Monday, March 14, 2005

What measures a man's happiness? Like if you think you're happy, is it possible to be happier? Would one sacrifice a rough patch for future happier-ness? Man maybe I’m on my male rag or something. That's why I don't like the feeling of being content. Content leaves a lot of room for improving. But if you're content, then you're satisfied I guess. But back to the point. I love my fam and friends dearly. I have a girlfriend who loves me and thinks I’m an amazing guy. I enjoy my job and get paid decently. I’m a good golfer. I’ve seen different parts of the world. I'm bout to move into my own apartment this week and I have a nice looking penis. Georgia Tech is playing well at the right time, but I don’t get the usual erection from March Madness as before.

I’ve always thought of myself as a happy dude, but writing this passage here makes me question that. Maybe I’m not as happy as I should be. But what is the barometer of this? How many digits in your bank account? How many breezies you poked? How many toys you have? How often you get crunked? Of course its nothing material, but I covered the intangible stuff above. Can one facet affect other areas of your life? Maybe. Life is like a golf swing: one flaw can jack up the result even though the other parts are on point. A golf swing can’t be too mechanical or based too much on feel…it has to be the equilibrium of both. But a good golfer can compensate that. See above.

Anyhow, reeg must be going through a phase. Ain’t life an interesting game we play? God puts characters in and out of your life to build character. Sometimes they are a sign, other times they are a test. You might follow them to the path which will lead you to happiness, but don't be surprised about the detours along the way.

Lyric of the Day:

This joint is goin too fast for me
Just too fast for me
Just too fast for me
Just too fast for me
This really movin too fast for me
Just too fast for me and you

Little Brother – “Speed”