Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Hot thoughts & bon mots:

~ Costco should have an express line. Like if you have 5 or less items go there. But if you just have a carton of eggs then you should wait in the longer lines.

~ So my brother found out I moved by reading my blog. Man I guess I forgot to tell him.

~ It's weird that I don't like people talking about my blogs in person haha. Like I have some kind of online alter-ego. During Easter my brother was giving my fam a summary of my posts from last week. He thinks I have issues and wanted to make sure he wasn't the one with my cds. But its all good, I'll write with or without an audience. Or maybe not, since that would be a diary.

~ My wireless network was finally setup last night. After attempting to do it meself, I buckled and phoned customer support. Those guys were awesome in troubleshooting me and guiding me, like they were looking over my shoulder or something. Or maybe it just wasn't that hard in the first place.

~ I bought a router from Best Buy and it had a $30 rebate. But do you know that instead of 1 $30 rebate, they give you 3 $10 ones? Why do they make it so difficult?

~ My Final Four predictions: Illinois over Lville, and UNC over MSU. UNC beats Ill 76-71. But what do I know, I picked Tech to win it all.

~ I wanna buy one of those cubed bookshelves that have like 16 separate compartments. And the sad thing is that I already know what's gonna occupy each slot. (And no, its not gonna be each Air Jordan from I through XVI - although that would be hot.)

~ I had a mad random dream the other day. KK and Ashlee were in it, so I guess it can't be that random. Basically KK was a rabid Ashlee fan and they both were to appear on TRL. KK wanted Ashlee to sign her cd. No sign of Vanessa in my dream though. Wonder what that means.

~ What does it mean if you receive an email from someone saying that she's "just checking in with you"? Does it simply mean that she wants to know how I'm doing? Or does it mean she misses me dearly and wants to see me badly? Or just that she's checking in with me? Geez I read too much into these things =/.

~ What a crappy way to die. I guess I shouldn't joke about that huh?

~ Currently in my pockets: wallet, keys, sidekick, chapstick, gum, a couple receipts, cash, change, hand sanitizer (currently missing: blotting paper). Now I know whay I usually wear cargos, but now I'm wearing slacks.

~ Scott and Carrie are still my favorite singers on AI. Scott's "One Last Cry" performance brought me back to 8th grade, as I hella wanted that for our graduation song. However we had "If We Hold on Together" instead. At least it wasn't the generic "End of the Road" which every other class seemingly had.

~ Is there such a thing as over-blogging?


Song of the Day (in retrospect, Lyric of the Day didn't sound right):

There's a war in the streets tonight
And nobody's really feelin' alright
I got a blunt for a chronic, a juice for my tonic
I know now that I'm feelin' right if it goes down
'Cause my third eye sees the lowdown
And I know it's not my time to go now
'Cause God's got my back in this showdown
So I know we'll be alright

Nas - "War"