Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween!

I couldn't let a month go by without one single post! So on that note, happy halloween everyone. G and I were gonna be Ugly Betty and Henry the Super Cool Accountant, but she didn't get her costume in time. Serendipitously, I need not to buy anything for my particular 'fit! Oh well, maybe we'll save this idea for later on. Our backup costumes are Wilma and Fred, so that's not so bad. Yadadamean? Except that its kinda cold out there and i wish i had that blue lodge hat he used to where. That was hot. Actually I was thinking of going as Bam-Bam [not Bam-Bam Bigelow], since he's mad strong and lacks definition, kinda like me. Or if I had claws I could've been Freddy Flintsone yeah?! hahah i'm funny...

Anyway I went to the Warrior game last night a little later than planned, since someone apparently committed suicide on the tracks right during rush hour. Luckily, we still got to the game on time though, so I appreciate yall concern! Isn't it crazy how desensitized we are to these particular actions? Crazy. It make it an even crazier night, there was a mini-quake in the 2nd quarter and no one even flinched. And to top it off, the Ws lost by like 20. There goes the undefeated season.

Hmmm these next couple months probably will go by mad fast. Gonna go back to the Chi for a wedding and to TX for new years and another wedding, and probably sneak a trip to Tahoe sometime in-between.

And if it seems like my page hasn't been updated its because I'm spending my free time studying! [at least that's what I tell myself]