Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Reading a new blog site (you go tafty) has inspired me to blog. But I'm glad I post on blogger, since blogger = gangsta, and xanga = wanksta. Blogger is the force, xanga is the darkside. I forsee a battle in the near future, just like the bloods vs. crips, pac vs. biggie, apple vs. microsoft, giants vs. dodgers (go giants!), and clark vs. lex. Case in point, people can "blog" (as a verb), but you can't "xang"?!?! WTF is that? Bloggers blog, and Xangers blog too. Another thing: xanga forces you to sign up for them in order to leave comments. That's trickery I tell you. Yeah yeah, it's much easier to create a page or whatnot, but who wants everything easier? Thank you.

Anyways, so I went to my whip yesterday, and I see a packet on my trunk. I go look at it, and it contains a prayer book, a rosary and a scapular. And I look at the cars around me, and I'm the only one with this packet. What the heazy?! I don't know if its a sign, if it was placed on my car on purpose or something else. Maybe the person who left it there saw my Giant Jack on my antenna and thought I needed the prayers? I did have my car blessed already. Whoa...this just struck me. I got my car blessed and broken into in the same parking lot! Man that happened like 2-3 years ago, and I just realized it now. St. Marks, IV. Well at least they didn't take my sticks sitting in my trunk.

I went to the gym the other day, here are a few more observations:
- This chick had a Jordan Jumpman tattoo. But wasn't wearing any Jordans. At least she had on Nikes though.
- I wore a ribbed tank top (re: beater). And it looks like I'm the smallest dude w/ one on.
- Maybe I shouldn't wear ribbed tank tops no more.
- There's a number of unused outlets around the gym. I swear I'ma start putting in those Glade Plug-Ins near the one near me.
- A lot of people are inked out. I want one! Not sure of what though.
- One piece of motivation of going is that I can wear some kicks, since I'm in non-athletic shoes 4x/week. Sad huh?
- I chose the stationary bike as my source of cardio for multiple reasons: 1. can lean back, 2. better for the joints, 3. better for the kicks, 4. can listen to my discman w/o it skipping like lou, 5. can read a mag (optional), 6. better view, 7. psychological (can go 10 miles in .5 hr instead of 3 miles in the same span)
- I wanna play basketball soon.
- I wanna swim. But I can't.

Friday, September 19, 2003

The past couple days I've been singing "Shake ya Tailfeather" by Nelly and Diddy and Murphy Lee....

uh ooooooooh!
I heard the bad boyz coming
can't stop now
got to continue my runnin'

But this song is the epitome of a song I dislike. But I like it. A lot. Is it because of the flick? (Bad Boys II) Because I really don't like Nelly, and I sure as heck don't like Puff (as rappers). Or maybe its just catchy. And this got me thinking that I have a lot of guilty pleasures:

- that song, or any Nelly song that's catchy
- i read US Weekly weekly (my thursday nite poops are longer than usual)
- i really like to coordinate. no really
- masturbation (sike!)
- joys of putting on a new pair of shoes
- drinking a colored alcoholic drink (like a capecod)
- JT's album (not the bigga figga)
- reality TV (namely AI, and Newlyweds)
- singin' along to boy band songs
- watching HGTV (home and garden) and the Food Network

Okay, maybe some are not as guilty as others. For the record Talib Kweli's Get By is in my head also, I'll read a copy of Playboy if its on the table, I don't subscribe to US Weekly (an old tenant did), I still can go out w/o matching, I (occasionally) wear dirty shoes, I like beer (not michelob ultra), I like rap music primarily and can recite more rap lyrics than pop lyrics by far, and I watch ESPN moreso than any other channel.

Yes I am confident in my sexuality (which is straight, just in case).

Couldn't let a week go by w/o posting! Well what can I say. This week went by pretty fast, as some eventful events in the Tacorda household happened. My bro got hitched as yall may know, and my fam bought a crib in Sin City recently. Funny thing is that I'm not sure if I'll stay there if I visit hehe. Pictures coming soon of the wedding for your interest.

Well its Friday, and its Jeff's birthday, so we're going to watch a baseball game tonight. Go A's! I want the A's to go deep and face the Giants in the World Series to mirror 1989, without the earthquake though. And of course I'd want the Giants to pull it out. Then that'll validate the Giant-Jack sitting on my antenna at the moment.

I'm glad MTV and ESPN have reruns frequently, so I'm caught up with my 2 fav new shows Newlyweds and Playmakers. Or maybe they're just keeping me warm for the season premier of Smallville! Wednesday, October 1, 2003 (WB 9:00pm). Go mark your calendars. Now. Oh yeah! The official DVD for Season 1 should be out by that time too, and I'll probably buy it. But that'll mean I'll spend over a Benji on those darn discs. ($40 initially, I never got it, $40 again for the VCD set, and the DVD set will cost ~ $40). Oh well, I could be buying drugs instead. Purchase justified.

See I warned yall about that shoe problem. Tally two more this week =(. But one pair was some patent leather Jordan golf shoes! Only $30, so that doesn't really count. And another pair of Dunks =(. Dunks are the kicks that are on my wallpaper right now. So I got about 8 pairs of Dunks, not that bad! But these are Black/Red, and everyone knows red is my fav color. And they were only $75, when they can sell upwards to $150. Oh well, I could be buying drugs instead. Purchase justified.

Friday, September 12, 2003

We have a customer called Consumer Debt Counseling. But they won't be a customer for much longer, since they're going out of business. Isn't that ironic.

Is it ghetto bringing a magazine to the comfort room while @ work? I try to roll it up and put it in my pocket, but its not like its a newspaper or something.

