Friday, September 19, 2003

The past couple days I've been singing "Shake ya Tailfeather" by Nelly and Diddy and Murphy Lee....

uh ooooooooh!
I heard the bad boyz coming
can't stop now
got to continue my runnin'

But this song is the epitome of a song I dislike. But I like it. A lot. Is it because of the flick? (Bad Boys II) Because I really don't like Nelly, and I sure as heck don't like Puff (as rappers). Or maybe its just catchy. And this got me thinking that I have a lot of guilty pleasures:

- that song, or any Nelly song that's catchy
- i read US Weekly weekly (my thursday nite poops are longer than usual)
- i really like to coordinate. no really
- masturbation (sike!)
- joys of putting on a new pair of shoes
- drinking a colored alcoholic drink (like a capecod)
- JT's album (not the bigga figga)
- reality TV (namely AI, and Newlyweds)
- singin' along to boy band songs
- watching HGTV (home and garden) and the Food Network

Okay, maybe some are not as guilty as others. For the record Talib Kweli's Get By is in my head also, I'll read a copy of Playboy if its on the table, I don't subscribe to US Weekly (an old tenant did), I still can go out w/o matching, I (occasionally) wear dirty shoes, I like beer (not michelob ultra), I like rap music primarily and can recite more rap lyrics than pop lyrics by far, and I watch ESPN moreso than any other channel.

Yes I am confident in my sexuality (which is straight, just in case).