Wednesday, March 23, 2005

So I processed a BMG Order today. I probably signed up and canceled membership about a dozen times the past decade. Here are the 7 CDs I'm about to get:

1. 2pac - Greatest Hits (counts as 2): I had this cd of course when it first came out, but my brother "borrowed" it, and we all know what that means. Still hestitant to pick up any of his posthumous releases.
2. DJ Quik - Best of DJ Quik: That song "Tonite" was stuck in my head last week, and surprisingly, I only have one Quik cd.
3. Run-DMC - Greatest Hits (see a theme developing?): Probably my earliest recollection of Hip-Hop, this is a nicely packaged mix that has most of their jams. I guess I was too lazy to make my own mix, as I have most of their (older) records.
4. Green Day - International Hits: Instead of getting Dookie, I just got their GH release. Makes life much easier.
5. The Strokes - Is This It: I have most of their Room on Fire album on my computer, and debut albums are usually hotter, so I copped this one too.
6. Bad Religion - Stranger than Fiction: I've never heard any of their songs, but my old roommate suggested it to me. And in him I trust.

Then I get 5 more when I buy one at regular club price wooohooo. And the viscious cycle continues.


Pic of the Day:

Dedicated to all the dook fans out there. Hope you enjoy.