Thursday, July 26, 2007

The 07.27.07 Update!

Friday's Grab Bag:

- wow a 2-3 week lapse between posts! Well I guess that's better than a 2 year one as I transitioned from blogspot to myspace yeah? So theoretically speaking, I should have lots to write about.

- So last Friday Mark and I went on a man-date to naturally watch Chuck & Larry. And for the record, like all my movie man-dates, no popcorn is exchanged and there is a seat between us. Our girlfriends watched Hairspray, so it was a lose-lose situation regardless of our options. [Hey does that still count as a double date?] And I haven't seen a flick on opening night in a minute. Now I have the backdrop explained, I'd really recommend the movie! And not just because of Jessica Biel, although she helps [a lot]. Its not vintage or Classic Sandler, but its funnier than a lot of his recent work. So it was worh the .5twomp to me. Man too bad AMC would look at me funny now if I try to use my student body card, since I'm balding and all.

- So I designated yesterday as solo shopping day. I was strapped with my Friends & Family coupons, Macy's Gift Cards, and just a desire to spend money and help out the economy. I'm going to a wedding in a month and was looking for a dress shirt. Nothing specific or fancy, just a creamish, textured, slim fit, spread collar, no front pocket, mother of pearl buttons, stretch material type shirt, give or take one or two specs. To my dismay, I couldn't find anything to fit my criteria! Man I should maybe try different stores [but I had Macy's credit @ least!]. Later on in the evening, there was a fashion post on NT, and it talked about tailoring clothes and how buying OTR [off the rack] is so passe. I need to step my clothes game up.

- I needed - okay, just wanted – some new 360s to run in. I totally would've got them online but alas, no 10.5s for me. So I venture to the brick and mortars and see my kicks on display in a 10.5! But I skratch my head because the price is different? Bizarre I thought. So I ask an associate "hey, these are cheaper on the website. Whats up?" And he's like they don't match prices, because Foot Locker is different from Whatever – what horrible business practices.

- Also yesterday, I saw a Smallville episode for the first time since like I last used to blog! Loyal readers might remember my SV recaps. It was almost surreal watching, as it took me back to like '02, when Greg and I used to have man-dates and watched them together, along with a 6pack of the High Life and a Papa Johns pizza. Nowadays since it conflicts with Ugly Betty, which G and I just watch religiously [I sorta got a man-crush on Daniel Meade], SV has been an afterthought. But turns out Lana is engaged to Lex [whoa!] and is pregnant [double whoa!]. I kinda knew about that stuff…so maybe that's why I stopped watching haha. But I think I'ma add it to the DVR now.

- I need to renew my passport and they asked for a couple pictures. Maybe I'll send some myspace ones hehe. Okay that's not that funny.

- Woohoo Common's Finding Forever drops next 2sday! I think Be has been my fav hip-hop album of the last 1000 days.

- Garlic Festival this weeknd? Sounds tempting, even though we just went to Gilroy last weekend! Man I hate it when timing is off [with the exception being alarm clocks.]

- San Fran 5K this weekend! We run things, and I still haven't made that playlist. Actually I thought about it, and I'm not sure if I should run with a video iPod. I mean, the Kenyans don't and they always finish first.

- Las Vegas next weekend! Gotta love the pseudo-bachelor parties yo. Okay that's all I'll say about that.

Have a great weekend if I don't come back!