Monday, March 28, 2005

Me and my old roommate used to talk about rap music and basketball. Never thought it would turn to this:

reegsta: when u gettin your pair of them?
nimz1831: lol ur going to laugh
nimz1831: but i already have a couple of pairs wtf
nimz1831: they're good jeans! -_-
nimz1831: ya ya i know.. stfu :-(
reegsta: no i believe u
reegsta: i want some paper denim myself
nimz1831: ah ya those are really nice
nimz1831: really expensive too
reegsta: hah...well i was figuring if i could spend $100 on some kicks, i could spend that much on a pair of denim
nimz1831: ya man
nimz1831: ya man... it worth a good amount of money for jeans
nimz1831: especially if u wear them a lot
nimz1831: i got this one pair of diesels that i wear ALL the time
reegsta: u know the style name
nimz1831: i can check when i get home
reegsta: yeah..the newer ones aren't as nut hugging as the earlier ones too
nimz1831: they're the straight-legged one, tho
nimz1831: lol ya.. not the nut-huggers
nimz1831: or that boot cut BS
nimz1831: straight legged = te win
nimz1831: teh**
reegsta: yeah...bascially i just wanna pick a style out and buy it on ebay
reegsta: save like 40-50 smacks
reegsta: $125 jeans are like $80
nimz1831: lol k.. ill check it when i get home..
nimz1831: i hope the style name is on it.. dunno
reegsta: all good...i like jeans w/ whiskers on it
reegsta: dude we hella sound like flamers right now
reegsta: lol
nimz1831: hahaha
nimz1831: I FEEL SO RAGGED

Sorry to put you on blast Nimz.