

So I was watching the Singing Bee last night, and I thought of an idea. Even though rap music is one of the best-selling genres, its not really accepted in the media [except for that Doug E. Fresh The Human Beat Box cameo on American Idol, but that's only because that dude who finished 2nd was trying his best to impersonate it. I totally forgot his name – see what happens when you place 2nd?] Naturally, there wasn't going to be any rap songs playing on the Singing Bee. So it would've been dope to have a rap-themed Singing Bee, and call it the Singing Bee-yaaatch! Naturally again, Snoop could host it. They can air it on BET, or maybe HBO if they have explicit versions shown. [Pet peeve alert! Don't you hate it when rappers are lazy to record a radio friendly version of a single? So when you're listening to your Clear Channel dominated airwaves, you just hear the instrumental and a jagged verse. Is it to hard to re-record the track? Damn lazy rappers. Makes me say ughhhh.] Okay back to the subject. Plus it would have an Apollo type crowd, and it you jack up a classic song, you'd get boo-yaa'ed. Man if this game show ever came to fruition, I'd be so over it like Katharine McPhee. At least I remembered her name!