Thursday, July 12, 2007

R to the R to the R...

As part of my Retro'fit Reegsta Regiment [will be referred to as R-qubed, also represented as R^3, from here onward], I plan on improving Mind, Body and Soul [yes that's Soul and not Sole for once!]. Can I just say I'm pretty proud of the R^3 name? As anyone who's been on an evite invite or email string or whatever with me can tell, I **heart** double entendres. And this is the perfect one: usually you'll find Reeg in a retro 'fit! Plus I just need a retrofit, not to be scraped or salvaged or overhauled. I'm quite an asset that can have added value! [accounting reference - check] says that 'retrofit' means to modify equipment. I guess my body is a machine hehehe. By the way, I hated term papers that always started with the following line: "Webster defines [insert subject here] as blah blah blah." That's so unoriginal, so weak, so cookie-cutter. If I were an English teacher that would be an automatic 10 points off. I mean its not that hard to look up words in a dictionary. Okay now that I got that off my pecs lets proceed...

I swear there couldn't be a more appropriate, more succinct, more apt, or more [retro]fitting name. Its funny, because now I buy dress shirts that have a slim fit [well not @ H&M though, since their regular cut shirts feel like slim fits already, and their slim fits feels like I'm wearing a corset [not like I know how that feels though.]. Shoot I even wear less baggy pants. Uh oh, I think this is the first sign of EMOism! Well don't say I didn't warn ya..

Where am I going with this? Oh yeah…so on 2sday I went to the Gym! Yes it is such an event that I had to blog about it. I've used this before, but there's a sliding scale of type of clothes to swollness. Like out of shape dudes wear hoodies, then as you get in shape you can graduate towards long sleeve Ts, then regular Ts, then cut-off Ts, then wife-beaters, and if you're like a sav working out, you can wear those bikini tops that coverboys of Ironman Mag be rockin'. Hmmm I'd be happy to reach wife-beater status, no Freddie Foxx here [rap reference - check].

Oh yeah so what did I wear? I rocked a fleece, since I was so off the scale. Plus I needed a pocket to listen to my iPod, and I was listening to Gym Class Heroes [wow how fitting again…how does he do this??]. I need to find an armband for it I guess, but I'm not sure if they can fit over these guns here! **flexes arms**