Thursday, April 14, 2005

There's been a void in my life the past couple months, but I couldn't really pinpoint it. Maybe my posts during this span have reflected that. But last night it hit me. While watching Smallville, I realized it. I haven't seen a new SV episode since forever! Maybe last night's episode was a disappointment. Or maybe because the anticipation led to an ultimate letdown. Kind of like your 21st birthday. You had it circled for months in advance, then the day actually comes. You try to drink like a fish but end up passing out before the cake even gets cut. Or that new cd from your favorite artist. They're your fav artist for a reason, usually based on their past catalog, but sometimes their new stuff isn't up to par. You want to hide the disappointment but you're only lying to yourself.

Anyway, "Onyx," as the episode is titled, basically had a good Lex versus an evil Lex. We see his darkside isolated into one character. While Lex's acting is 2nd best on the show (after KK), his character is arguably the most intriguing (hmm maybe after KK. Everyone knows what he's capable of, but he doesn't act out any of it. Nothing groundbreaking here. No Lois or Jason in this episode. No Pete either. Nothing suspenseful. Not enough KK. Fusing Lex together was pretty much a copout. Damn I complain too much. Probably one of the lesser enjoyable episodes I've seen this year. Or maybe since this is my first episode as a 26 year old, I'm missing out on their target 16-25 demographic.