Wednesday, July 23, 2008

These are my Confessions:

- I haven’t cleaned my belly button in about 3 months
- I clear out my browsing history on my own laptop
- I eat stuff that I don’t know how long has been in my fridge…I just warm it up a little longer
- I have about 50 pairs of brand new sneakers that I’ll never wear, but I’m lazy to sell them
- I wait til poop hits the fan, because cleaning up poop regardless if its sprayed or not is the same to me
- I sometimes use words I don’t know the definition of
- I have some regrets, even though I try to abide by the ‘no regrets’ mantra
- I actually care how other people perceive Reegsta
- I talk in the 3rd person sometimes
- I have people on my buddy list that I don’t even know
- I can’t check my email at work, but I still refresh the yahoo frontpage so I can see the preview pane
- I haven’t ironed a shirt in about 2 months
- I download music still
- I won an auction for a golf club but didn’t pay for it, and I despise when that happens to me
- I pluck my nosehairs with 2 fingers even though I have a nosehair trimmer
- When I run or play sports, I still have some gas in the tank afterward
- My favorite dress shirts are all pink-based
- I think out a lot, but act out on a little
- I cut my fingernails with a toenail clipper, and get upset when they don’t have a nice curve
- If I leave streaks at my work toilet, I don’t try to reflush
- In a conversation or dialogue, I always want the last word
- I want to get into a fight even if I get a butt-whooping
- I wear sneakers with my work clothes when I walk around downtown
- I gas, break and dip into my savings more than I should
- I envy some of my friends for different reasons