Cookie Crisp is the best cereal in the world.

Things been Mad Hectic lately (if you're wondering why that's Capitalized is b/c its the name of a shoe store in Japan). To prep for the rehearsal dinner @ my folk's crib, I was cleaning the main bathroom @ around 11pm last night. And I haven't pooped in this one since like pre-millenium. You know how on TV when people clean they just throw everything into the closet? In our case, the closet is our garage. So don't open it!

I had to pick up my tux, get faded (a haircut hehe) and clean. Today I got to transport people from the church to the palace (snoop reference). I also got to shuttle flowers/wine/etc to the telly. Man I wish I had a little brother! Naw but its all love. I was the only sibling selected to be a groomsman, so thats cool I suppose.

So I missed Newlyweds, and it was an episode of trying to golf. Man I must see it. V-may said it reminded her of the time I tried to bring her....eeeks, maybe I shouldn't then. It may conjure up bad memories! I haven't worked out since last week, but that will change on sunday if I'm not too hungover. Yeah, monday sounds good =).

So I told myself not to buy any kicks during the month of September, since its gon be an exxxpensive month. That lasted all of 5 days. Man it seems when I tell myself not to buy kicks, I go buy more. Like during Lent, I gave up buying kicks. But as the weeks wore on, I just gave up buying kicks on fridays only. Niketown had a crazy sale, so I basically had to buy something to take advantage of this. And what do you know? The kicks I got jumped up $45 in price. So purchase justified.

Boss isn't in today, hence the AM blog. Plus I probably won't be here in the PM, so I can get a jumpstart on the aforementioned duties.

Man my page is hard to update, meaning that ish on the left. I change my cds as often as I change my drawls (its daily guys, really). And I usually carry a dozen discs around, so that's irrelevant. Maybe I'll put my current reading material up. I don't know, it makes me feel discomblogulated. Ha! that was retarded.

Monday, September 08, 2003

Mondays are basically a reflection of your weekend. To me @ least. These past few days included a bachelor party, alcohol, guns, bruises and gettin dirty, which would make xTina proud. I wish that I can't write about the party, because that would mean some stuff would remain on the under like Area 51. Or like my other brother's bachelor party, which happened in Las Vegas, so LV rules are taken into effect. Anyways, we wanted to maximize our day, so my bro wakes me up at 0700 sharp (notice the army time). After pounding a McMuffin and washing it down with some caffeine, we're off to our destination. And even though strip clubs are 24 hours, we didn't go there. We're ballers, so we went paintballin'! After an hours worth of crossing bridges and rough terrain, Sen-dawg (my whip) brought up safely to the wilderness. Even though I haven't been there, it felt like being in Waco. They had it all: a drill sargeant, ammo, camoflouge and an aura of warfare. After orientation, the other group has yet to show up. Did they also see the intimidating woman in the parking lot and bounce? Nope, turns out we were in the wrong place. Whew.

After being shot up by a bunch of 8 year olds who ruined my Gang Starr shirt, we headed to Applebees and ate. And ate. Then we went home and reconvened for dinner at this Signaporean restuarant along with the bachelorette party. I don't think i've had that food before, but its seemingly a cornucopia of all asian food. Good. So dinner is done, so time for the real party to start yeah? And even though strip clubs are 24 hours, we didn't go there. Rather, we headed to this bar about 3 Doors Down called Kryptonite (haha that was a joke). Well it was 5 blocks down called Kuhon or something. Close enough. It was a Korean-themed place that surprisingly didn't serve Crown or any mixed drinks. Despite that, it was more than enough to get the bachelor more faded than a pair of black jeans washed 94 times in hot water. Hearing more expletives come out his mouth that one night than my combined 24 years of knowing him was crazy. And to think he's the reason why I don't swear today. People were dwindling out and the bar is about to close. The night is still young. And even though strip clubs are 24 hours, we didn't go there. The bachelor was hammered, so it was time to go home.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Blogging is like working out. Some weeks you do it religiously; other weeks you're more athiest-like. Does that make sense? Anway, I freakin forgot to watch Newlyweds, but MTV has more reruns than trackrunners. I did catch Playmakers, my favorite new drama series. So far they showed a (boys) naked butt, a procedure sticking clean urine in someone's system (don't ask how-you don't want to know), and they also swear a lot. I'm pretty sure it would be R-rated if it were a movie, yet they show it on basic cable? Interesting...where have all the censors gone?

I caught America's Biggest Icons on 3 were: 3. Elvis, 2. Superman, and 1. (drumroll....) Oprah!? I know Oprah was large (figuratively speaking), but bigger than Elvis and Clark Kent? Crazy I know...

So we went to this club on Saturday, and I went to close my tab. It was 2 drinks short, but I just signed it with knowing that. Is that wrong? The bartender most likely put it on another person's tab. Which would suck to be that person. Oh well, I've paid for many a drink that I haven't consume, so what's goes around comes around.

My ode to eBay:
- Where can you find literally thousands of shoes to look through in your size?
- Where can you find CDs at a fraction of the store cost?
- Where can you find a poster that you've been searching for since 1990?
- Where can you find Smallville VCDs?
- Where can you get golf clubs at wholesale prices?
- Where can you salvage stuff you no longer want?
- Where can you get back issues of magazines no longer in print?

I've been a member since April 98. To think this website originated as a forum to buy and sell PEZ dispensers is amazing. Here's the abbreviated story: This guy's girlfriend was infactuated with PEZ dispensers. To help with her hobby, he created a website where people bought and sold these dispensers. It grew exponentially to the nth power, and viola! You have this multi-billion dollar corporation 8 years later.

On that note, I just won something off there. =)