Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Confessions of a Sneakerfiend, Part 95:

These kicks that I've wanted were recently retroed and I was like awesome! However, upon further inspection of the shoe, they are vastly different than the ones that I remember. To the naked eye, someone will probably think its the same damn shoe. But there are subtle differences:

Exhibit A: Nike Air Max 95 - 2005 Retro, General Release

Exhibit B: Nike Air Max 95 - 1998 Edition, Footaction Exclusive

I. Exhibit A is Varsity Red and Exhibit B is Desert Red.
II. Exhibit A is nubuck and Exhibit B is seude.
III. Exhibit A has a black toe (ew) and Exhibit B has a grey toe, to be consistent with the grey gradation.

Please note that the bottom shoe is nearly 7 years old. Finding this pair brand new, in a 10.5, and in the original box is almost impossible to do (hence why they issue retroes). One lonely night a week ago I was scouring eBay and came across that pair which fulfilled all 3 of my criteria. Since it was late, I had to make sure I wasn't dreaming and double checked the next day. Sure enough, it was a reality. The auction was ending today, and I had my sniping tools ready. I've bidded about $35 more than the current bid, just to ensure my safety in winning. There was about 5 seconds left, and some guy bidded $33 more. Whew almost a close one. It was meant to be.

In any case, spending the extra $60 on the bottom pair was well worth it. Until the next time...