Thursday, July 12, 2007

More than Meets the Eye...

Didn't want a week to lapse between blogs! But yeah, I guess it was quite an eventful semi-week yeah? Just like how Japanese people and I read magazines, lets start from the back to front [hence, Wednesday 7/11 – Sunday 7/08, kinda like that Nas 'Rewind' song on Stillmatic, which was inspired by that flick that starts with the ending…ummm the name currently escapes me.]


Anyway, let's backtrack 21 years ago. I was a mature 7 year old, and the only toys I liked were Legos and Transformers. I guess I needed some toys that tested my mental aptitude, so sorry no GI Joes or Gobots or whatever. Anyway when Transformers: The Movie came out that summer of '86, my brother Ryan took me to watch it at Century Plaza 8 in South City, before it was rat infested as it is today. And at the time, it was the most amazing movie going experience I've ever had [Spaceballs wouldn't come out until the following summer, and I saw it with Ryan at the same theater too.] It was filled with suspense, thrill, drama and action, and I wasn't sure how any movie could top it. The flick became a cult classic soon after, and it passed the test of time, and those in the pre-DVD, pre-eBay era [pretty much the mid-90's] could never find the video! Copies were stolen from rental spots, riots were incited, bootleg versions were issued, as it was straight pandemonium to obtain a copy. So to anyone who has a VHS copy of this movie – props. And if you still have the toys sitting in a plastic bin in your current crib's closet, more props! **pats self on back**

Now hit the f-forward button 21 years to 2007, and the non-animated feature of Transformers comes out. A lot has changed in 21 years, but the Autobots and Decepticons are still mired in battle. And I don't want to hype this movie up or anything, but it one of the greatest movies ever, right up there with Citizen Kane and Casablanca. If this flick doesn't get studied in film classes or nominated for Academy Awards, I'd be shocked. But don't take my word on it, go watch it if you haven't done so already!

Lets see…I don't want to have rotten milk [aka spoilers], so I have to be selective with what I talk about. G said that Sam and I have similar personalities. I guess so, since I wanted to emulate him when I was younger. But then again who didn't? Megan Fox is appropriately surnamed. And she's engaged to David Silver for real? Steve Sanders was always my fav character on 90210. He was such a prick and was arrogant and just didn't give a freak, basically he was how I wanted to act but I had a conscious. I wouldn't mind if Ms. Fox was engaged to him, but to someone who's initals spell BAG? I guess you could say he BAGged her hahahaha. Oh yeah he put out a rap CD worse than K-Feds too? Megan was like 10 when that CD came out, so maybe she doesn't remember. Ehh I guess it could be worse. Anyway I love product placements in flicks – and I wonder how much D&T and KPMG and Citi paid for their spots? Man it would be totally awesome to see a movie's Income Statement!

Okay this blog is done as it fulfilled my 3 criteria: a hip-hop plug, a corny joke and an accounting reference! Talk about the rest of the week soon…