Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rec League?

So our hoops season concluded on Sunday with an L in the semi-finals after a double-header. I tried to jump on an earlier flight to make the first game, and did, but of course it was delayed so I’m missed it. First off my prayers are with Mike that he recovers from his broken jaw and has successful surgery. Gerrard too, you still look good with them stitches over your eyelid. Here’s how crazy it was – when we brought Man G to the hospital, we saw players from the prior game also waiting for their homie who broke his arm in the first game. Damn Jeff you should’ve came this wknd instead of last, your services would’ve been appreciated. Although I felt like I didn’t want to participate in this league anymore, how Sunday’s events happened made me want to rethink that. For the record, G and Mike got injured on the same play – a play that both dove for the loose ball and collided. As a teammate, you appreciate guys sacrificing and going all out for the team. Thankfully those guys run on our football team too.