Thursday, September 27, 2007

092707 Speaking of...

Oh blog, how has ye been! I noticed I've blogged on July 27th, and August 27th, so in order for the sequence to hold form, an entry for September 27th is only appropriate. Man I feel like a menstrual cycle =/

Anyway its been a minute since the last posting, and I'm sure the three of you interested in how I'm doing - and the answer is good!

- Speaking of good, The Good Life has been my theme song since I first heard it during the Entourage credits awhile back, and I was tripping because damn, that's a pretty common song name. TI and Common did a collab, of course that Kanye track, and Pac had it in his vaults, and The Mecca and Soul Brother did it. And those are just off my Ipod! So basically if you have a song called The Good Life in your catalog, you're dope! But OG blog readers, I'm talking from the The 3rd Floor era, recognize that Weezer's Good Life is still my fav one. And if you ever want to hack into my computer, guess what my password is?

- Speaking of computers, damn I need to get a new laptop. If Apple ever makes a piano-black finish laptop, because it doesn't really matter how robust or cool the features are, since I'm shallow and I'm all about appearances, I'll be first in line! Shoot I traded in my white DS to get a black DS simply because it looked cooler. Man I'ma vain loser. My current laptop got like termites or something, and it can't read wireless rotuers sometimes, and its mad heavy.

- Speaking of heavy, I done weighed myself this morn, since apparently that's the best time to weigh yourself. And I did it after I showered so that excess dirt on me didn't add on extra poundage. As for tor the results - I lost like 12 lbs in the past 6 months! I'm like 1.5 lbs away from my target goal, but that easily can be taken care of by doing a bigelow [deuce]. I should probably take down that Hawaii pic of me and Geraldine, since its so not indicative of how this adonis is now. Talk about a transformation!

- Speaking of transfomations, I saw The Transformers again, but this time in Imax. But to my dismay, I didn't see any IMacs in the audience! Ouch I should just hit backspace right now, but when you freestyle you can't go backwards. Even when I blog I keep it real. Anyway it was a dope flick – kinda reminded me of the last time I saw it, and my feelings about it remain the same. Gotta love the man-dates with the Tripod crew.

- Speaking of tripods, I really want a camera, like an SLR one. Dennis got one and its fresh, and Ant too. Plus these HD cameras are out now too. But man how should I prioritize? New camera, new golf sticks, new laptop? I already sacrificed clothes and kicks, but still I remain fresh as produce. Here's a thought: if slang for shoes is kicks, shouldn't slang for gloves be punches? [dadadum!] Anyway - you already know the theme song when I get my flickr page: "they shootin'! made you look, you a slave to a page in my picture book"

- Speaking of books, my CPA books that I've purchased a few months ago need to get dusted off. Man I need to get motivated. Maybe if CPA stood for something else, like Certified PlayA or Cool Pimp Association, I'd be more inclined to get it. As it stands, it still means Certified Public Accountant. Coolness!

- Speaking of cool, I've finally reached the benchmark of 100 friends! I got straight Century Club status now. So thanks guys for honoring my request.

- Speaking of 100, Sen-Dog reached 100K miles a couple months ago. I told myself I'ma push him til 100K, then I'ma look for a new whip. But I'm not looking anytime soon. Then again, I tell myself a lot of stuff that I don't end up doing [yet that is].

- Speaking of talking to myself, I've been doing a lot of that lately since G's been working in Europe the past couple weeks. Hurry back home before I go off my rocker!

- Speaking of rockers, I need a cut badly, as the 'do is straight-up J-Rocker steez, minus the highlights.

- Speaking of highlights, the NBA season is soon upon us, which means its Fantasy Hoops season. I'm already looking forward like Forward Looking Statements since I'm like vaccuum status [aka I Suck] for Fantasy NFL.

- Speaking of fantasies…naw I'ma keep this one to myself!

See yall no later than Oct 27th!