Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Its about that time of the week. Ideally I'd post like 2-3x/week, but nothing's ever ideal. So once things become more settled and organized, these weekly updates should suffice.

Tonight's the big night. SMALLVILLE SEASON PREMIERE! If there was a upside to summer ending, it is this. Man I'm excited. However in prior posts I noted that the show started at 9PM, but actually its 8PM . Should be good news for you Bachelor watchers. Caught Newlyweds yesterday (haha), and it was a good episode. I don't feel like spoiling it for those who haven't watched it (plus I'm lazy). And I saw Sportscenter about 4 times. Please GIANTS win. Please. Oh yeah I peeped the Real World/Road Rules challenge. Should be interesting...I don't know why RW sacrificed "Come on be my baby tonight" David. Dude looks like Bruce Banner, but alas, he's going back to the lab.

I've had a lot of thoughts lately. And it got me thinking.
- Man there are some obese whips in my 'hood. I've seen Escalades, G-500s, CL-600s, 2K3 Ranges on or near my block. I don't live in the 90210! But damn, I don't live in slum village either. To quote E-40, "Don't buy a $85K car, before you buy a house."
- Anyone notice the dropoff in the price of CDs? I went to Circuit City yesterday and bought OutKast's new joint. Its a double-disc, and it done costed $10.99 wit tax. For a double disc! In '96 that would've set me back at least $19.99. Please support your artists!
- Anyone else have a dry clean only comforter? I have one, but damn. If I bring it to the cleaners like 5 times its gon be more than the cost of it! Already done did it 2wice.
- I like those vintageish track jackets. Makes me feel sporty and want to run like Forrest. But of course I wouldn't do that. Its like ballin' in your Jordans.
- I'm taking a break on buying kicks. I really am. I literally haven't looked on eBay in awhile. You don't understand how much self-restraint that takes.
- I've been doing hella laundry lately. I think because I wear like sometimes 3 fits a day: work threads, workout gear, and after-workout clothes. But I like folding clothes, so I don't mind it.
- I've bought books lately. Hey! New idea for the site: My Literature. True it was a book on kicks and another about hip-hop. But hey, its about culture. Reading is fundamental, and a lost hobby.
- It is okay to watch a movie by yourself in a theater.

Big shout out to those who helped moi with my plans this past weekend. It was enjoyable, a lil hectic, but fun at the same time. Big ups for the support and suggestions. Man 8 years is crazy. Crazy 8!

And with Bonds at bat I shall go.