Thursday, September 04, 2003

Blogging is like working out. Some weeks you do it religiously; other weeks you're more athiest-like. Does that make sense? Anway, I freakin forgot to watch Newlyweds, but MTV has more reruns than trackrunners. I did catch Playmakers, my favorite new drama series. So far they showed a (boys) naked butt, a procedure sticking clean urine in someone's system (don't ask how-you don't want to know), and they also swear a lot. I'm pretty sure it would be R-rated if it were a movie, yet they show it on basic cable? Interesting...where have all the censors gone?

I caught America's Biggest Icons on 3 were: 3. Elvis, 2. Superman, and 1. (drumroll....) Oprah!? I know Oprah was large (figuratively speaking), but bigger than Elvis and Clark Kent? Crazy I know...

So we went to this club on Saturday, and I went to close my tab. It was 2 drinks short, but I just signed it with knowing that. Is that wrong? The bartender most likely put it on another person's tab. Which would suck to be that person. Oh well, I've paid for many a drink that I haven't consume, so what's goes around comes around.

My ode to eBay:
- Where can you find literally thousands of shoes to look through in your size?
- Where can you find CDs at a fraction of the store cost?
- Where can you find a poster that you've been searching for since 1990?
- Where can you find Smallville VCDs?
- Where can you get golf clubs at wholesale prices?
- Where can you salvage stuff you no longer want?
- Where can you get back issues of magazines no longer in print?

I've been a member since April 98. To think this website originated as a forum to buy and sell PEZ dispensers is amazing. Here's the abbreviated story: This guy's girlfriend was infactuated with PEZ dispensers. To help with her hobby, he created a website where people bought and sold these dispensers. It grew exponentially to the nth power, and viola! You have this multi-billion dollar corporation 8 years later.

On that note, I just won something off there. =)