Friday, September 12, 2003

Things been Mad Hectic lately (if you're wondering why that's Capitalized is b/c its the name of a shoe store in Japan). To prep for the rehearsal dinner @ my folk's crib, I was cleaning the main bathroom @ around 11pm last night. And I haven't pooped in this one since like pre-millenium. You know how on TV when people clean they just throw everything into the closet? In our case, the closet is our garage. So don't open it!

I had to pick up my tux, get faded (a haircut hehe) and clean. Today I got to transport people from the church to the palace (snoop reference). I also got to shuttle flowers/wine/etc to the telly. Man I wish I had a little brother! Naw but its all love. I was the only sibling selected to be a groomsman, so thats cool I suppose.

So I missed Newlyweds, and it was an episode of trying to golf. Man I must see it. V-may said it reminded her of the time I tried to bring her....eeeks, maybe I shouldn't then. It may conjure up bad memories! I haven't worked out since last week, but that will change on sunday if I'm not too hungover. Yeah, monday sounds good =).

So I told myself not to buy any kicks during the month of September, since its gon be an exxxpensive month. That lasted all of 5 days. Man it seems when I tell myself not to buy kicks, I go buy more. Like during Lent, I gave up buying kicks. But as the weeks wore on, I just gave up buying kicks on fridays only. Niketown had a crazy sale, so I basically had to buy something to take advantage of this. And what do you know? The kicks I got jumped up $45 in price. So purchase justified.

Boss isn't in today, hence the AM blog. Plus I probably won't be here in the PM, so I can get a jumpstart on the aforementioned duties.

Man my page is hard to update, meaning that ish on the left. I change my cds as often as I change my drawls (its daily guys, really). And I usually carry a dozen discs around, so that's irrelevant. Maybe I'll put my current reading material up. I don't know, it makes me feel discomblogulated. Ha! that was retarded.