Monday, April 04, 2005

The weekend that was:

Movie Review: Sin City

I used to do these in 60 seconds, but lately they've been going longer than that. Coincidentally, I've seen the last 3 Jessica Alba movies on opening weekend (Never Been Kissed and Honey too). What a freak occurence ya think? Anyway, this movie was dope. Gory but in a comical way (Comical meaning of the comics and not comical as in funny.) The storylines were simple, but that wasn't really the point of the flick. It was original, and a film goer can appreciate the contrasts, shadows, lighting and flashes of color. I just kept thinking that the person who created Sin City must have been a very disturbed individual.

To the wholesome audience, there's a lot of T&A in the movie. Oddly, the character who plays the stripper (Miss Alba) does not even show a cleave shot. Disappointed no, but just somewhat interesting. Loyal readers can remember when I first read a blurb of her appearing in the movie as a dancer, as I was quite excited about that.

I'll give it 3.5 butt cheeks out of 5.


Probably one of the greatest sporting event days is the day of the national semifinals. However 2 promising games resulted in 2 blowouts. If I do the math right, Tech would've lost by 38 had they played the flying illini! Whew maybe its good we got bounced early. Anyway, to make the 2nd game a lil more interesting, a few non-monetary wagers were placed. As a result, yours truly had to sing Whitney's "Greatest Love of All" acapella style and drink some rice vinegar. Luckily I wasn't the only one to partake in these consequences.

Sat night bowling was also monumental for me. It was the first time I was spinning the ball! (*clap clap*) Man it just looks cooler being spun than my usual straight self. I had a couple strikes (ok, only one) but still finished in the top 6 (ok, there were only 6 of us). Now its time to find some bowling shoes, which could be difficult, as the Swoosh does not make any.


I tried to dedicate my Sunday to shopping, as I drove to Gilroy solo. I don't even know why I still keep driving to outlets as I can never find anything to justify the trip. Yet I still go, hoping for that chance that some kicks I want are mad cheap. I guess I have to wait until next time. I didn't buy anything for myself anywhere - not at Nike, BR, Ashworth, Polo, etc. However, I did soccer mom it and spent some time at all the kitchen stores down there. A friend suggested I get some JA Henckles knives, as I'm in the market for a knife set. After seeing that a set of those knives is equal to a car payment, I was cool off that. Oh well, some Farberware will do.

I passed by EPA and visited that Ikea for the first time too. How can you go to Ikea and not buy anything is beyond me, but I did just that. I saw that bookshelf I so desparately wanted, but then I saw the bigger 5x5 one. It made the 4x4 look pretty dinky! Still undecided as to which one I should get:

All I know is that I'm definitely getting the brown/black color.


Reality Check of the day:

I made jefe a cd and I thought to myself damn this is some fruity music. Then I realized that all the mp3s were from my music library. Great.


At work I deal with metrics, which is basically getting a set of numbers and analyzing them. So I applied it to my blog, and saw that I've had 5 posts in January, 12 in February, and 20 in March. So after careful prognosis and some critical thinking, I came to the conclusion that I've blogged more in March than January and February combined.


Song of the Day:

My favorite girl wanna leave me just because I got a girlfriend
my freak girl told me now, she a Christian
my white girl wanna move back to Michigan
I'm pullin girls off the bench like a sixth man

Kanye - "This Way" (maybe I'ma closet fan of him?)