Monday, August 27, 2007

Man where did August Go?

So the other day I took a piss and again, I had on my boxers backwards. I took it as a sign to blog again! Plus it seems I haven't been in about a month, so I'm pretty overdue. And a lot has happened this past 30 days – participated in the SF Marathon [okay, it was only the 5K]…went to Vega$ for for male bondage, errr bonding…went down to southern Cali for G-Booze's wedding…went to SeaWorld for the first time ever [for free actually since me and G had to endure a 2 hr sales pitch for a timeshare – we have willpower!]…resumed play in the co-ed flag football league [because I'm so swole]…celebrated G's, Daniel's and Anup's birthdays this past wknd too. Man I'm beat! And I gotta get ready for the Chi next wknd, since I'ma hang out with luminaries such as Jordan and Kanye and Oprah and Will Bynum. No wonder I'm broke this month! Oh well, its all worth it...

Okay my direct upper is gone is week and I moved directly in front of my corporate controller's office, so that kinda explains why the lack of blogs. No excuses though! Plus I've actually had to work a lot, since I kinda took a new position over here, nothing special [aka no pay raise], just a move to the brokerage side of accounting, so hopefully it'll help me understand the industry better. I'ma fiend for knowledge!

Things I've learned the past month:

- The more you practice something, the better you get [I did my 5K in a 10 min mile pace compared to 12 min mile pace in '06!]

- I suck at roulette. And poker. And blackjack. [at least it felt that way that one wknd.]

- Some people never change, which is more often good than bad [as evidenced by seeing old college buds @ the wedding].

- Aside from hypebeast shopping, San Diego is a pretty cool city.

- I really want a dog – just not anytime soon.

- I need new golf clubs, but that's not the reason why I lost to a couple coworkers.

- My next jeans are gonna be some levi's.

- Now that summer is winding down, I should really study – but not before my myspace is updated and pimped out!