Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Reading a new blog site (you go tafty) has inspired me to blog. But I'm glad I post on blogger, since blogger = gangsta, and xanga = wanksta. Blogger is the force, xanga is the darkside. I forsee a battle in the near future, just like the bloods vs. crips, pac vs. biggie, apple vs. microsoft, giants vs. dodgers (go giants!), and clark vs. lex. Case in point, people can "blog" (as a verb), but you can't "xang"?!?! WTF is that? Bloggers blog, and Xangers blog too. Another thing: xanga forces you to sign up for them in order to leave comments. That's trickery I tell you. Yeah yeah, it's much easier to create a page or whatnot, but who wants everything easier? Thank you.

Anyways, so I went to my whip yesterday, and I see a packet on my trunk. I go look at it, and it contains a prayer book, a rosary and a scapular. And I look at the cars around me, and I'm the only one with this packet. What the heazy?! I don't know if its a sign, if it was placed on my car on purpose or something else. Maybe the person who left it there saw my Giant Jack on my antenna and thought I needed the prayers? I did have my car blessed already. Whoa...this just struck me. I got my car blessed and broken into in the same parking lot! Man that happened like 2-3 years ago, and I just realized it now. St. Marks, IV. Well at least they didn't take my sticks sitting in my trunk.

I went to the gym the other day, here are a few more observations:
- This chick had a Jordan Jumpman tattoo. But wasn't wearing any Jordans. At least she had on Nikes though.
- I wore a ribbed tank top (re: beater). And it looks like I'm the smallest dude w/ one on.
- Maybe I shouldn't wear ribbed tank tops no more.
- There's a number of unused outlets around the gym. I swear I'ma start putting in those Glade Plug-Ins near the one near me.
- A lot of people are inked out. I want one! Not sure of what though.
- One piece of motivation of going is that I can wear some kicks, since I'm in non-athletic shoes 4x/week. Sad huh?
- I chose the stationary bike as my source of cardio for multiple reasons: 1. can lean back, 2. better for the joints, 3. better for the kicks, 4. can listen to my discman w/o it skipping like lou, 5. can read a mag (optional), 6. better view, 7. psychological (can go 10 miles in .5 hr instead of 3 miles in the same span)
- I wanna play basketball soon.
- I wanna swim. But I can't.