Friday, May 23, 2008

Keystyle Fridays

From the Cipher Ring:

Rols rhymes you’ll memorize, reegs raps make u mesmerize
I’m large like a fat sweater size
Yall can’t see me, I got a better disguise
When my keystyle comes through cats get butterflies

Chillin at my desk the Friday before Memorial
Dressing casual, but yall know I’m still sartorial
Drop a verse in a snap like I was doin a pictorial [get it?]
I collect Ws, I’m the victor for real

Just wrote a threads piece on ploomy
I’ma dapper OG, you just a wack newbie
Since I’m that Guy, make your chick Groove Me
Droppin’ another gem like broken jewelry

I run the 1-2 for Coast II Coast and CYO’s Finest
Baller galore, I assist and score, my game is flyest
Sike I miss open layups, wish I had my old Air Wayups
It’s the insomniac MC, I just stay up


Men’s Wardrobe Basics: 10 Closet Essentials, courtesy of Reegsta X Ploomy

I wonder what the reaction to this article will be. Since I chose pretty conservative gear, maybe I can't steer too much of a reaction. All good I welcome hate.


Excited to play golf tomorrow, so hope the weather cooperates. Will have a golf course review next tuesday hopefully. Hope all three of you have a good Memorial Day weekend!