Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm Campin', I'm cold cold Campin'

Props if you recognize that old Public Enemy song. So for the second time in my life, I went camping. 16 of us and 2 beasts rolled up to the redneck woods of Ukiah, Cali. It was good to get away from everything but not really get away from everything.

- went fishing for the first time and surprisingly didn’t catch anything. Shout out to DK for the lessons though and for being the only person to catch something
- FYI when setting up a tent, try to use a flat surface as much as possible, otherwise you’ll keep sliding down
- you don’t want to sleep at the base when 4 people are above you
- if you share a tent with snorers, make sure you’re the first to fall asleep
- be careful where you leave your underwear after you change [sorry Al]
- catchphrase: the music edition definitely needs to double check their “hip-hop” entries
- I’d be the man at Pit if I knew the rules better
- thanks to all the cooks and dishwashers
- “none of yall are really Filipino because none of you have kids” – Dennis Kwan
- Nick even brought a yo-yo for his ¼ cultural pride
- it’s 10x harder to freestyle than keystyle, but Alan’s frees sound just like his keys haha
- if you misplace your keys, its best to check your pockets first
- damn Jeff Kingsbury be working out
- we established our next Bay to Breaker theme: the rise of the Dwendes
- 12 year old whiskey isn’t really a camp appropriate beverage
- i really need to learn how to swim
- the only way I know how to drink a beer is to shotgun it. Congrats to Man G for being the champ. And he’ll serenade you afterwards.
- note to self: don’t bring any kicks you care about to camping
- Dan came with us camping? Haha jp. Thanks for fulfilling your wordcount obligation each day
- stuff I didn’t end up using: an extra tent, a mister, half my clothes, sunblock and a phone charger
- phrase of the weekend: “Since you’re already up, can you _____?” damn we’re a bunch of lazy camp-goers
- drunk Jeff L > sober Jeff L [you can tell from the pictures]
- Another camping tidbit: don’t throw away fresh new batteries
- “These are my heart songs!!” I went to sleep and this song was playing, then I woke up countless miles later and it was still playing.
- it felt pretty good coming to the City shirtless in 60 degree weather

Just like at NT how a thread is useless without pics, a post is useless with them, so here you go, courtesy of Miss Lam:

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