Monday, July 02, 2007

If you're scared go to Church...

So this past Sunday, I went to Church like a practicing Catholic should. Funny how the people who went to Catholic school for 12 years don't practice going to Church, but my public school friends [ahem, yes I do have some] routinely go. Hmmm just an interesting generalization. Anyway, I'm used to going to Church in Burlingame, where G is a Eucharistic Minister, but that Church is filled with a bunch of geratics. I'm also used to St. Augustine in South City where I went throughout child'hood [emphasis on the 'hood part.]. But that Church always seemed more of a social outing than a celebration. Dudes be like chopping it up on the steps outside while the mass is going and such. But I have love for that parish since I was baptized there, word to St. John.

Anyway now that I'm in the sports apparel catalog [aka Eastbay], I didn't wanna drive back to the peninsula for Church, so I did what any other tech savvy person would do – I googled mapped one! The nearest one was St. Columba, in Oakland, and their mission statement states they have "a spirituality and commitment to service, rooted in Roman Catholic and African-American traditions." Interesting I thought – plus I have never even heard of St. Columba before [ssshhh don't tell my moms!]. I thought it was a typo, and they meant Columbus or Columbia, but whatever.

So G and I get to Church, and noticeably we're underdressed. I have my usual Sunday attire of jeans and a tee and fresh sneaks of course, but people are rockin' clothes like they're about to interview somewhere. Oooops. Anyway the opening song isn't even in a song book, shoot they don't even have song books, and the choir is getting all Sister Act on us, swaying and clapping and such. They even had a drummer there, and I don't think I've seen a drum set in a Catholic Church before! It was poppin'. Later on some dude did a solo act by himself with no one else except for him, which was fresh as well moved the crowd like Rakim.

The priest gave a pretty interactive and inspirational homily, like he was Tony Robbins or something. Calling people out in the crowd, moving around and such. It was so dope that I didn't even fall asleep! You know it was a cool talk when he goes "Yo I was trippin' when I was flying over Iowa!"

And during the Peace exchange, usually I go left, go right, go front and occasionally shake the person's hand behind me. Uh no not at St. Columba! People were leaving their pews and such [not me and G though – we didn't know anyone!], and I swear I've never shook hands with so many peeps. I swear it was a good 50 people that we've exchanged hand germs with no joke.

Oh yeah usually @ Church I'll give a buck - maybe 2 on a good day - to the collection basket. But this was such a moving experience that I threw down a 5 spot! Now I know how Warren Buffet feels like! [Hahaha I'm probably the only one laughing =/]

Towards the end of the 1.5 hour celebration, the priest called up all the first-time St. Columba goers, and he provided them lei's! [The priest was of hawaiian descent.] Of course G and I were too cool to go up there, but maybe next time. [but then it wouldn't be our first time…darnit!]

So the lesson here folks is that going to Church doesn't have to be an arduous task. As Kanye would say, "It's a celebration B*&^)#hes!!!"