Monday, September 08, 2003

Mondays are basically a reflection of your weekend. To me @ least. These past few days included a bachelor party, alcohol, guns, bruises and gettin dirty, which would make xTina proud. I wish that I can't write about the party, because that would mean some stuff would remain on the under like Area 51. Or like my other brother's bachelor party, which happened in Las Vegas, so LV rules are taken into effect. Anyways, we wanted to maximize our day, so my bro wakes me up at 0700 sharp (notice the army time). After pounding a McMuffin and washing it down with some caffeine, we're off to our destination. And even though strip clubs are 24 hours, we didn't go there. We're ballers, so we went paintballin'! After an hours worth of crossing bridges and rough terrain, Sen-dawg (my whip) brought up safely to the wilderness. Even though I haven't been there, it felt like being in Waco. They had it all: a drill sargeant, ammo, camoflouge and an aura of warfare. After orientation, the other group has yet to show up. Did they also see the intimidating woman in the parking lot and bounce? Nope, turns out we were in the wrong place. Whew.

After being shot up by a bunch of 8 year olds who ruined my Gang Starr shirt, we headed to Applebees and ate. And ate. Then we went home and reconvened for dinner at this Signaporean restuarant along with the bachelorette party. I don't think i've had that food before, but its seemingly a cornucopia of all asian food. Good. So dinner is done, so time for the real party to start yeah? And even though strip clubs are 24 hours, we didn't go there. Rather, we headed to this bar about 3 Doors Down called Kryptonite (haha that was a joke). Well it was 5 blocks down called Kuhon or something. Close enough. It was a Korean-themed place that surprisingly didn't serve Crown or any mixed drinks. Despite that, it was more than enough to get the bachelor more faded than a pair of black jeans washed 94 times in hot water. Hearing more expletives come out his mouth that one night than my combined 24 years of knowing him was crazy. And to think he's the reason why I don't swear today. People were dwindling out and the bar is about to close. The night is still young. And even though strip clubs are 24 hours, we didn't go there. The bachelor was hammered, so it was time to go home.