Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bay 2 Breakers

So a group of us participated in the 97th annual B2B, and i've been around for 29 of them, yet this was my first time to do it. Go figure. And an awesome experience it was! Its supposed to be one of the world's largest block parties, and by judging the pictures, I am in total accordance with that statement.

Everyone loves legos, so that's what we were! Thanks to Alan's pinsans for the bonne idee [uhh how's that for some frantaglish??]. Props to the runners for actually running it: Rach, Mark, Sheryl, Gerrard, Michelle* and whomever else, but more props to the legos! In retrospect, I dont' recall orange legos, but whatever. I was inspired by the SF Giants.

Granted we didn't finish the race, but the race finished me.

Anyways I'll let the pictures tell the story. The people participating are pretty creative!