Monday, October 06, 2003

Being a local sports fan has its moments. This past weekend wasn't one of them. It was hard to swallow the Giants defeat, only because the G-Unit had opportunities to win, and they gave up opportunities to lose. Game 3 in the A's series is probably the worst officiated baseball game I've witnessed. The Raiders lost to a scrub team, but at least I'm not a Raiders fan. The Niners lastly redeemed the Yay with their victory. Oh well, you can't win them all.

I developed a minor cold this weekend, just a sore throat and a minor cough. I guess with the colder temperature I should stop sleeping naked. I'm not in LA no more. So with a less than fare physical condition I didn't do much, except watch sports.

I was watching part of the Cribs marathon. Man its unfair. They gonna show Shaqzilla's crib 2nite during the season premiere. I honestly think this show is detrimental to the youth's of our nation. It skews what's important. How does Baby from the Cash Money Click have 50 cars?!?! And I like Fat Joe as a shoe collector more than a rapper. But yet I'ma still be watching, yearning to have a fraction of the toys these cats have. One day.

Hope yall like the new picture =).