Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Constipated Blogger

Yeah I want to blog, but sometimes it just doesn’t come out. What’s the statute of limitations for a blogger? I’m not sure either. Well since Rolsuno started his, maybe that will rejuven8 me. I pretty much took an e-vacay in June, so none of my mindframe made it to words [well at least in a public domain]. Let’s see, here are some thoughts and bon mots:

- Stat of the Day: $70 Million in Lottery Ticket Winnings go unclaimed each year. Hmmm, what do they do with that excess cash then? And that's a whole lot of stupid people who buy tickets and don't claim them.

- I’m pretty stoked since I bought new sticks, which would be my first new irons in ten years. Maybe that’s why I’ve plateaued as a golfer? Or maybe because I haven’t been playing consistently? Or maybe because I’m past my prime? But anyways, I don’t have any excuses now if I play poorly, except maybe these clubs require a break-in period. You might be like "damn $600 for some irons?" but I did get free shipping. Haha but no for real, I received a 25% rebate using, and a 10% coupon for using Paypal, so I got a brand new set for less than $400, when I was budgeting $500 for a used one, when a new one retails for $850. Dang I'm fiscally smart.

- Or did I just buy them for retail therapy? Hmmm…

- Is it still considered a major if Eldrick isn't teeing up?

- So the other day I took BART, and this dude was wearing a face mask [like what you wear when you saw wood] and had a paper towel between his head and the cushion. Either dude is the biggest germaphobe or there’s another SARS epidemic coming.

- Gilbert apparently loves it in Manila. How come I’m not surprised? Shoot, if I just signed a $111M contract, I'd love it anywhere, even Milwaukee. Pretty funny story about RJ's trade at the end. And yet again Manny meets a baller.

- Album on repeat: Keane’s “Hopes & Fears” – the album title pretty much sums up my current state of mind. I thought I was the only cat to like this group, but I read in Blender that Kanye is a fan of them, so that kinda validated the group haha [not that someone has to like them in order for me to, I'm just sayin']

- My boy Starbury got the side of his dome inked up. Not the he officially has gone off his rocker, since that happened awhile ago, but the similarities to Iron Mike Tyson are eerily similar. Child prodigies, both from Brooklyn, and both either hated or loved. Worse yet, he got the logo of his Steve & Barry’s shoes, who just filed for bankruptcy protection. Damn his timing is always off. And now that I’m thinking about it, he has his old logo from his And-1 days somewhere on his body. And I have them kicks somewhere in my closet.

- So I was listening to the New Edition station on Pandora, and “A Song for Mama” comes on by Boyz II Men. As its playing, my sister sends me an email saying that my grandma, who we refer to as Mama, has been diagnosed with cancer, so please say a lil prayer for her.

- Specialty's cookies are pretty good.

- Lastly another batch of camping pictures, courtesy of Roland.