Thursday, April 21, 2005

Aww man, the Smallville Crows finally had their prom. It was just yesterday when we just met all the freshman, and now they've all developed into young adults. Like watches on airplanes, time flies.

Initially there were talks of Clark and Lana skipping out of prom, since it probably would fail to live up to the 4 year hype. If you don't like spoilers, please refrain from the reading the rest (but the dvd isn't due for carry on.) Watching the previews Clark was obviously there, but I was getting so pissed of LL not being there. Its like having Michael Jordan not playing at the All-Star game. I mean, the brightest star belongs on their appropriate stage. heart stopped as the panned to LL entering, looking as angelic as ever. With the help of Lois, CK thankfully stepped up to LL and asked for a dance. "I thought you would never ask." (*reeg starts to cheese and beam at the answer*) This is what we've been waiting for all season. Its not only a victory for Clark, not only for Lana, not only for me, but for all mankind. Its only sweeter when Jason drops in and sees them dancing together. Sucka.

As I was caught up in the CLana story I didn't even discuss the rest of the show. Hmmm, Chloe wins the Prom Queen title as her competitor dies (which they make fun of?)...Jason gettin' shady like our favorite white rapper (eminem)...the Luthor's were pretty quiet this episode...Jonathan Kent recovers quickly from gun shot wombs...Martha/Lana/CK all play great valley girl characters...did I mention LL was stunning during Prom?

After thoughts of disappointment from last week's episode, "Spirit" is probably my fav episode of the season. Yeah, it might be simply because of that one minute dance with CK & LL, but its much more meaningful and symbolic than that. Living vicariously through CK can be sweet at times. Its a good buildup for the final episodes - CLana are on good terms.

Oh yeah, plus they played Ashlee Simpson in this episode. Wowsers.