Thursday, March 17, 2005

I had another dream about a bunch of big sweaty black dudes. This time we were down by one point, Elder came off the curl and hit a 3 with 20 seconds left. We held off UNC on the last possession for the W and 1st ever National Championship. We'll see how prophetic I am, since those two schools can only meet in the finals. Go Tech.


A lot of people are surprised that I don't have an iPod, not even a mini one. I do have about 500 cds (actual ones, not cd-rs) ranging from Sophie B. Hawkins to Planet Asia to Riff and another 3000 mp3s that i don't have on cd. Man that's a grip of music yikes! To put that in perspective, I've been buying music ever since Tower Tuesdays with Greg Sweeney. Back in '93 when we were frosh, we'd always peep the new releases, regardless of what came out that week. Then I worked at the now seemingly defunct Wherehouse with Taft, and that employee discount was to hard to pass up. Then at SB I lived about a half a block from Morninglory Music and this is about the time the digital music revolution was planting its seeds.

The first mp3 I've ever DL'ed was "Hit em Up" by 2Pac. "That's why I f****d your b***h you fat motherf****r!" Man I love that song. Then Napster came along and it was game over, even on a slow dial up connection. I'd DL songs right before I fell asleep and check on the status when I woke up. And I remember forking over 4 bills for a 4x CD-burner. I was the first on the block with that, as Callwave can attest to. So despite a couple computer crashes, I still have all my mp3s from when I started DL'ing.

Wait...I wanted to answer why I don't have an iPizzle. I used to enjoy looking for hard to find cds, singles, b-sides and remixes, and being the anal-rententive person I am, I needed the actual copy of it. Not no bootleg on a maxwell. Not everyone could listen to "Undisputed Champs" with Del, Q-Tip and Pep Love, but now a quick lookup and it can be had on your hard drive. Call me snooty. Digital music has been the gift and the curse. Generally I buy mostly hip-hop cds and DL all the non-rap genres (I mean, I wouldn't really ever buy an Ashlee Simpson record.)

Not sure if I still answered the question? As some purists prefer music played on vinyl, I just prefer the actual cd and reading the liner notes and such. Apple and Chiat Day (shouts to my old jobby) have done a wonderful marketing campaign to sell the product, and everyone I know loves theirs, but it still can't get to me. Even my freaking little sister has one. Maybe I'm trying too hard to be a nonconformist and not buying one is just a big "f**k you" to society?

Or maybe I really do want one but don't want to shell out 4 bills to buy one? I'm a cheap-o sometimes yall know. I'm just making excuses above.


Taft duly noted that I'm listening to this SB "surfer music." Damn girl you were on point. I've been playing a couple mixes I've made back in the day during school and all those artists/songs were on it. Hence the lyrics of the day. Remember the classic film Happy Gilmore? Chubbs tells Happy to go to his happy place and think of his happy place. It was a recurring theme through the movie. And despite all of his trials Happy is happy at the end and everything works out. And people still wonder why this is a top 10 movie of all time. I guess you could say Santa Barbara is my happy place.

Lyric of the Day:

I don't wanna be a old man anymore
It's been a year or two since I was out on the floor
Shakin' booty, makin' sweet love all the night
It's time I got back to the Good Life

-Weezer "The Good Life"