Friday, September 19, 2003

Couldn't let a week go by w/o posting! Well what can I say. This week went by pretty fast, as some eventful events in the Tacorda household happened. My bro got hitched as yall may know, and my fam bought a crib in Sin City recently. Funny thing is that I'm not sure if I'll stay there if I visit hehe. Pictures coming soon of the wedding for your interest.

Well its Friday, and its Jeff's birthday, so we're going to watch a baseball game tonight. Go A's! I want the A's to go deep and face the Giants in the World Series to mirror 1989, without the earthquake though. And of course I'd want the Giants to pull it out. Then that'll validate the Giant-Jack sitting on my antenna at the moment.

I'm glad MTV and ESPN have reruns frequently, so I'm caught up with my 2 fav new shows Newlyweds and Playmakers. Or maybe they're just keeping me warm for the season premier of Smallville! Wednesday, October 1, 2003 (WB 9:00pm). Go mark your calendars. Now. Oh yeah! The official DVD for Season 1 should be out by that time too, and I'll probably buy it. But that'll mean I'll spend over a Benji on those darn discs. ($40 initially, I never got it, $40 again for the VCD set, and the DVD set will cost ~ $40). Oh well, I could be buying drugs instead. Purchase justified.

See I warned yall about that shoe problem. Tally two more this week =(. But one pair was some patent leather Jordan golf shoes! Only $30, so that doesn't really count. And another pair of Dunks =(. Dunks are the kicks that are on my wallpaper right now. So I got about 8 pairs of Dunks, not that bad! But these are Black/Red, and everyone knows red is my fav color. And they were only $75, when they can sell upwards to $150. Oh well, I could be buying drugs instead. Purchase justified.