Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Whoa I didn't know the car gods read my blog? I presume they saw yesterday's entry and decided to test me.

car god 1: so he thinks its easy to fix cars huh?
car god 2: yeah i guess so.
car god 1: hmmm, let's tease him but not break him. thoughts?
car god 2: let's just kill his battery. he hasn't renewed his aaa membership yet so that'll add to his problems. and let's do it when all the stores are closed so he'll be stranded solo in the parking lot. muahhahaha!

*Reegsta walks out of Best Buy at closing time and proceeds to his car.*

reeg (starting ignition): uh sound.
reeg (starting ignition again): gosh darnit. #$$#%$$#^%*!!!!!!

*Reegsta IMs friend to verify what the problem is. Confirmed it could be a battery problem.*

Well anyway, my battery is dying and i phone aaa anyway. Luckily they sent someone out in about 20 minutes and he proceeds to jump my car (not jump as in beat up, but yall not that.) Anyhow, i figured if it won't start again its definitely the battery. So this morning I paid my aaa membership and tried to start my car again. Damn same sound - the sound of silence as simon and garfunkel would say. Determined not to phone aaa again (umm so i won't look retarded and so i won't wait), i phoned vmay and got her jumper cables. Yep she did take longer than aaa, but I got my car to start and headed straight to sears roebuck.

I was just gonna buy the battery and install it myself, as i was inspired by my bumper story. But the price of the battery already comes with installation, so why bother getting my hands dirty? They did it rather swiftly but it was nothing that I couldn't have done meself.