Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The new Mr. and Mrs. Tan

Quick blog about the weekend:

- flew on Virgin America but didn’t even mess with their entertainment console…wasn’t in the right frame of mind
- our intermediate car happened to be an electric blue PT Cruiser, and I said forget all insurance for the first time
- had to pick up my tuxedo in Burbank, but ended up in East LA somehow
- rehearsal was supposed to start at 4p, but we got there at 450p. good thing they started at 430p haha. And I really think groomsmen don’t do anything really, since all I did was walk down the aisle and stand up. I was just hoping I didn’t fall into the pool
- rehearsal and Kini’s birthday dinner was at Saddle Ranch, and since even the groom’s moms rode the mechanical bull, I had to also. And I got a bruise the size of a football [no joke] just south of my left butt cheek. Ish still hurts, which kinda effected my hoops game too damn
- kicking it with the Tan’s and Ledford’s is pretty fun. I mean I’ve done it before, its just been awhile. And thanks for your talks Mrs. Tan [not Kini] and Mrs. Ledford…yall have good children, and I was glad to be part of the family-only ceremony
- Beverly Center pretty much seems the same as I last remember it…No Bow Wow, Taye Diggs or Vince Carter sightings this time around though
- I thought I was gonna drop the lechon after helping transport it from the car, and to think I didn’t even have any during the reception
- I didn’t even try on my tux when I picked it up, so thankfully it fit
- Damn I left my hair wax in Nick’s room…and it was new too dammit
- So the ceremony is supposed to start at 5p, and true to form, the bride was about 30 min late
- It was worth it though – the bride looked beautiful as well as the bridesmaids. The groomsmen were pimps obviously. And Eric looked like a Chinese Rapper with his white tux, red tie and Mirage by his side
- The actual ceremony was lovely and beautiful. They pretty much cut out all the excess stuff involved, just declared their love for each other, and were married. Eric even addressed each person in the attendance individually, and it still lasted around 30 min.
- I asked him the day before if he was gonna cry, and he couldn’t promise me he couldn’t. but he did a great job composing himself up there. ‘I love you like a fat kid loves cake’ – not really a 50 fan but that line always gets me.
- Thanks for the mention in your speech Kini – I’m always looking for words to rhyme with my name
- Dope song by Mike, who’s Eric’s future bro-in-law. He’s a good guy too.
- Jen’s husband is pretty dope too, and I’m glad I ain’t the only guy to watch TMZ.
- Good luck with the t-shirt line Jen Boogie, or Jenesis, or however you like to be called now.
- The entourage took all their pics around the hotel, so no need to go anywhere, which was great due to the horrendeous traffic down there
- Geraldine did a wonderful job helping out with the layout and everything else the couple needed, although she thinks she didn’t do much
- Open bar from the opening til the end = FTW
- Its always great to see old folks from the back in the day from my socal days, so thanks for coming out. And I’m sure E&K thank you more
- Honestly one of the best weddings I’ve been to, so I was glad to be a part of it. Just to see the adoration they had for each other, and being there when they met, for it to culminate into marital bliss was a beautiful thing
- Roscoe’s hit the spot a little too good on Sunday mornin’, so thanks Cha for treating us
- Note to self: if you spend $4 on Vitamin Water at the airport, be sure to finish it
- Here’s another perspective their photographer, along with some pics: http://blog.jsrphotography.com/
- See you again Southern Cali in 5 weeks