Friday, August 29, 2003

10 MTV VMA thoughts:

1. Wow Madonna kissed Britney. Madonna then kissed X-tina. The natural progression would be Britney and X-tina kissing right? But no, they bring out Missy. Talk about the ultimate buzz killer.

2. Chris Rock is mad funny. Even though I heard the jokes before, his delivery and approach still made them funny.

3. It was funny to see Em and 5 Cent give JT props for winning for Best Male Video. Then it was even funnier hearing JT say "its an honor to be in the same category as Eminem and 50 Cent."

4. Remember when Beyonce used to sing everytime DC won an award?

5. They need to time these awards better, since the nominations seem pretty old. "Hot in Herrre/Dillemma" were so summer '02. Em is probably on 10 mile. You get the gyst.

6. The Jack Black Jacko Wacko inpersonation was hilarious.

7. I still don't like Suchin Park. But I like Linkin Park. Think they're related?

8. Britney is the all time losingest person in VMA history.

9. Something's wrong w/ the rap game when 5 Cent beats out a 2pac and Nas collaboration.

10. Rock: "How come they don't punk no rappers?!! Ashton would go 'you got punked!' then DMX would be like 'oh yeah $%#%, you got stabbed!'" First time I saw Dark Man X smile. Didn't know it was possible.