Thursday, July 17, 2008


Since this cat has a three day weekend upcoming! Anyway I’m headed down to the bad part of the state for Eric and Kini’s wedding. Time really does fly. If you peeped the website I linked and peep the pics of the other guests, you might see more than you want of yours truly. No but for real, they’re 2 of my dearest friends so I’m glad to be part of it. Man I just hope I find some time to head over for Roscoes, even if its for breakfast haha. There’s some things I miss about LA, primarily the people, but I don’t miss it really. So I don’t know what Baron Davis and now Kelenna Azuibukake are thinking.

Hopefully I’ma have pics next week! I’ma see if I can sustain my posting.


What Type of Pickup Basketball Player are you?, courtesy of Reegsta X Ploomy

I was inspired to write this after a foodie conversation, so I hope you ballers out there can resonate with it!


I'm in the mood for dim sum, but I'm always in the mood for dim sum. So here's a lil something from the archives:

I’m bout to set if off for 0-8, yeah I know I’m 2 and a half weeks late
But nothing stuck like gum, until I thought about dim sum
Whether from a menu or from a cart, we can eat that a la carte
It don’t matter, I’m getting served up like Napolean Bonaparte

Eyes light up as the girls go around
I myself want to push a cart myself and pound
Get my sauce ready, part hot sauce and soy sauce
Afterwards don’t forget to floss

Its nice, I’m Asian and don’t even need rice
Screw that beef kung pao, I want some Hargow
What part of the poultry is elite? Try the chicken feet
Don’t know what I like more, a b-ball or a shrimp ball

Oh my? Do I see some shu mai?
I like them both the fried and steamed type
I forgot to mention I like the tripe
I don’t need any bling, but I need some type of dumpling

Shout outs to Yank Sing and the Dim Sum King
Can’t forget about TC Pastry in DC, they price cheaply
And the Flower Lounge in Millbrae, just don’t go on a weekday
And any place in Chinatown, I’m always down

Its dope because you never order too less or too much
Just order when you ate enough and such
You can have it for breakfast lunch or dinner
When you have it you’re always a winner

- aka Reeg the Dim Sum Fiend and member of the DSC taking applications anyone want dim sum later?

I'm out 5K.